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Artwork Makes Rustic Decor More Inspiring

Art Prints for the Christian HomeDo you find that there are too many things competing for your attention every day? In the modern world, this isn't unusual. Living in a constant state of rushing from one thing to another makes it hard to slow down when you find yourself with a bit of free time. However, your home should be a place where you can go to relax among your favorite rustic decor, enjoy time with your family and let go of the cares of the day.

Creating this atmosphere isn't as hard as it sounds. The furniture and accessories you choose, as well as the way you arrange them, contribute greatly to the feeling you get when entering each room in your home. By incorporating inspiring artwork like Danny Hahlbohm's Living Water print, you can bring a sense of peace and quiet to your living room, bedroom, den or family room. This stunning image features a mountain stream flowing down from a waterfall and bubbling between craggy rocks. Stands of pine trees frame the waterfall, adding a cool, calming feeling to the natural scene. Neutral shades of brown and gray along with simple blues and greens enhance this soothing combination.

What really stands out about Living Water, however, is the central part of the image. Rising above the waterfall is a stirring depiction of Jesus Christ. Portrayed in a traditional fashion with long hair and a beard, this picture of the principal figure of Christianity creates the focal point of the print. His white robes become part of the water itself, reflecting many passages in scripture that speak about living water. Whether you hang this print in a room filled with log furniture or use it as an accent in your entryway, it will add a sense of beauty and serenity to your home.

Using religious artwork as part of your country decor makes your home feel more peaceful. Enjoy Living Water on its own or in a custom frame to preserve the museum quality image for many years to come.