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A Groovy Place to Sit and Eat

Enjoy your meals with these dining chairsIf you and your family are still sitting down to dinner in the same old dining chairs, maybe it’s time for a change. An updated style of chair won’t change dinnertime itself, but there’s something about new furniture that has a way of brightening up a room and bringing a sense of renewal to your home. Plus small pieces like chairs are a great way to try out something fresh in the way of country décor.

Nothing catches the eye like a good, solid piece of wood furniture. Even if you’re already used to decorating with wood, you probably haven’t seen a chair quite like the GroovyStuff Teak Guadeloupe Chair. True to its name, this chair is a groovy change from “the norm” in furniture. It’s a departure from the classic style of dining chairs both in shape and form, incorporating a triangular lower support and two dramatically curved accents at the side of the seat.

Teak has several properties that make it a great wood for use in rustic décor. The first and most notable is its color, a deep red-brown that surpasses other wood furniture in richness and beauty. Secondly, teak has a unique aroma that may put you in mind of the deep woods, though some say it’s a smell closer to that of leather. Regardless, the scent of teak adds an extra dimension to your dining room when you include pieces like the Guadeloupe Chair. And when you invest in teak, you know your furniture will last due to oils present in the wood that help it resist decay and protect it from warping.

Since the Guadeloupe Chair is so unique, you might not want to restrict its function to indoor dining. Teak wood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can grab this eye-catching chair and use it as part of your patio or lawn setup for the summer. A quick coating of Briwax refreshes the wood at the end of the season and gets it ready for dining room use once again.