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Barnwood Furniture

  • Lock Up Your Linens

    When was the last time you looked at a linen closet in somebody’s bathroom and felt really envious? We are willing to bet that it’s an infrequent occurrence, if it has ever happened at all, but guests in your home will be faced with that exact dilemma, if you treat yourself to our Reclaimed Barn Wood Linen Closet. And we don’t make that claim lightly!

    Let’s say that you’ve not really seen much point in investing in a beautiful rustic linen cupboard before. We are going to change that now with a few good reasons:

    Extend your linen lifespans – You deserve a little luxury in life and when it comes to towels and robes, there’s no point buying bargain basement. We all know this and so does our skin! By investing in a proper linen closet, you can maximize the chances of keeping your bathroom essentials clean, dry and fluffy.

    Take advantage of wasted space – If you have a corner that goes unused but isn’t big enough for an extra rustic vanity or a dresser, this could be the perfect solution. You’ll get access to ample amounts of extra storage, helping to declutter the wider room, plus you won’t need to sacrifice any valuable floor area.

    Finish the room – If you’ve plumped for a stunning rustic vanity, don’t just leave it there. Add a matching rustic linen closet to complete the gorgeous aesthetic you’ve cultivated and really lean in with some extra accessories. A coordinated mirror is a good start.

    So, now that you can see just how valuable a rustic linen closet could be, let’s discuss the options you have. We have seven standard widths to choose from, as well as three heights. From here you can choose which side your hinges are attached to and you can also let us know where your new closet will be placed. Freestanding, between walls or next to a vanity – all of these will have a slight impact on how we finish your piece. Naturally, we have plenty of scope to create something entirely custom for you, so if the aesthetic of this closet is absolutely perfect for you, but none of the measurements are, let’s talk about turning your dream dimensions into reality!

    Made to order, by hand, from tobacco barn timber with hundreds of years of heritage, these rustic linen closets are not like any other. We still give you all the practicality you need, with three integrated shelves, a clear protective finish and metal handles, but with an extra soupcon of exclusivity that only genuine barn wood can bring to a design. No two linen closets can ever be identical, even if they are made from sister wood planks and if that isn’t enough to cause serious envy in your house guests, we don’t know what will!

    Shipped for free and with an industry-leading lifetime warranty in place, you only need to make the excellent decision to buy, once. After that, it’s just a case of waiting for the green-eyed compliments to pour in!

  • Scrubs Up Beautifully

    Excuse the colloquialism, but you can’t deny that our Reclaimed Barn Wood Vanity is a gorgeous looking piece of bathroom furniture! So often the most overlooked space in the home, bathrooms deserve just as many eye-catching designs and thoughtful touches as anywhere else, which is why we made it our mission to create covetable pieces that will drive your guests wild with envy.

    We know that your first thought is most likely that barn wood, as in wood from a barn, which has been reclaimed and is old, surely can’t be the best material to use, but that’s where you would be, understandably, wrong!

    Firstly, be reassured that we hand select our reclaimed timber according to verifiable age (a minimum of 100 years), beauty and strength. Nail marks and saw impressions? They just make for some beautiful patina, what we are really looking for is a batch of characterful heritage timber that will be able to stand the test of time for more generations to come. If it can withstand rain and differing temperatures, your bathroom will be no challenge at all! Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the design features that we know you’ll love.

    It would have been so easy to put regular metal hinges and catches in place, but when we were designing this vanity, we were cognizant of wanting to pay homage to the farmers that worked hard to maintain their barns. With them in mind, we have opted for subtle arched detailing throughout, as well as more traditional wooden hinges. We’ve also recreated those iconic sliding metal catches for the four cupboard doors, for an extra rustic touch. Need a sink? We can add a hammered copper one to your order for you and think your bathroom dimensions will pose a problem? We don’t!

