Aspen Furniture Brightens Up Home Offices

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2015-07-23 10:00:41
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Your Home Office Will Look Great with BookcasesRustic furniture adds a warm touch to your home office that makes it feel more inviting and comfortable. Whether work follows you home from your day job or you’re bogged down with your yearly taxes, you deserve to have a space that’s enjoyable to work in. Solid pieces like the Elk Summit Aspen Log Bookcase a combine classic form with the unique beauty that’s only found in aspen wood harvested from dead-standing trees. Chunky hand-peeled logs meet smooth panels in this stunning bookcase. A central fixed shelf with log edging divides the top of the piece from the bottom, and three adjustable shelves allow you to create the best configuration for storing books or displaying decorations. Four corner logs form a sturdy base for the rest of the shelf. Another eye-catching aspen log stretches across the top to balance out the rugged appearance. The hand peeling process ensures that none of the original character of the wood is lost in the making of the piece. Some bookcases use pressboard or cardboard backings that are simply nailed or screwed in place, but the Elk Summit Aspen Log Bookcase is made entirely from aspen wood. Its back features tongue and groove paneling that’s not only attractive but also rugged. You’ll never see the back of the piece bowing or bending. This strength is one of the classic characteristics that makes aspen furniture so popular. Supplement the natural rugged nature with a clear catalyzed lacquer finish, or create a bold look for your office with the honey tone option. You can choose either a 36-inch or 40-inch wide bookshelf to accommodate your needs and fit your available office space. Add doors in place of the lower shelves on the unit if you need a cabinet for storing office supplies such as printer paper, files or envelopes. Stick with standard aspen wood and you’ll get log furniture that sports interesting twists and turns as well as knots and even old tracks from insects. “Extra gnarly” aspen has more personality and gives you something to admire whenever you need a break from the daily grind.
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