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Animal Themes Create a Cute Cottage Bench

How often do you look at the entryway when visiting someone’s home? Do you find that you get your first impression from the things you see when you walk in the door, or is the space so unremarkable that you go by without taking much notice? Whatever the case, an entryway or front hall gives people their first impression of a house. A dirty or cluttered space will stick in the mind just as much as an attractive, well-kept space.

Given this consideration, it makes sense to aim for a beautiful first impression. Furniture like the Cottage Cut-Out Log Bench is eye-catching and refreshingly different from what your guests may have seen in other homes. Hand-peeled Northern White Cedar logs are paired with a customizable back panel featuring woodsy cutouts that harmonize perfectly with other rustic décor. You can choose from a bear, loon, or moose to flank a central pine tree, or choose all trees to accentuate this lovely piece of log furniture.

The process of hand peeling is one that results in unique furniture every time. Strips of inner bark may remain on the cedar logs, varying the color and bringing added character to the wood. An attractive piece of cottage furniture can be a great conversation starter. Having this bench in your entryway or hall is likely to draw comments from visiting friends and family. You might even find yourself lingering to admire the comfort and craftsmanship.

When you choose cedar furniture, you don’t have to worry about redecorating every season or even every year. Insect damage and decay are naturally repelled by cedar, so furniture made from the wood remains beautiful over time. A clear catalyzed lacquer coating gives these natural properties a boost in the Cottage Cut-Out Bench, prolonging its life and allowing you to enjoy quality log furniture years into the future. The unique nature of the bench means that visitors won’t tire of it; in fact, they may find something new to comment on or admire each time they cross the threshold.