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Accessory Pieces

  • Simple Artwork Complements Country Decor

    Art Prints are great accessoriesFocusing on basic shapes and neutral colors in your rustic decor gives your home a comfortable, laid-back feeling that helps you unwind even in the midst of a busy schedule. Whether you live in a cabin, cottage or modern suburban home, the furnishings and decor you choose go a long way toward creating an atmosphere that promotes relaxation. The goal is to combine the best of the natural world with accessories such as art prints to make your home as comfortable as possible.

    Colors De La Nuit I by Shirley Novak is a stunning contemporary print that adds a touch of simple beauty to any room in your home. Through the use of basic lines and a limited palette of colors, the artist creates the image of flowers growing and blooming. Green, yellow, cream, red, pink and brown shades make appearances throughout the piece. Some, like the red of the flowers on the left-hand side of the piece, are used in broad swatches. Others appear as simple accents, a burst of light against a dusky background. The setting is vague so you could be in a forest, a field or even your own backyard, watching the flowers emerge from the ground. A few dark buds rise between the open blooms, hinting at the promise of more color to come. This simplicity is the perfect complement to all kinds of wood furniture, making the print suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and more.

    Since Colors De La Nuit I is so simple, you might want to dress it up a bit with a custom frame. Choose a frame that balances out the colors in the print and complements your country decor. For an even more unique appearance, have the print reproduced on canvas rather than acid-free paper. Both bring out the beauty of the floral image, but canvas adds some of the depth that you would get with an original painting. Whatever you choose, you'll get a beautiful art print that will brighten up your home for many years.

  • Cabin Decor Makes a Beautiful First Impression

    Classic Coat RacksYou go in and out of your house so many times during the week that you probably don’t notice much about the decor of your entryway. However, this is one of the most important areas in your home. When others visit, the entryway gives them their first impression of your personal style and shows them what to expect throughout the rest of the house. Using log furniture in your foyer or front hall shows that you appreciate rustic style and natural beauty.

    The Pine Lake Peg Coat Rack With Shelf takes the splendor of pine wood and turns it into a useful, attractive home decor piece. Norway pine logs are fashioned into two slabs: one to support a row of pegs for coats and other outerwear, and one set perpendicular above it to act as a shelf. This added shelf space allows you to display framed photographs, potted plants, vases of flowers and any other decor items that strike your fancy. Choose anywhere from six to ten pegs to accommodate all of your outdoor clothing and to give yourself enough shelf space for your favorite decorations.

    Handcrafted in the USA from solid pine wood, the Pine Lake Peg Coat Rack With Shelf is designed to be unique. Choose the traditional style for a clean-peeled look with a smooth finish, or complement other rustic furniture with the rustic hand-peeled option. Your choice will show visitors what kind of log style you enjoy by setting the stage for the overall decor of your home. Whether you leave the wood unfinished or go for an optional protective clear coating, the addition of this attractive coat rack helps to show off your love of rugged handmade furniture pieces.

    Including cabin decor in your rustic home creates a cozy atmosphere that invites others to come in and relax. Whether you live in an actual cabin or spend most of your time in a country-style home, the Pine Lake Peg Coat Rack With Shelf can fit right in with the existing design of your home.

  • Use Coat Racks to Make Cabin Decor Inviting

    Hang your hats on these coat racksWhether you have a designated mud room, decorated front hallway or simple entryway, having a place to hang your coat and hat when you arrive home adds a cozy touch. It also helps to keep the kids’ coats off the floor and allows visitors to shed their winter layers when they come in. If you don’t have space for an upright coat rack, a wall-mounted rack such as the Silver Creek Rustic Coat Rack With Shelf offers the same functionality without taking up as much room.

    Made with care using solid aspen wood, the Silver Creek rack features sturdy round pegs for all of your outerwear. Two triangular supports mount onto the wooden slab back to hold the upper shelf. As the piece is crafted, the unique characteristics of aspen wood are taken into consideration to preserve the natural accents and curves of each log and slab. Aspen may feature knots or burls, insect tracks and other signs of its time out in the elements. These create one-of-a-kind pieces of log furniture that can never be replicated exactly.

