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Aspen Furniture

  • 2nd Amendment Accessories

    We all know that with proper handling and storage, guns are perfectly safe, but nobody ever said that you had to forgo interior design prowess to lock your barrels away! Or if they did, we clearly didn’t get the memo, because our Aspen Highlands Rustic Log Gun Cabinet looks great and offers you exceptional peace of mind too.

    You think of your gun collection and we know you’d probably love to be able to have it out on display, on an open wall rack, but with kids, pets and all manner of other risks to be considered these days, a lockable cabinet really is the only way to go. We know this can be disappointing, which is why we designed a stylish option that allows you to see your beauties, all lined up, while also keeping them safely locked away.

    When we designed our rustic gun cabinet, we knew we wanted to use Aspen, because of the fantastic aroma it emits. We just know that in a games room or man cave, it will fire up the senses ahead of a day’s shooting. It also allows this cabinet to be placed in any style of home, thanks to the lovely contrast of creamy inner timber and rugged bark. It also looks great next to the crystal-clear glass in the door panel. After all, what’s the point in curating yourself an impressive arsenal if you can’t at least display it? 

    Inside the log gun cabinet itself, you’ll find storage for six of your favorite specimens. Butt grooves have been carved into the floor, for extra stability and slotted racking in the middle offers support for your barrels. Wondering where to put your ammunition, license paperwork and other small bits and pieces? We’ve included a smooth-gliding drawer at the bottom, for your convenience. The cabinet itself locks and if you’re concerned about the drawer being easily opened, just speak to us about lock options for that too. We’re never too busy for a semi-custom project that will get you the absolutely perfect piece of wood furniture for your home.

    We give your new gun cabinet a clear finish, as that’s all Aspen ever really needs, and we ship for free, complete with a one-year warranty. It’s our way of giving you reassurance that you’ve invested in a quality piece of furniture that will bring you joy for years to come and it’s also a way of saying thank you for supporting domestic craftsmanship. 

    When you buy from us, you are supporting not only US-designed but also US-made furniture. We are a family business that has gone from strength to strength thanks to our customers and their continued belief in our skills and vision and for that, we thank you all.

  • Space for the Whole Family

    The dream of having a big family rustic dining table, where everybody gathers to break bread and share time is fantastic, but in reality, seating often falls a little flat. Whether that’s because chairs are an afterthought or nobody remembered how many people would be coming over at Christmas, it’s an element that appears to be hard to get right. Until now! Our Aspen Highlands Rustic Double Stump Footrest Dining Bench is the answer to every dining room woe. Don’t believe us? Let’s talk a little more about it and find out why we can claim that!

    First of all, it looks incredible. Regardless of the style of your home, this rustic log bench will fit right in and make a statement. A fabulous organic contrast to contemporary surroundings or a complementary rustic piece within a cabin-style property, it’s hard to ignore the stoic good looks of Aspen wood. With two stumps acting as the bench legs, you can be guaranteed a level seat and don’t you just love the way they make the bench look as if it has grown out of the ground? A clear finish is all this piece needs, as Aspen is so aesthetically pleasing, why would you want to cover up any of the grain?

    Now, to the size. Here’s where this bench really steps up and caters to everyone’s needs. You think we don’t make a version of this that will fit in your home? Maybe you need something supersized instead? Well, we offer this bench in six standard sizes. Yes, SIX. And that’s just what we consider to be regular options. If you need something entirely bespoke, that’s no problem. In fact, it’s a challenge that we always relish. You’ll get the exact same aesthetic that you’ve fallen in love with, complete with footrest detailing, just within dimensions that are perfect for your property.

    About that footrest. Isn’t it a great idea? We don’t think enough log dining benches have them, but once you experience the benefit, you’ll never want to go back. Great for taking some pressure off your sit bones during a long meal, the footrest also helps smaller diners sit comfortably. And it’s not simply stuck on and forgotten about either. Securely mounted to your bench, you can trust the strength thanks to the full year’s warranty that comes with this piece, as standard.

    The thing we can’t supply is the food and all the good times you’re sure to have around your dining table. But we think you’ve probably got that covered, right?

  • The First Step to a More Stylish Office

    OK, so office furniture isn’t traditionally very exciting, attractive or anything to get too hyped up about, but why not? Because it’s functional? So are dining tables and master beds, but we make them unforgettable! That’s why we decided to turn our hand to your work station, with a gorgeous rustic filing cabinet.

