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A Closer Look At the Cedar Lake Original Log Bed

Classic Log Furniture for the BedroomToday we are going to take a look at a log bed that is becoming very popular on our site.  The Cedar Lake Original Log Bed.  This unique log cabin bed is an exclusive bed to Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place as it is lovingly hand crafted by our own skilled wood craftsmen.  So what separates this classic charming rustic bed from the rest?  Let’s take a look and see.

First we will start with the logs.  We locally source the cedar logs from friends and associates.  For the cedar logs we want as much character as possible so we find logs that are naturally aged.  What we find are a lot of dead standing cedar trees and cedar trees that had been cut down by farmers and stored in barns.  There the trees are left to sit allowing nature herself to age the logs.  The naturally aged cedar logs are thusly rich in character and many will feature beetle marks, burls, gnarls and other unique rustic characteristics.

The logs are then peeled by hand.  The bark is gripped in the hand and physically peeled off of the log.   It is a very labor intensive and time consuming process, but the end result are amazingly beautiful logs that have their outer bark stripped away while having areas of cambium, or inner bark, left on.  This hand peeling process ensures that the logs keep as much of their uniqueness as possible.  The cambium also adds some color to the whitish hue that Northern White Cedar has.

The Cedar Lake Original Log Bed itself is custom built to your desires.  This is the main aspect that separates this log bed from the rest.  We wanted to give you the ability to create the log cabin bed of your dreams.  We feel you shouldn’t have to choose from only what is offered.  Want double log side rails on your Original Log Bed?  You got it.  Want the log headboard raised higher?  Done.   Want to save some space with a metal frame?  No problem.  Want to go all out with extra large logs for the legs, double log side rails, a taller rustic headboard and footboard and a light honey finish?  Yes, I do believe you are getting the picture now.  You tell us your dream and we deliver it to you.

The construction of our Original Log Bed is designed to be sturdy and solid.  Extra large tenons are used in the construction to ensure each and every log bed is rock solid.  With each log bed being different from the next each of the log beds are assembled, checked over, and then partially unassembled for easy transportation into your bedroom.  We design our beds to hold up to kids, to renters, to honeymooners, to the American public.  Our Cedar Lake Original Log Bed is designed so that you can pass your dream, your log bed, down to your children.

So for a log bed this beautiful, with so many options it has to be priced high right?  Wrong actually.  While this might be valid  for many log cabin furniture companies, we are different.  We feel that you shouldn’t be gouged in the pocket just because you have good tastes.  Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place is an American company who is out to prove that quality American products can still be found at a good value.  Who doesn’t love a good value?  We sure do.

Let our log furniture amaze you, our prices astound you, our customer service astonish you, and our free shipping be the cherry to top off your dream that has now become your reality. Let the original online log furniture store Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place deliver the log bed of your dreams to you:  The Cedar Lake Original Log Bed.