    A rugged shelf upgrades the Silver Creek coat rack beyond a simple hanging space. Not only can you hang up coats, hats and other accessories, but you can also use the shelf to display your favorite cabin decor. With the right rustic touches, you can turn your entry space into a cozy, inviting place for anyone who steps through the door. Arrange your favorite knickknacks and pictures to create a special display, or try adding some candles for a fresh scent and cozy appearance. You might even want to add a few outdoor accents such as dried flowers or pine cones to accent your rustic decor.

    A good, solid coat rack makes any rustic home more inviting. Choose clear or honey pine finish for your Silver Creek rack to match it to other log furniture in your home. Five lengths ranging from 24” to 72” help give everyone enough room to hang their things no matter what the time of year.

    It's only $277.00 for the clear finish, but there's also a honey indoor finish for the Silver Creek Rustic Coat Rack With Shelf.

  • Fireplace Screens Add Beauty to Cabin Decor

    Perfect the Living Room with Fireplace ScreensHaving a fire crackling in the fireplace is one of the most enjoyable parts of winter. Dancing flames are an iconic image of country life that brings warmth and comfort to any chilly day. You might build a fire to take the dampness out of your living room, to push away the cold of a winter’s night or simply to add some cheer to an otherwise dreary afternoon. A good fire is also wonderful to have around the holidays, as it brings a sense of comfort to your home that visitors find welcoming.

    However, no matter how beautiful it is, keep in mind that all fires carry some risk. Logs can slide and coals can pop out onto rugs. Even if you’re diligent, it isn’t always possible to avoid accidents. The Meyda Tall Pines Folding Fireplace Screen protects your living room with beautiful rustic decor style. Its sturdy mesh design keeps your fire in the fireplace where it belongs, while the pine tree scene provides an attractive accent that’s even more beautiful when backlit by flames. Made for fireplaces up to 34”x60”, the Tall Pines screen is just what you need to keep your home safe while adding a little rugged flair to your cabin decor.

    Handcrafted by artists at the Meyda Tiffany company, the sturdy Tall Pines screen is a one-of-a-kind work of art. Four towering pine trees adorn the central panel, each finished in a bright Antique Copper color that reflects the roaring fire in your fireplace for a beautiful overall effect. The side panels may be pulled out straight or bent at an angle to frame the fireplace and make the screen “pop.”

    When you’re done using your Tall Pines screen for the day, simply fold it up and set it out of the way until you’re ready to have another fire. The convenient folding design makes the screen easy to store during warmer months as well, keeping it ready and waiting for the time when winter comes calling and you feel drawn to the fireplace once again.

    Only $900. Learn more about the Meyda Tall Pines Folding Fireplace Screen.

  • Log Furniture Keeps Winter Gear Organized

    Keep your coats hanging with coat treesAs the chill of fall begins to take hold, it’s time to get out the jackets, hats and other essential outerwear that’s been packed away since the summer. Your kids will need extra layers when you send them off to school in the morning, and you’ll want a coat when it’s time to head out the door to work. It won’t be long before winter rolls in and the entire family will be suiting up in full cold-weather gear every day.

    More outerwear means more bulk, and the last thing you want to come home to is everyone’s coats strewn around the front hall. The Silver Creek Aspen Log Coat Tree offers six sturdy pegs to hang all of your fall and winter accessories. A central aspen log pole sits atop two aspen crosspieces, providing a rugged base for this piece of rustic furniture. Handcrafted with skill and care, the Silver Creek coat tree is made to support the load of as many cold-weather layers as your family needs.

    With its flowing appearance and unique accents, aspen makes for eye-catching log furniture. “Extra gnarly” style aspen turns the Silver Creek coat tree into a work of art by adding an extra boost to its natural character. Instead of a simple log appearance, extra gnarly aspen is chosen for its abundance of twists, visible knots, tracks and other hallmarks of nature. Seal in the added beauty with a clear catalyzed lacquer finish or go with honey glaze for an extra touch of color.

    During warmer months, you can use the Silver Creek tree to hang light jackets and hats or decorate it with rustic accessories. Organize your reusable shopping bags or mesh market bags so that they’re always handy. Coat trees are great for keeping the kids’ book bags close by as well, so that nobody has to rush around looking for lost belongings before the bus comes. No matter what the time of year, a solid coat tree is a useful accessory and a beautiful part of rustic decor.

    Only $279.00. You can even choose between two wood types for you Silver Creek Aspen Log Coat Tree.