    Our Aspen Highlands Rustic Log 2 Drawer File Cabinet blends traditional rustic aesthetics seamlessly with contemporary functionality, thanks to smooth gliding inners, deep drawers and log finishes that you’ll barely be able to take your eyes off. You might even WANT to do some work!

    The perfect diminutive addition to any home office, we know that this would work in a small cabin, holiday home or lodge, for storing important documents that you need to keep close to hand, but all you homeworkers could make great use of it in your permanent offices too, because it’s built to last. Dovetail joints keep the drawers locked and loaded, soft close technology ensures quiet operation and the scent that you’ll enjoy when you work next to the cabinet? Heavenly. It’ll clear your mind, help you focus and make you forget the drudge of your work day!

    As we use Aspen for this design, we stayed as true to the wood as possible, utilizing log handles and gorgeous contrasting shades. The log details really make the design pop and stand out, while also being a perfect addition to existing rustic aesthetics. No stain, just a clear finish, to emphasize but not overshadow the grain and organic markings and that’s it! A solid, beautiful piece of functional rustic office furniture that looks as though it has been plucked from the forest floor.

    We thought long and hard about how to make this rustic file cabinet even more of a satisfying purchase, so we added a year’s warranty and free shipping, within the contiguous 48 states. Essentially, we want you to be able to click, buy and then just wait for it to arrive. No hassle and no need for a personal assistant. This is for your cabin, home or lodge don’t forget! But we should advise you that we are looking at longer lead times than usual right now. We may be able to suggest pieces of a similar nature that will be ready to ship sooner, but as all of our items are designed and made in-house, right here in the USA, there’s no instantly available flatpack to plump for instead. But then again, it never hurt to wait a little longer for something extra special and perfect for the job, did it?

    Take a look at our other office furniture designs and see if it might be time for a full restyle. Don’t forget that you will save with free shipping, so why not treat yourself to a new desk or set of bookshelves too?

  • Gather Round, One and All

    What is it about a log fire that makes us feel like the holidays are here, all year round? We love the look of a log fire, but not always the clean up, plus, in a busy living room, every inch of space counts, which is why we dreamt up this incredible piece of furniture. Our Aspen Highlands Rustic Log Fireplace TV Cabinet brings all the storage and display potential you want with the added bonus of an earthy rustic scent and a striking log fire insert too, but guess what? It’s an electric addition!

    We know it’s a little sneaky to include an electric fire, but with the capacity to heat up to 500sq ft, it’s no compromise. You get the look, the warmth and the ambiance of a real log fire, just with none of the mess or upkeep. It’s a dream come true! But then, you realize that this rustic fireplace unit can do so much more than keep you toasty. It’s a state-of-the-art TV display unit as well. 

    Why did we use Aspen for our rustic entertainment center? Because it’s strong, striking to look at and emits a glorious rustic scent that makes you feel as though you’re deep in the woods. A smooth and level top surface is ideal for standing a large screen on, with a discreet cut-out alcove below that is made for smaller tech, such as games consoles and blu ray players.  With all cables trailing to the back, the finished look is clean and modern, but everything is exactly where you need it. No compromising function for style here!

    Flanking the very realistic fire insert you’ll see two cabinets, complete with log handles and clear glazing. Each has a shelf inside for your storage convenience, but can you spot the surprise? That’s right, the solid wood above the fire? That’s a super smooth-gliding drawer complete with dovetail joints. Ideal for remotes and controllers that always disappear when you need them the most! 

    Now to the nitty gritty. We need some time to build a unit of this size and quality,  we’ll say a huge thank you by shipping to you at our own cost and with a full year’s warranty in place. Your new unit will arrive protected with an undetectable clear finish, in pristine condition, ready to be the worthy new focal point in your most relaxing and sociable space.

    Love the style but need something a different size, with more drawers or different shelves? We are no strangers to custom commissions, so please see this particular unit as your potential springboard to creativity and get in touch to tell us more.

  • Out of Sight But Never Out of Mind

    Great storage needs to do two things: provide ample space for stowing personal belongings and know how to blend in with a wider design aesthetic. It’s that second mandate that so many designs seem to struggle with, but not our Aspen Highlands Rustic Log Small Corner Cabinet

    Discreet, demure and built to last, our Highlands rustic corner display unit is the perfect combination of striking to look at yet not overpowering in an already decorated space. It’s just a little bonus nuance to add to the dead space in a forgotten corner and one that can help you display treasured collectables that have been languishing in a cabinet. That’s not to say that it can’t hide away a little mess too though!

