A Garden Great

A Garden Great
2020-07-28 15:31:57
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Think about how you like to spend time in your garden and what comes to mind? Probably some pottering and tending to your beautiful grounds, but what about taking a seat and just letting the afternoon drift by? Luxurious reclining is what we think of when time well spent in garden is the topic of conversation, which is why we decided to create the ultimate in garden swings that everybody will love. Long gone are the days when garden swings were unwieldy, uncomfortable contraptions, made from flimsy metal tubing that always seemed to give way half-way through a barbeque! Now, perfectly constructed, considered and, most importantly, contoured wooden garden swings are the way to go and our Comfort 5ft Rustic Log Yard Swing is, in out humble opinion, one of the best out there! Crafted from gorgeous Northern White Cedar, you won’t have to worry about the finished aesthetic not blending in with your natural surroundings. This is a wood that is both naturally resistant to rot and insects and ages beautifully, taking on more of a grayish-silvery hue. That’s not to say that you have to leave the wood unfinished though, as a sealant or stain would be a fantastic touch, especially if you have other rustic garden furniture that you’d like to match. Aesthetics aside, we knew that we wanted to focus on adding more comfort to this worthy addition to your outdoor space. After all, a rustic yard swing that looks good is one thing, but creating one that you actually long to sit in for a few hours? That’s something else, which is why we designed the entire item with a contoured seat at the center of it. Fitting your natural curvatures, you’ll be shocked at how relaxing an all-wood seat can be, without any cushions or padding. We know you’ll appreciate the extra touch of curving the seat panels too, so that the backs of your knees aren’t pressed up against hard edges either. There simply isn’t a facet of use and comfort that we haven’t considered, which brings us to a key safety feature. We are a family business and we understand that safe use of garden swings will always be in the front of your mind when considering a purchase. With that in mind, as parents and committed family members, we decided to design a swing that negated the need for bulky, risky chains at the base. This removes the hazard of the chair potentially flipping when being used. Incredible, no? Sturdy, comfortable and, frankly, a stunning centerpiece for your yard, this swing is one of our favorite designs from the Contoured Comfort range. Made and shipped for free within the USA, we offer you a full year’s warranty and try to keep your assembly to a minimum. We know that you’ll want to erect your new seat as soon as possible, so we supply full, simple instructions that will guide you through the easy assembly process. Don’t believe us that it’s a piece of cake? Just take a look at the five-star reviews for swing and you’ll be reassured instantly!
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