    As standard, we offer you a choice of four widths, but we are always happy to accommodate something more bespoke. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be paying twice the price either – custom does not equal costly! It just means that you need some extra attention, which we are happy to offer. You can have a top or choose to go without and we always ask where your new item will be placed, so we can make adjustments for you. Between two walls? Not an issue. Freestanding? That’s just fine by us too, as are any adjacent rustic linen closets. The really impressive elements, other than our design team’s creativity and our craftspeople (obviously) are the protections we put in place for you.

    While your rustic bathroom vanity might contain anything from knots to nail marks and even the occasional bullet hole (seriously!), we don’t want it to contain damage, so we finish it with a protective clear lacquer. You won’t be able to see that it’s there, but you’ll have peace of mind. That’s where our other form of protection comes in as well, because we ship this beautiful vanity to you, free of charge in relevant states, with a lifetime warranty. It’s one thing to claim that furniture will last a lifetime, but another to stand behind the words and here at Log Furniture Place, our word is as strong as oak.

  • Get the Look for Less

    We consider ourselves experts when it comes to creating gorgeous rustic furniture from reclaimed barn wood, but we also recognize that as lovely as the material is, it comes with a price. A large one, usually. It’s not something that can be helped, as every piece of timber has to be verified as being at least 100 years old, inspected  and hand selected for particular projects, all of which has an impact on cost, but we don’t want you to miss out on the aesthetic you love.

    With cost versus looks in mind, we have created a range of rustic barnwood furniture pieces that mimic the aesthetic, feel and vibe of reclaimed timber so accurately that even we have to look twice (sometimes three times!). Our Timber Haven Rustic Barn Wood Vanity is a shining star in the collection.

    Made from rough sawn, high quality pine, our solid wood vanity has been expertly ‘aged’, to give a more antique finish. Keeping rough sawn marks in place, adding a quality stain and hand applying another finish complements the design with clever touches that seem to add to the authenticity.  Rather than overshadowing a bad patina effect, we have created a barnwood vanity that is budget friendly. Don’t mistake this as being a compromise though! The material used might be newer, but our trademark quality remains the same (with a limited lifetime warranty supplied to prove it), as does your ability to customize.

    Your input is vital when it comes to choosing the right size, top finish, sink orientation and position, stain color and coordinating extras. Do you love the look of the barn wood vanity with a unique stone sink sat on top? We can supply that sink for you, complete with faucet as a handy all-in-one package. What’s more, the stone sinks are all unique, so no two finished vanity units are ever identical. How’s that for not compromising? Perhaps you prefer the opulence of hammered copper? We have a sink and faucet package for that too, plus the option to add a matching faux barn wood mirror.

    We know that renovating or updating a home is a long, sometimes arduous and nearly always expensive undertaking, which is why we strive to make everything as simple as possible. We ship for free, with your new furniture packaged securely for your peace of mind. We give you an amazing warranty. We invite you to choose from a huge range of sizes and finishes, to help you get the best match for your home and are always keen to talk about fully bespoke ideas too. Most of all, we want you to have access to the aesthetic you want, without fear of compromise, but always within budget and that’s what we think we’ve achieved here, with the Holy Grail of barn wood bathroom vanities.

    Take a look at the wider Timber Haven range, to see if you might like to take advantage of our free shipping, to add a little rustic flair to other rooms in your home. We defy your guests to be able to tell that you haven’t splashed out on a wealth of genuine barn wood and we won’t tell them if you don’t!

  • Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime

    It’s one thing to be able to design beautiful furniture that people all over the world want in their homes. It’s quite another to be able to craft them to such high standards that they are supplied with a lifetime warranty, as standard. Are we making a humble brag about our craftspeople? Absolutely, because our Timber Frame Barn Wood Vanity looks as good as it functions and won’t need replacing!

    Not all rustic bathroom vanities are created equal, but with genuine barn wood, inspired design and considered touches, ours are certainly in the upper echelons. Don’t just take our word for it though! Our countless five-star reviews, all from verified buyers, say so much more than we ever could about customer satisfaction, so how about we stick to telling you how we designed this to be the ultimate bathroom addition?