    We went with open shelves to give you easy access to your display pieces, but then finished with a door-fronted cabinet. We keep the inherent rustic majesty of the Aspen alive by using log front detailing on the door and would you just look at that bark edging throughout? We think it’s the perfect amount of natural and organic, without pushing the rustic theme into gimmicky, making it ideal for any cabin, lodge or home. But the burning question is, what can it store?

    We don’t want to assume how you’ll use your new favorite storage item, but could we suggest a few options? Oh go on. Indulge us!

    • A small home bar set-up. All your cut crystal and beautiful glasses can go on the shelves with favorite tipples safely and securely shut away in the base cabinet.
    • A rustic trophy display. Got a budding athlete in the family or some trophies from your college days you’d like to show off? This is the perfect space for doing so, without being too ostentatious about it.
    • Family photo nook. One of our favorite ideas is to use this corner display as a special homage to your family. Framed pictures can be nestled on the shelves, making a charming and sentimental space.

    Whatever you choose to do with your rustic aspen corner cabinet, it will be shipped to you, free of charge within the contiguous states, complete with a protective but subtle clear finish. It will also have a full year’s warranty, for your continued peace of mind. 

    We ask you to be patient once your order is placed. We handcraft all of our pieces to your specifications and with timber specifically selected by our craftspeople. This all takes time. You won’t find any flatpack or pre-made pieces in our showrooms or workshops, but what you’ll have delivered is a strong, USA designed and made piece of furniture that you can treasure for many years to come. Isn’t that worth waiting a little longer for? And seeing as you’ll need to wait a few weeks for your delivery, why not take an extra minute to think if there are any special adjustments or dimensions you would like us to work with? You know we never shy away from a custom adaptation!

  • Turning the romance up to 10

    Is there anything more romantic than a four poster master rustic bed? Well, maybe. We set out to create the ultimate rustic bedroom centerpiece and think we may have accidentally set the standard for four posters to an all new high. Why? Because our Aspen Highlands Rustic Log Canopy Bed is out of this world! We aren’t in the habit of telling you how to furnish your cabin, cottage or main home, but honestly, you need this bed, for a multitude of reasons. Let’s understand them all, starting with the practicalities at hand.

    Starting with the Aspen used, you can’t deny that there’s a strong rustic vibe happening here. No perfect linear design here, just Mother Nature’s hard work used to make a unique and comfortable bed that exhibits strength and charm in equal measure. Aspen works well for furniture and accepts stains and paints beautifully too, though we think it’s stunning enough to only warrant a clear finish, which is what we supply here. Being a light wood, you can afford to go a little more daring with the actual stance and design of your master bed, as it won’t ever feel too imposing in a bedroom, which is why we added some extra flair!

    We could have simply created a four-poster and left it at that, but we wanted to give our artisans a chance to shine, which is why you’ll find turned spindle head and footboard detailing and that lovely canopy top. Drape some fabric over the apex for an amplified romance haven or simply leave bare, for a more woodsy feeling. Either way, the aesthetic won’t suffer.

    You want to know about sizing, don’t you? Canopy and four-poster beds can look as though they’d never fit in an average-sized bedroom, but that’s all just perspective. Don’t let the height here fool you, as we have a full range of four sizes to choose from, ranging from twin all the way to king. And as ever, if you have something very specific in mind, why not ask if we can accommodate? We supply our Highlands bed design with a full year’s warranty, as our gift to you, but you’ll have it for decades more, so don’t compromise. You don’t need to with us, as your dream is our daily work sheet.

    As well as a year’s warranty, we also give you free shipping. It’s the least we can do when you’re committing to a big purchase such as a brand new rustic bed. When you support domestic companies like ours, we want to thank you in return, with high quality, fair pricing and bonus perks that you might not expect, so free curbside shipping is yours to enjoy. 

    Whether you want to treat yourself to the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had or are keen to make your bedroom a whole lot more romantic, our Highlands canopy bed won’t disappoint, but be warned. With the right mattress, you might never want to get out of bed again, and we can’t take responsibility for any missed social events or work days!

  • The Beauty of Imperfection: How Rustic Wood Became Glamorous

    There was a time when solid wood rustic furniture needed to be mirror polished and perfect for it to pass the consumer test but these days, trends have shifted dramatically in the opposite direction. Perhaps it started with ‘shabby chic’, which prizes an imperfect but homey finish on upcycled furniture, before trickling through to new artisan pieces, but whatever the reason for rustic furniture’s revival, we love it.

