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Aspen Furniture Creates a Traditional Dining Setting

Aspen dining chairs are great for the dining roomWhat does traditional dining mean to you? Do you have fond memories of sharing nightly meals with the family, or was your dining room only used on special occasions? Which customs are you trying to pass on to your own family? Whatever your traditions, you know that sharing food is about much more than the meal itself. There’s a certain atmosphere that goes along with it, whether you’re hosting a holiday party or serving up a favorite family dinner.

Each part of your dining room’s style adds something to the overall meal experience. From lighting and table settings to the rustic decor you hang on the walls, everything plays a part. Log furniture adds a particularly unique feeling with its solid construction and rugged comfort. A log dining table is a sturdy place to lay out any style of meal, while chairs such as the Summit Peak Aspen Log Side Chair give you the space to seat immediate family, visiting relatives and friends at any time of year.

Though seating may seem to play only a functional role in the dining room, it’s a lot more than that. Using aspen furniture pieces takes seating to another level. Summit Peak chairs feature a solid wood slab seat and traditional ladder back design, but there’s something about the aspen that makes it even more beautiful than other wood furniture. Looking at it gives the impression of the depths of the forest where the aspen trees grew. Aspen trees take on many unique forms depending on location and weather conditions.

If you want something truly special for your dining room, try upgrading your Summit Peak chairs to “extra character” aspen. Each chair takes on a whole new appearance when built from this type of wood. Hand-picked logs with many knots, beetle tracks, checks and animal chew marks turn the chair into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Preserve this with a clear lacquer finish or darken the wood with honey pine finish and pass the chairs on along with your favorite dining traditions.

Each of these great pieces is only $249.00! Explore the different material options for the Summit Peak Aspen Log Side Chair.