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5 Reasons Why Live Edge Rustic Furniture Suits Every Home

Live edge rustic furniture might look, at first glance, like something that only belongs in rustic cabins but actually it’s a style of design that has universal appeal and potential. 

If you’ve been thinking about live edge rustic furniture items and wondering if you should take the plunge, read our five reasons why it will prove to be a good investment and one that doesn’t rely on you living deep in the nearest woodland. 

  1. It can be rustic, modern or classic

Here’s the crux of the matter. Live edge furniture can be whatever you want it to be, just like any natural wood item. Why? Because it all depends on the shape, styling and corresponding items. Take a single slab dining table with a live edge. Add a chunky wooden base and you have a rustic eating spot. Swap that out for sleek gold anodized metal legs and you have a contemporary finish. Sit it on a pared back trestle base and you have a classic motif. The live edge lament stays the same, but everything else can adapt the tone. 

  2. Each piece is unique

With every live edge creation being entirely one-off and unique, there is no way to compare an item in two separate settings. What does this mean? That it belongs and looks right in both, equally. The same can’t be said for most furniture, as one home will always seem to suit an item more than another. That’s why IKEA pieces quickly fall out of fashion, because they saturate the market and are easily compared, often between friends and family members’ houses. 

  3. Most budgets can be catered for

Does live edge rustic furniture have a reputation for being cheap? No. But it can include a number of price points. Certain decisions allow you to tailor your purchase including thickness of your slab, if it is one piece or two, the wood used and the age of the wood too. When you think about how huge and therefore old a tree would need to be to produce a colossal dining table live edge slab, two inches thick, you can understand why it would cost a lot. Do be aware though that thinner slabs have more of a tendency to warp or twist, so sometimes, a larger investment initially pays off.

  4. It can be repaired

Because this style of rustic furniture doesn’t look traditionally perfect, repairing live edge is easily possible. Even if a slab checks/cracks down the middle! Some contrasting wooden bowties can be used to stitch two pieces of wood back together and adds more character and charm. Unlike antique furniture that needs costly and specialist repairs to look perfect, live edge furniture items can accommodate some history and quirks.

  5. It’s not a fad

Finally, live edge furniture is not a trend, so it won’t ever date or go out of style. That means however you redecorate, it will always look gorgeous. It’s a classic style that allows natural wood, the king of design materials, to allow its organic beauty and uniqueness to shine through. 

Are you ready to invest in a piece of raw beauty for your home? Why not check out our designs and see if the perfect piece is waiting for you?