A Little Vanity Won't Do You Any Harm

A Little Vanity Won't Do You Any Harm
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2020-04-15 14:30:06
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We’re not talking about ego here, although you’d be absolutely forgiven for getting a slightly bigger head when everybody compliments you on your new rustic bathroom furniture. One of our most popular items, our Weathered Wood Bathroom Vanity gives you a huge range of options to choose from, in order to invest in the absolutely perfect finishing touch to the littlest room in the house. Wow factor furniture Gone are the days when wood furniture and bathrooms weren’t thought to be a good mix and thank goodness for that! So many people must have been missing out on stunning installations, just because of unsupported fears of warping and water damage! You don’t have to though, with our wood vanity that gives you access to ample storage, a stylish sink display and, most shockingly of all, a 20-year warranty! Let’s say you’ve always fancied a rustic vanity in your bathroom. We bet that you’ve struggled to find one with the exact finish that you like, with the right orientation for your sink and with the ideal dimensions. Well, look no further, because if you can see it in our weathered wood vanity unit, you can probably customize it! Making it your own We aren’t simply paying lip service to exemplar customer service when we say that you can choose from a host of options for nearly every facet of your rustic bathroom vanity unit – we mean it! Staring with the size. You have 9 options to choose from when it comes to just the size and you can even get in touch with us to discuss a totally bespoke set of dimensions as well. From here, you can choose to add a top of not, where to put your sink, which finish you want and the overall orientation. Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? It would take too long to work out how many potential configurations we have to offer, but just know that whether you’re looking for a log or rustic vanity to sit between two walls, to be free-standing, to come with a sink and faucet package or not, we can and will be happy to help. Standing behind our craftsmen Our team comprises of masters in their field, which is why we can offer a 20-year warranty with our barn door style vanity unit. We know that you’ll be opening those cabinets daily, pulling the drawers out to their full capacity constantly and using every inch of your counter space, if you add a top, and we still feel confident in offering you an almost lifetime guarantee, because out work is that good. We design for purpose, build with love and deliver for free, within the 48 contiguous states. It’s a formula that has worked for us since our inception and we don’t want to alter it now. With Log Furniture Place, you can find the furniture of your dreams, personalize it and enjoy lightning fast completion times. That’s a promise that will last even longer than your warranty!
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