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  • A Linen Closet But Also So Much More

    When is a rustic linen closet not just a linen closet? When it is so beautiful that it dictates the entire bathroom design scheme, while being made from the most stunning and aromatic wood around. Sound like a dream or maybe a fantasy? Come with us as we show you how we brought it to life!

    Do you know how we know that we are different from most other solid rustic wood furniture makers? Because what most would find boring or uninspiring, we take pride in making exceptional. Take functional storage items as a key example. Are linen closets traditionally the most enthralling pieces of furniture in the world? No, of course not. But should they be given the luxury treatment and designed with timeless style, easy functionality and envy-inducing aesthetics in mind? We believe they should, which is why our Rustic Red Cedar Log Linen Closet is anything but an afterthought. 

    Why rustic red cedar? Well, just look at it! Exuding a warm and decadent ambience, it’s impossible to not admire what an impact it would have in a bathroom of any size. Add in the natural perfume that it emits and you will be left in no doubt as to why this is the king of woods for rustic bathroom furniture

    We know that not all bathrooms are generous in stature and that’s why we give you plenty of sizes to choose from, while always maintaining the slim yet tall appeal of the overall design. We think it adds a little gravitas to a typically under utilized room. We ask you to choose the height, width and depth of your closet, along with your hinge orientation. From there we ask if you’d prefer mini log handles or metal ones and finally, if you need extra shelves inside. Don’t forget that this log linen closet needs to work for you, so don’t be shy about adding more organization potential. With your preferences in place, we then finish your handmade rustic linen closet with a protective clear coat and ship to you, totally free of charge. But that’s not all, because we have one last surprise.

    Is it industry standard to supply a gratis lifetime warranty on solid wood bathroom furniture? No. Are we doing it anyway? ABSOLUTELY. We know that not everybody will feel immediately confident investing in a piece of exquisite craftsmanship for the wettest space in the home, but we know that our design and construction is the best there is, which is why we have no qualms offering a lifetime warranty with our red cedar linen closet. Interior design trends may come and go but your linens can always be housed in your favorite purchase. American-made and built on a legacy of real wood furniture expertise, this is one item you’ll never have to buy again, but if you need extra reassurance, simply get in touch. We’d love to tell you more about this fabulous item and the pieces that coordinate with it.

  • Make Your Guests Red With Envy!

    Forget turning people green with envy because once your guests see your brand new red cedar bathroom vanity, they won’t be able to hide their rose-tinted jealousy!

    We shouldn’t have favorites when it comes to woods but we’re only human and when you see the majesty and splendor of red cedar, it’s hard to not love it! That’s why we decided to extend our affection for this extra special material by creating a series of striking bathroom storage pieces, headed up by the Rustic Red cedar Log Bathroom Vanity

    Bathroom Smells

    Let’s talk about the elephant in the room for a moment. Bathroom smells. They don’t have the greatest reputation for being particularly pleasant, but install an aromatic red cedar vanity and you can wave goodbye to embarrassing pongs and whiffs. All you’ll be able to smell is the great outdoors, American heritage and rustic weekends spent in the family cabin. And though it might smell great, this is simply just a bonus because the real joy, the defining quality of red cedar is how utterly incredible it looks. 

    Elegantly Rustic

    We know we can turn our heads to an elegantly rustic vanity unit. Our team of artisans have mastered the art of making the functional fabulous, which is why our satisfaction ratings are as impressive as they are. But when you add in an extra special wood, that’s when things start to get really eye-catching and interesting. Suddenly, that simple log vanity that houses a sink or two is now a main feature in the space. Instead of just being a useful location for stashing away toilet rolls and extra towels, it’s a focal point where users enjoy standing and giving themselves a minute to compose themselves. At the end of the day, by lavishing as much time, care and attention as we do into a humble rustic bathroom vanity , it becomes a treasured piece of log furniture, which is why we kept the details simple here. 

    Nothing is going to overshadow the wood itself, so you’ll see elegant cabinets and drawers with either log or metal strap handles. You can choose to add a top or not. Fancy some beautiful sinks? Let us know and as long as they aren’t vessels, we can fit them for you to ensure perfect compliance and easy plumbing. The only thing we don’t offer as standard is a colored stain, because why would you cover up that glorious rouge? 

    Free Shipping

    We ship for free within the contiguous United States, as a way of thanking you for choosing American designed and made quality goods. We also give you a lifetime warranty on this particular piece, because we know it can and will stand the test of time and that you’ll never get bored of it. So what are you waiting for? Timeless style awaits and all we need is for you to get in touch with your dimensions!

  • Catering to All Your Bathroom Storage Needs in One

    We know you probably think you’ve seen everything a rustic bathroom vanity unit can do and we get it, but that’s why we decided to create a design that was simple in style but big on the optional extras. Prepare yourself, because you’re about to meet the ultimate bathroom storage unit.

    We thought hard about what people need in the bathroom. Easy to operate storage, surface space, somewhere that’s just for them and some useful little creative touches too. These are the things we came up with and wouldn’t you know that as soon as we had all of these on paper, an idea for a new unit struck. Our Real Hickory Log Bathroom Vanity no less.