    Features to love

    Functionality is key, so we were sure to include the follow:

    • Full extension roller bearing drawer glides for smooth operation and easy access to the full storage capacity of your drawers
    • Clear matte lacquer finish to protect your antique wood from water and humidity in your bathroom, without affecting the natural beauty of the timber itself
    • Splashes for protecting walls and adjacent closets

    Having accounted for all the usual needs and potential issues that a bathroom vanity needs to tackle, our designers turned their attention to the all-important aesthetic element. We’d love to take all the credit for the inherently stunning finish of this vanity unit, but we can’t. Using genuine reclaimed timber, aged for a minimum of 100 years, means that the wood exudes so much organic beauty that simply joining a few pieces together will always guarantee a gorgeous result. We like to think that we’ve added in some particular features that amplify the special nature of the wood though.

    Respecting the material

    We take the time to source only the best reclaimed barn wood timber, rescued from torn down barns throughout the USA. With a minimum of 100 years of history coursing through every grain, the wood is full of character, with nail holes, scuffs and general wear all on show and we cover none of them up. Perfection is not the name of the game here, authenticity is, which in itself, creates a perfectly stunning item of furniture that you’ll cherish for years to come.

    A lifetime investment

    We make sure that there will be no stumbling blocks to your continued use and enjoyment either, by offering you a vast number of customizable options. We give you multiple standard sizes to select from, though bespoke orders are always possible, then we get into the nitty gritty. Do you want to add a matching barn wood top? Where are you planning to mount your sink? Is your rustic vanity destined to be freestanding, or joining a wall or linen closet? All of these elements have an impact on your finished design and the more we know, the better the end result. You’re going to be keeping this reclaimed vanity unit for the rest of your life, so indulge us while we ask a few questions and in return, we will ship for free and with full confidence that another five-star review is coming our way in return.

  • Step Back in Time

    There’s a time and a place for contemporary design and we have a genuine affinity for it, but when it comes to keeping your bathroom interior more classic, you can’t go wrong with some well-placed reclaimed barn wood vanities.

    We know what you’re thinking: reclaimed wood, in the bathroom? The wettest and most humid room in the house, surely, isn’t a space for antique wood, but we assure you that it can be, should be and at the end of the day, adds a new level of luxury and considered design to your most private space. What’s more, our Reclaimed Barn Wood Barn Door Vanity focuses on using recognizable tropes from rural America, to inject your home with all the heritage that you can dream of.

    An aesthetic to love

    Starting with the look of this reclaimed vanity unit, you can’t deny that it’s a stunner. Stoic, eye-catching and yet, understated enough to not overshadow a wider theme. You can see that it’s built to last, plus the 20-year warranty gives you added peace of mind on that score, but it also has a naturally tactile air to it. Don’t you want to just reach out and touch the aged timber, to get a feel for what it has seen and how it has become so characterful? We know you do, which is why every piece of reclaimed timber is not only hand selected, but also verified as being at least 100 years old. Not many companies can say the same

    You’ll find nail holes, saw marks and all manner of marks on our rustic vanities, but they never detract from the beauty of the finished piece, they simply add authentic individuality, which is essential in today’s world of identical flat pack furniture. We think you’ll really enjoy the added twist in this particular piece, where we have mimicked the barn doors of old in the cupboard door styling, with a simple yet impactful ‘X’ motif.

    Options aplenty

    You might love this antique rustic bathroom vanity, but if you have particular dimensions to account for, we bet you’re worrying that you can’t make something like this work for you. Think again! We specialize in designing timeless furniture for every room in your home, while combining traditional aesthetics with modern production capabilities. We can accommodate a huge variety of specific needs and even if our standard options aren’t quite perfect for you and your home, we are always happy to open a dialogue about something bespoke.

    You can choose from a number of sizes, add a top or go without, choose where your sink or sinks will be placed and then tell us where the vanity unit will be placed, to allow for perfect integration. Want to add a matching mirror and a copper sink? Go right ahead, we want to make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

    Shipped for free and supplied with a protective clear lacquer, we knew there was just one more element to consider and that was financing. Fitting out a bathroom can be an expensive endeavor, which is why we have partnered with Bread, to offer transparent small print-free financing options. Take a look and see how small your repayments could be on the vanity unit of your dreams!