  • Pillows Soften Up Log Furniture

    Try these rustic style pillows!Using log furniture is a beautiful way to decorate your home. From cabins to country cottages, log pieces make a statement in any room. Often made by hand, this kind of furniture is unique and special. The many different types of wood available makes rustic decorating easy no matter what your personal style. However, despite its inherent personality, sometimes log furniture needs a little dressing up to look just right.

    You can add style to your rustic home simply by introducing eye-catching soft goods such as the Wildlife Venture Neckroll Pillow. Made as an accompaniment to Wildlife Venture Bedding, this comfortable and attractive pillow can also be used on its own in any room. Wherever it’s placed, the pillow’s unique shape offsets that of traditional square pillows and throw pillows while complementing the rounded appearance of most log furniture.

    The Wildlife Venture pillow features images of does, bucks and moose portrayed in dark brown against a tan background. These images appear on either end of the pillow and on a central strip of tan fabric. A bar of forest green to each side of this strip provides contrast and gives the pillow an overall woodsy look. At 20” long and 9” wide, this pillow offers a large surface for resting and relaxing as well as a highly visible showcase for the woodland motifs. Soft cotton/polyester blend makes Wildlife Venture comfortable as well.

    Whether your rustic decorating style runs more toward country or cabin decor, pillows can add an attractive finishing touch. They’re small enough to be used just about anywhere and yet large enough to catch the eye. Even if you furnished your home with wood pieces years ago, it’s never too late to update your style. Placing Wildlife Venture pillows on your bed, sofa, futon or chairs adds a new dimension of beauty to your log furniture. You’ll be able to rest in comfort while enjoying the attractive rustic appearance it creates. In cabins, cottages and contemporary homes, pillows and soft goods are perfect for adding that extra touch.

    Now at a low price of $109.95. Take a closer look at the Wildlife Venture Neckroll Pillow.

  • Protect Cabin Decor With Useful Home Accents

    Coaster sets with a bear themeAll homes accumulate different decor items over time. You bring some along when you first move into a new place, then acquire others on shopping trips or as souvenirs from vacations. You take new pictures and buy new frames, switch around your favorites and move toward a home style that reflects your personality. Rustic decor offers a lot of room for this kind of personalization with its focus on woodland scenes and old-fashioned charm.

    If you’ve ever sorted through all of your decorations, you’ve probably found a few that don’t serve much purpose. These are the things that wind up in garage sales or being given away to people who can use them. Others, like the Wood Lodge Coaster Set, are both attractive and useful. You probably don’t think about coasters until the moment you sit down with a hot drink or sweaty glass and realize that there’s no place to put it that won’t mark up the furniture. Having a set of coasters on hand solves the problem and ensures that your best furniture pieces remain free from blemishes.

    With the Wood Lodge set, you get four rustic wooden coasters that match perfectly with cabin decor. Each features a different woodland design with multiple images including deer, pine trees, black bears and rustic lettering. Subdued colors make each coaster suitable for use with a variety of log furniture, so you can enjoy the beautiful set no matter how your home is already adorned.

    Decorative coasters also make fun conversation pieces when you’re hosting visitors. Unlike some other decor items, which are designed simply to sit and look attractive, coasters get passed around and used as everyone settles in with their favorite drinks. The eye-catching rustic patterns and designs add to the coziness of your home and invite positive comments from friends and family. Plus you never have to worry about someone dripping lemonade or leaving a brown ring on your log coffee table. As long as you have a good coaster set, all of your furniture stays protected.

    Get the entire Wood Lodge Coaster Set for as low as $13.99! For more details, visit the product's home page.

  • Keep Warm with Country Decor

    Fireplace Screens for your living roomChilly evenings and dreary days are part of the reality of spring in the country. Warm weather comes in fits and starts, often interspersed with drops in temperature that mean you have to break out your winter coat when you least expect it. Fortunately, these days become fewer and farther between as summer approaches. When you can pack up your winter gear at last, you know that the warmth has truly arrived.

    Until then, though, you need a way to stay warm. Fireplaces are classic fixtures in many older homes, and for good reason. There’s nothing like being able to light a fire when the house is feeling cold or damp. Not only does it chase the chill away, it also gives you something beautiful to look at on the days when the sun refuses to shine. You can make the dancing flames even more beautiful by adding a Meyda Bear Creek Fireplace Screen. Featuring sturdy construction and unique handcrafting, each piece from Meyda Tiffany is a one-of-a-kind work of art designed with the stunning details of nature in mind. Plus having a fireplace screen offers protection from errant embers, giving you peace of mind.

