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A Clear Winner For Your Storage Needs

Why is it that no matter how much storage we have, we always seem to need more? Maybe it’s a self-fulfilling cycle that we buy more things in order to make optimum use of our storage furniture? Either way, you’ll definitely struggle to overflow our Cedar Lake Cabin 6 Drawer Log Dresser.

Built to last

When you buy rustic furniture, we know that you’re looking for a piquant blend of character, charm and durability. After all, if you simply needed somewhere to hide your clothes away and durability wasn’t an issue, you would plump for some flatpack, wouldn’t you?

Offered with a generous warranty, our rustic cedar dresser perfectly combines huge storage potential with incredible looks and peace of mind. That’s a rare combination, but it’s the cornerstone of everything we create here at Log Furniture Place. So how can we offer such a generous warranty?

Firstly, we have total faith in our craftsmen and their construction skills. Secondly, our designs are sturdy and created with longevity on mind, right from conception. Finally, we have used naturally aged northern white cedar as our material of choice, thanks to its strength and organic beauty. We have no desire to hide the wood itself either, which is why we select every log before peeling it by hand and revealing the creamy surface below.

Uniqueness, guaranteed

When we hand peel our cedar logs, we leave some of the inner bark in place, as well as knots and beetle tracks, to give you a truly unique item of furniture. Some competitors might try to imitate the ageing process, but we know that there is no substitute for the real thing, especially when you are building a rustic dresser that will be a focal point in a room.

We ask you to take a more involved role in spec’ing your log dresser, just so that you know you have opted for the most perfect finished product possible. We know you’ll love every incarnation that we offer but giving you the chance to make the final decisions is important and goes a long way towards guaranteeing your satisfaction.

With all that in mind, you can choose from three finishes (one being our standard clear), as well as two equally beautiful drawer handle styles. For the full rustic chest look, we recommend our half-log handles, but to scale the style back a little, our flat drawer fronts are ideal. We have just one more element that you can alter and that’s your drawer construction. For a small surcharge, we can have our master craftsmen finish your pull-outs with dovetail joints.

Generous in terms of storage capacity, built to the highest standards and with coordinating items freely available, we know that just one of our 6 drawer dressers won’t be enough. Great for every bedroom, perfect for a bathroom and even stylish in the lounge, thanks to the chunky 1” thick top that makes for an excellent sideboard, we are proud to put our name to this design and even more proud to deliver it to your home.