  • Not Just for the Bedroom

    Technically, our Copper Mesa 9 Drawer Dresser has been designed with rustic bedrooms in mind, but we think that it’s not only large enough but also strikingly beautiful enough to be placed in any room of your home. Just take a look, if you don’t believe us!

    Standing proud with six generous lower drawers and three handy smaller additions on the top row, there is no room that couldn’t make excellent use of the sheer practicality that this stoic dresser offers. In a bedroom, we think you’ll be hard-pressed to need much more than some hanging space in addition, but what about adding this to a living room? Sofa throws, books and all those fiddly remote controls that are forever getting lost could finally have a home and with a chunky top as well, you’ll be in no doubt as to where your lamps need to sit!

    This rustic dresser is a perfect example of what we do best – designing multi-functional furniture that looks great, performs as you hope and can be located anywhere. Apart from obvious items, such as beds, we think that our storage pieces should be made in such a way that you don’t want to simply hide them away in more private rooms, so chests and dressers CAN be brought into your dens, hallways and kitchens!

    We don’t consider ourselves to be a boastful company here at Log Furniture Place, but we do offer something special that few of our competitors do and that’s a lifetime warranty with many of our designs. The Copper Mesa dresser is no exception. If you’re wondering how we can possibly guarantee your new storage for so long, let us give you a glimpse into the way we work.

    We make rustic furniture to serve a purpose and delight your senses, all at the same time. We want your investment pieces to become a recognizable element in your home, to the point where they become family heirlooms, being passed down through future generations that have come to love them. If we want to realize this vision, we need to make sure that our designs and construction methods are the best that they can be, which is why we never cut corners (apart from when needed and with the right tools in the workshop!), source the finest materials possible and place our faith in our master craftsmen.

    In the case of this rustic dresser, you’ll find expertly aged pine being used to create a strong unit. Metal strap accents have been used sparingly, but to beautiful effect for that rustic looks, without straying into novelty furniture territory and then there are those all-important eye-catching contrast panels. Added to just the smaller drawers as standard, you can opt to add some orange and turquoise flair to the rest as well, while also selecting which finish you want added to your wood. We might have designed the Copper Mesa range, but we welcome your input, to ensure that you have the perfect piece for your home, so flex your artistic eye!

    Delivered for free within the contiguous 48 states, your new dresser is just a click away, but will you be able to resist the urge to invest in some coordinating items? We don’t want to sway you, but there are some fabulous rustic beds on offer…

  • Don't Hide Your Style Away

    We know it’s something of a paradox to tell you not to hide your great taste away, when talking about storage furniture. After all, isn’t the whole point of functional design to help you keep everything organized and out of sight? Well, you might still fancy tucking your clothes away, but you won’t have to leave anybody in any doubt as to your phenomenal and daring taste anymore, if you put our Copper Mesa Rustic Armoire to good use.

    You might think that once you’ve seen one rustic armoire that you’ve seen them all, but there is so much more to our ‘wardrobes in waiting’ than meets the eye. To start with, there’s the industry-defining construction standards that we have put in place.

    Designing rustic bedroom furniture isn’t simply a case of taking some timber, throwing it together and making it look old, at least not for us at Log Furniture Place. We can’t speak for our competitors! Here, we let our creative team explore unusual materials and combinations, to unleash their genius. We then take their visions to our artisans in the workshop, to find out if and more importantly, how, they can be brought to life. In the case of our rustic copper armoire, the process was beautifully simple.

    Our craftsmen first take solid pine and apply aging techniques so realistic that you’ll struggle to distinguish new wood from the reclaimed pieces that we make. The rough sawn marks in particular make for an authentic look and take stain so well. From here, the casegoods are built, strong and sturdy so they’ll never let you down. Drawers are added, with full extension glides and some forged metal detailing in the form of corner accents and strap drawer handles. Two fully adjustable shelves are included inside, with the option of a third and then, the copper detailing gets added.