    Whether your living room is filled with log furniture or your tastes run more toward country decor, the Bear Creek screen fits right in. Within its rugged metal frame, a backdrop of majestic mountains sets a quiet, contemplative mood. A lone bear stands in the foreground next to a small pond, surrounded by rugged trees and grass. Though the entire scene is sketched out in metal, it’s just as beautiful as any painting or art print. When lit from behind by a roaring fire, the Bear Creek screen becomes even more attractive.

    Country living and rustic decor often go hand in hand, so adding a fireplace screen to your already beautiful living room or den is a logical step. Enjoy the unique appearance of handcrafted nature artwork while keeping warm in front of your fireplace until summer weather has well and truly established itself.

    Get the Meyda Tall Pines Folding Fireplace Screen for $837.00. Visit the page to know more about the product.

  • Relax in Style With Quality Log Furniture

    Foot stools are a great way to relaxWhile some home accents are meant to add a decorative touch to a room, others are more functional. These pieces fall somewhere between furniture and accessories, bringing balance to rustic décor and serving an important purpose at the same time. The Glacier Country Log Footstool is a prime example. Featuring handcrafted beauty and functionality, this footstool makes a lovely addition to any living room or den.

    Footstools are often overlooked as home accents simply because today’s hectic world doesn’t allow the luxury of relaxation. You don’t have much time to think about sitting down and putting your feet up when you’re jumping out of bed, rushing to get ready and hurrying to work in the morning. Nor is there much time to relax when you get home and have to focus on feeding the family and making sure the kids get to bed when they should. Overall, the pace of modern life has all but phased out the idea of sitting still and doing nothing in order to recharge.

    Bringing the Glacier Country footstool to your sitting area lets you take back the idea of relaxation. Handcrafted from Lodgepole Pine logs and featuring mortise and tenon joins, this beautiful piece of log furniture is built to last. The clean, solid wood top is supported by four chunky log legs, each with a generous amount of deep brown inner bark left on. Log crosspieces add further support, meaning that you can relax as often as you need to and know that you’ll always have a sturdy place to rest your feet.

    When adding a small piece like a footstool to your rustic décor, you want to make sure that it that it matches the rest of the room. A honey-colored finish brings together the look of the Glacier Country footstool, giving it a warm tone that makes an attractive complement to other log furniture. With this piece as part of your living room, you’ll want to make time to sit and relax just so you can enjoy its beauty and quality construction.

  • Animal Themes Create a Cute Cottage Bench

    How often do you look at the entryway when visiting someone’s home? Do you find that you get your first impression from the things you see when you walk in the door, or is the space so unremarkable that you go by without taking much notice? Whatever the case, an entryway or front hall gives people their first impression of a house. A dirty or cluttered space will stick in the mind just as much as an attractive, well-kept space.

    Given this consideration, it makes sense to aim for a beautiful first impression. Furniture like the Cottage Cut-Out Log Bench is eye-catching and refreshingly different from what your guests may have seen in other homes. Hand-peeled Northern White Cedar logs are paired with a customizable back panel featuring woodsy cutouts that harmonize perfectly with other rustic décor. You can choose from a bear, loon, or moose to flank a central pine tree, or choose all trees to accentuate this lovely piece of log furniture.

    The process of hand peeling is one that results in unique furniture every time. Strips of inner bark may remain on the cedar logs, varying the color and bringing added character to the wood. An attractive piece of cottage furniture can be a great conversation starter. Having this bench in your entryway or hall is likely to draw comments from visiting friends and family. You might even find yourself lingering to admire the comfort and craftsmanship.

    When you choose cedar furniture, you don’t have to worry about redecorating every season or even every year. Insect damage and decay are naturally repelled by cedar, so furniture made from the wood remains beautiful over time. A clear catalyzed lacquer coating gives these natural properties a boost in the Cottage Cut-Out Bench, prolonging its life and allowing you to enjoy quality log furniture years into the future. The unique nature of the bench means that visitors won’t tire of it; in fact, they may find something new to comment on or admire each time they cross the threshold.

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