    Of course, there are some of us who never felt that rustic wood went out of style. Cabin owners and lodge enthusiasts have long understood the appeal of unfussy furniture, crafted from carefully selected timber, but when such pieces are springing up in modern homes, you know a trend has emerged.

    What makes wood rustic? There’s a few elements to look out for, including:

    Knots and gnarled shapes - Perfection is measured by tolerances and rustic wood pays no mind to them. This means that knots, natural bends, twists and curves in timber are left in place and incorporated into a design, to show truth to the material. Particularly beautiful examples can include tree root stump coffee tables, with intricate branch patterns displayed beneath a smooth top.

    Insect tracks and tool marks - Wood is a natural material, it grows, has a history and supports a wider ecosystem than just itself. We enjoy paying homage to this by not looking to erase the life marks or the manufacturing marks, both of which add a charming rustic finish. All those rough sawn touches add character and nail marks can let you know you’ve bought some real reclaimed wood. 

    Bark left intact- The rough bark aesthetic isn’t for everyone, but it certainly lends some dramatic power to wood furniture, especially when the timber has a really striking exterior, like hickory. Stripped logs with a little bark left in place offer a textural and visual diversity that amplifies the finish of any furniture.

    Why is rustic wood the height of interior chic? Because it’s timeless, unpredictable and feels less manmade. For ultra contemporary homes with minimalist furnishings, one statement natural wood piece is all it takes to amp up the glamor. A log dining table, a rustic dresser or a master aspen log bed beautifully constructed from interesting timber that can’t be replicated? Can you get any more exclusive than that?

    Mass-produced furniture, though practical and often cost-effective, holds no unique qualities and often contains cheaper materials. Every piece is the same and any home can contain them. Rustic wood means that you have a genuinely individual investment and rather than being manipulated by a workshop to be unique, Mother Nature has done all the hard work with your chosen artisans simply capturing it and making it functional. There’s also a certain joy that comes from easy-to-maintain pieces, as mirror polished perfect specimens show every age mark, whereas rustic wood? It looks even better for a few little patina spots.

    Gorgeous, full of character and an easy way to pay deference to the great outdoors, rustic wood is more than just fabulous and fashionable; it’s the GOAT

  • A New Bed to Dream About

    Does your current bed creak when you move about in your sleep? Maybe it is a bit outdated, or simply not comfortable anymore? Or maybe you have an undeniable hankering to finally treat yourself to the solid wood log bed that you’ve always yearned for? Whatever your motivation for bed shopping, the search can stop because our Rustic Aspen Spindled Log Bed is the rustic bedroom furniture centerpiece of your dreams!

    If you’re a lover of the great outdoors, what better way to show that than by initiating a truly rustic theme in your home? Better still, why not treat yourself to a cabin or lodge that has been decked out with some of the finest rustic furniture pieces available? If we’ve got your attention and started your design brain whirring, look no further for your bedroom than this beautiful log bed. 

    Created from stunning and aromatic aspen logs, the head and footboard ooze laid back yet sophisticated charm and woodsy flair. We don’t think any other bed style manages to look as elegant, stylish and yet organic as our hand peeled log options, with subtle features, hidden metal side rails and support slats. What we particularly love about this design is how unfussy it is and how each incarnation is just a little different from the last. That’s the joy of using real wood.

    If you like the idea of furnishing each bedroom with the same rustic bed, we know you’ll love how individual a cluster of these spindled log varieties will look. Thanks to differing bends, tones and a few options that we give you, every bed will look totally unique, yet also connected, leaving you to enjoy playing with different bed linens and wider bedroom accessories for a themed but not matchy-matchy vibe throughout your property.

    In order to cater to as many needs as possible, we offer this rustic bed in four sizes, covering the full range from twin to king and you can make a choice about your footboard too. For taller sleepers, a low profile option offers maximum comfort, though you may simply like the aesthetic of a shorter base and that’s just fine by us. Make your selection and we will do the rest, delivering for free, on a day agreed with you in advance. Leave all the logistics to us and simply look forward to delivery day.

    We have designed our spindled log beds to be a real showpiece and the crowning glory of your bedroom decor. Rustic and naturally beautiful, it can be as subtle and in-keeping with a wider furniture theme as you want, or you can dress it in eye-catching bed linens and ensure all eyes go straight to it. The main thing, however, is that we know you’ll enjoy many happy and comfortable years sleeping on it, reading the Sunday papers under the duvet before springing out, well rested, to tackle the day ahead. If that’s not the ultimate dream, we don’t know what is.