    As standard, the vivacious orange and turquoise swirled panels are only added to the door inserts, but you can also opt for them to be included on your drawers. We give you the option because for as many of you that think less is more, there are plenty that live by the motto ‘more is more’ as well! We don’t want anybody to be disappointed, so feel free to customize as you see fit! The result is a practical, impressive and suitably personal piece of bedroom furniture that increases your storage capacity exponentially and adds something rather special to your interior design scheme too.

    Inspired by the stunning Southwest landscapes, the hues in our Copper Mesa collection radiate warmth and character into any bedroom. Perfect for a master bedroom that doesn’t need hanging space, or guest rooms that have to cater to a range of different needs, we know you’ll love the aesthetic here, but what about the extra touches, such as a lifetime warranty and free shipping? Yes, you’ll be sure to enjoy them too!

    We pride ourselves on designing, crafting and shipping beautiful unique pieces of furniture from right here in the USA, but that’s nothing compared to the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve exceeded your hopes and expectations. Get in touch today to see how we can transform your home and your shopping experience.

  • The Perfect Accompaniment

    Sometimes, we get so focused on the main star of the show that we forget to pay attention to the supporting players, but there’s no chance of that in your rustic bedroom, if you choose to add in a Copper Mesa 3 Drawer Nightstand. It might not be a huge piece of storage furniture but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in charm and eye-catching uniqueness.

    We love pushing the limits of style genres and being experts in the field of all things rustic, we wanted to really stretch the definition of a rustic nightstand with this fabulous little design. Metal strap handles and corner accents, plus aged pine is not necessarily a new idea when creating a rustic bedside cabinet, but adding in a vibrant contrast drawer panel? Well that takes courage and artistic flair! Luckily, all of our creatives have both, in abundance!

    Inspired by the American Southwest, our orange and turquoise swirled panels can be left just as a subtle addition to your top drawer or check the box to add them to each front, for real wow factor. There’s no need to worry about the finished product looking a ‘bit much’ either, as we deliberately kept the rest of the nightstand design understated, classic and above all else, functional, to offset added glamour!

    Let’s say that you really like the idea of a splash of color and metal accents are right up your street, but you want to have some involvement in the finished look of your solid wood nightstand. Well, that’s why we give you four finishes to choose from:

    Weathered Gray – A cool and neutral shade that looks vintage-inspired and is easy to contrast with warmer hues or bright colors.

    Honey Amber – A warm and soft golden finish that injects laid back character and makes for very easy accessorizing.

    Antique Barnwood – A rich and dark hue that amplifies the aging process applied to the pine wood. Basically indistinguishable from genuine reclaimed timber.

    American Chestnut – Bold, dark and stoic. Adds a sense of grandeur and expense to any piece and can be perfect for adding a rich contrast in a light room.

    Bringing together the beauty of the Southwest landscape and our quality craftsmanship has resulted in a range of furniture that speaks for itself and injects any home with some interest, not to mention future heirlooms! Why you ask? Because you get a lifetime warranty as standard, meaning that future generations of your family will be able to enjoy this nightstand for years to come. We build to last and to create a lasting impression here at Log Furniture Place!

    Shipped for free within the contiguous 48 states, when ordered with a large item, you might as well consider buying this nightstand alongside larger matching pieces, to take advantage of significant freight savings. How about a coordinating rustic dresser, to take care of all your bedroom storage needs in one hit?

  • A Bedroom Inspired by Nature

    When it comes to adding a solid wood rustic bed into your bedroom, there are many ways to go. Are you looking for something romantic, stoic, or perhaps a design that is just different enough to garner some very appreciative attention? Whatever your motivation, you’ll find the perfect bed right here at Log Furniture Place, especially if it’s eye-catching beauty that you’re after, as our Copper Mesa Single Panel Bed proves.

    We knew that when we designed a rustic bed with integrated panels, featuring a vibrant orange and turquoise copper aesthetic, we were pushing the boat, or should that be the bed, out. We also knew that this would not be the perfect option for everybody, but that those who do love it will wonder how they ever decorated their bedrooms before finding this and the coordinating Copper Mesa rustic furniture pieces that we offer.

    So, what makes this rustic bed so special? So many things, but let’s take them one at a time!

    Two sizes to choose from – Whether you need a queen or a king-sized bed, we can accommodate you. With both sizes, you get matching head and footboards with the bold and colorful Copper design and contrast black framework.

    Four wood finishes – Not everybody favors the barnwood look, which is why our weathered pine frame can be finished in a number of different colors. From Weathered Gray, a cool and neutral hue, through to our special Antique Barnwood, a rich and deep shade, you can pick a stain that will help your new bed integrate itself into your home perfectly. The pine used for construction is also expertly aged prior to finishing, to create an inscrutable heritage look.

    Traditional influences – The Copper Mesa bed has been designed with natural rustic landscapes in mind, which is why it works so well in less urban settings. That’s not to say that this isn’t a fabulous addition to even the most contemporary of homes, but it works especially well as a rustic bed in a master bedroom setting, in a lodge, cabin or ranch house.

    An unbelievable warranty – We don’t like to boast, but we don’t know of many other furniture companies that give you a lifetime warranty with your new rustic bed. The question is, how can we? Because we use string materials, crafted by industry leading artisans and we know that our products will stand up to the test of time. Our confidence has to translate into your peace of mind, otherwise we can’t guarantee you satisfaction, which is why we ship your new Copper Mesa bed for free, within the contiguous 48 states, and with a lifetime warranty in place.

    A genuine slice of American craftsmanship, our beds are designed, made and shipped from right here in the USA. When we pack your shipping crate, we take pride in knowing that we have, once again, crafted a piece of legacy furniture that will be handed down to future generations and that when you open your new purchase, your expectations will be entirely exceeded. Because that’s the Log Furniture Place way.

  • A Solution for Every Space

    What transforms a nice range of rustic furniture into a must-have? Great style obviously, but more than that, it’s diversity that allows for individual items to be used in any room of the home. That’s exactly what our Black Granite rustic furniture range offers, with our rustic 4 Drawer Chest being particularly multifunctional.

    Standing at 49” high, this fabulous rustic chest is no shrinking violet, but thanks to the combination of solid wood and marble inserts, it also manages to integrate into a myriad of different living spaces. Imagine a den that needs a blanket and cushions storage solution - this chest would do the job beautifully, while looking great and adding some rustic charm at the same time. In a bedroom, you’ll get four more drawers of valuable stashing potential and we could even see this working well in a bathroom, with toiletries, towels or a mixture of the two being accounted for in the full extension gliding drawers.

    Practicality is one thing but marrying it up with good looks is quite another. We like to think that we’ve mastered the art, especially here, by pairing distressed pine with glamorous marble Formica. The main body of this rustic storage chest has been designed to mimic genuine reclaimed barnwood, but without the price tag, but this is n novelty piece of furniture. Our craftsmen take their time with the distressing, creating faux patina and age with a gentle and sensitive hand, resulting in timber that even we have difficulty in differentiating from the real thing! Your choice of color can then be applied, from a cool aged gray through to a warm honey or antique hue, depending on the rest of your home’s décor.

    Though this chest would have been stunning in its own right with no extra flourishes, we knew that black details, metal strap handles and corner accents and that all-important marble insert would add the right amount of contrast to create something really special. We wanted to give you some creative license as well, however!

    Just because we believe that one insert is enough to add a little extra flavor to our designs, that doesn’t mean that you agree, which is why we give you the option to add Formica to every drawer front, on top of choosing the color finish that you prefer. It won’t even affect your lifetime warranty if you alter the design, as we will build to our same exacting standards, however you configure your new chest.

    We want every step of the process to be as simple as possible for you, which is why we make ordering as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. You can get in touch for more custom options and once everything is decided on, you can either finance your purchase with a transparent Bread agreement or pay directly. From there, you simply have to wait for us to deliver, for free within the contiguous 48 states.

    Simple, satisfying and just once in a lifetime for each piece, because we built to last when we build for you.

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