  • Hunker Down in the Highlands Collection

    Not all rustic furniture is created equal and few pieces prove the point as eloquently as our Aspen Highlands Towering Log Bed. Looking as though it has been made with rudimentary tools, deep in the forest, it benefits from genuine charm and character, while also being sturdy enough to offer many years of comfortable sleep. But don't just take our word for it; come and take a closer look for yourself.

    The first things you’ll no doubt notice here are the generously proportioned foot and headboards on the aspen log bed. Designed to stand taller than is usual, they create a snuggly and safe feel that unconsciously feels as though you’re back in your childhood crib. There may not be bars on the sides to keep you in, but the stripped logs at the top and bottom offer organic visual delight and something of an undeniably stoic vibe too. That’s why we think this bed would be just as well placed in a cabin as a cottage, lodge or even a modern home. Plus, no two will ever be identical.

    We can talk all day long about the benefits of solid wood rustic furniture but chief amongst them has to be the natural variation. Yes, a design can be replicated, but no two logs are ever the same or will reveal the same markings once stripped. This guarantees you a unique item, but with one consistent feature; the fabulous aroma of aspen wood. Fresh, a little herbal but not overpowering, the scent of your aspen bed will add to the rustic flavor of your home no end, while also helping to relax and aid you into a blissful night’s sleep. It’s the ultimate aromatherapy furniture!

    Because of the natural beauty of aspen wood, we keep the finish simple and clear. It’s there to protect, not alter your finished rustic bed, so that the eye-catching nature of the logs can be the only thing capturing your attention. You won’t even be distracted by the strong metal side rails, as we’ve tucked them away discreetly, giving strength where you need it without disrupting the gorgeous natural aesthetic. 

    As ever, we wanted to offer you the chance to customize your log bed specifically for your home, which is why there are four sizes, ranging from twin through to king, to select from, as well as two footboard options. If you love the towering headboard but would prefer something low profile by your feet, that’s no problem. We can replace your matching footboard with something shorter and less impactful, but still super stylish and purpose-built.

    With all your choices made, we will ship your head and footboards, side rails and support slats for free, within the contiguous 48 states, leaving you with a little extra spending money to treat yourself to some fresh bed linens. You’re going to enjoy this rustic aspen bed for a lot of years, so it only makes sense to invest in some quality bedding too and if you’re keen to maximize the rustic feel, we heartily recommend something in a plaid pattern! 

  • All That's Missing are the Stars

    Few things beat sleeping in the great outdoors, but we think we might have created one of them. The only thing you’ll miss is the stars, but we know it’s a sacrifice you’ll be willing to make on this aspen log bed.

    When we first started thinking about creating a four-poster bed with a definitively rustic edge, we knew that the end result would be special but even we couldn’t have predicted the glorious vision that is our Aspen Highlands Log Poster Bed. Why? Because combining natural wood in its purest form with romantic ideals isn’t a science. 

    One thing we knew for certain was that aspen logs were the way to go. Strong, sturdy and blessed with an aroma that fills any room with an organic perfume that brings to mind fond memories of camping and living outdoors, there was no other choice. Plus, aspen logs are some of the most naturally beautiful, being as rustic as they are eye-catching and impressive. Every mark, every bend and every nuance simply adds to the overall charm and layers yet more genuine rustic aesthetic into the otherwise stunningly simple design of your log bed.

    Could we have been more over the top? Of course, but for this particular four-poster rustic bed we wanted to let the wood do all the talking. That's why we have used as much as possible, with a log-filled head and footboards. But just look at the four main posts! Chunky, rigid and reaching for the ceiling, they look as though they have been plucked from the earth that morning, just for you to sleep in amongst them. It’s like being cradled by the forest itself, as you drift off.

    We’ve kept the options for the log beds simple here. Choose from a twin, full, queen or king size log bed frame, safe in the knowledge that your purchase includes not only the head  and footboards, but also all your side rails and support slats, not to mention shipping as well! We finish the frame with a protective clear coat and pack for transport with as much care as we would a treasured family heirloom, and with a full year’s warranty in place, you needn’t worry about our craftsmanship. 

    We know that you’ll be passing this rustic bed down to other generations of your family, with the aspen logs getting better with every year that passes. What looks extraordinary when you first place it in your bedroom will quickly become the star item in your home and as it ages and ‘beds in’ it will simply belong. We know that this depends on us giving you the best artisan construction possible and there, we have no concerns. Designed, made and shipped from within our USA workshop, every one of our four-poster beds is guaranteed to delight visually and help you get a great night’s sleep, even if it’s not under the stars.

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