    Similar to our Cedar Lake collection, our Real Hickory collection benefits from being entirely made from solid wood construction, with rustic hickory log trims added for gorgeous effect and this rustic vanity itself is chief amongst the entire bathroom catalog. We’ve included all the basics that you should expect from your furniture manufacturer. Solid wood, a choice of finishes, full extension drawer glides that are silky smooth and an open back for easy and fast plumbing. But it’s the optional extras that really tip this design to the next level. 

    Do you want a colored stain or clear? Would you like a thick liquid glass coating? Would you be interested in a concealed tilt-out drawer bin under the sinks? How about an optional chunky top? And what about a matching toilet roll holder? It’s these little touches that demonstrate not only our attention to detail but also gives you an opportunity to scale back on the things you don’t need in your bathroom. Traditionally, they aren’t the most generous spaces in the house, so by employing some clever space-saving techniques, you can get a lot more out of them. While also being able to relax, free from the stress of clutter or unsightly personal hygiene items,

    Naturally, however you decide to spec your new log vanity, it will be shipped with great care and for free, within the contiguous USA and with a staggering, industry-leading 20-year warranty attached. Knowing that this is a piece of rustic furniture that can last so long, you can think more about whether you’d like to add hammered copper sinks, designer faucets and what about a live edge backsplash? Nothing is off limits here, because this is going to be the start of the show in your bathroom for decades to come, so we need it to function above and beyond, while also looking spectacular for the duration of its life. 

    We know that a lot of rustic furniture companies talk a great game about being defined by their customer service standards but we really are. Nothing is too much trouble or a detail so minute that you shouldn’t tell us. We want to know about your room dimensions, your other color choices, your design influences, because that's how we can create something you’ll invest in and love for years to come. about that coordinating toilet roll holder and a liquid glass top finish?

  • Key Furniture Pieces for Rustic Home Design

    You don’t need to own a cabin in the woods or a lodge to know that rustic furniture is charming, gorgeous and homey, but certain pieces carry more weight than others, especially when you’re looking to capture an authentic rustic look. 

    Are you planning to overhaul your home and can’t wait to inject some seriously rustic vibes into your interior design scheme? Then don’t snooze on these seven must-have pieces of rustic furniture that will transform any home into a cozy cabin.

    1. The ultimate farmhouse dining table

    Family memories are made around the dining table and no rustic home is complete without a big, stoic and traditional farmhouse design. You should keep your eyes peeled for something with a thick and chunky top, a trestle base and matching chairs or benches, for the full effect. A live edge version could also work well too, especially in a more contemporary home that wants to balance the rustic touches.

    Our recommendation: The Timber Haven dining set

    2. Bunk beds for the kids

    Nothing says a weekend away in a cabin like rustic timber bunk beds that the kids will fight over! Add some flannel bedding for the ultimate finishing touch too and maybe even some cute little taxidermy trophies for a real woodsy bedroom vibe. 

    3. A media center to focus on

    Given how much time is spent in the living room of snug, it makes sense to make your main piece of furniture rustic in style, if you are trying to bring some heritage charm into play. A rustic media center, designed to perfectly house a television, sound system and all those game consoles will offer an easy focal point that lets you slowly build on the rustic theme in other parts of the space. 

    Our recommendation: The Beaver Creek Aspen Entertainment Center.

    4. Hallway dressers that make a statement

    Busy homes need storage. A lot of storage. One key part of the home is the hallway, where coats, shoes and general items seem to just gather overnight, which is why a large dresser can be a fantastic investment. Even if you have nothing else of a rustic style in the hallway, a large multi-drawer dresser will add plenty of charm, not to mention practicality too. 

    5. A powerful desk in the home office

    A properly rustic home, with an interior design scheme that is really committed to, will always include those weird and often overlooked rooms, like a home office. Instead of simply making do with a flatpack desk, treat yourself and your home to a real statement piece that will last a lifetime. A solid wood rustic desk is an investment in not only your home’s aesthetic but also your productivity. 

    6. The bathroom furniture that speaks for itself

    Rustic bathrooms? Yes! We aren’t talking about old fashioned toilets here, but beautiful solid wood vanity units, laundry cabinets and all those small but detail-orientated accessories, like wooden toilet roll holders. Even in an otherwise fully contemporary bathroom, a well placed hickory log vanity unit will make a splash for all the right reasons.

    Our recommendation: Real Hickory Rustic Bathroom Vanity.

    7. A master bed that has to be seen to be believed

    Finally, for the ultimate rustic home design addition, don’t forget to treat yourself to a gorgeous master log or barn wood bed, made from hand selected logs or timbers, by proud artisans. Look for statement headboards, hidden storage and construction of such high quality that your chosen frame comes with a long warranty. And go as gnarly as you dare with the frame too, because you can always add some softness back in with your choice of bedding. 

    A great way to contrast with otherwise fresh and modern decor, rustic furniture brings all the charm of a traditional cabin into play, but with no sacrifice of creature comforts. Perfect!

  • A Designer Vanity That Makes a Real Splash

    If you are of the opinion that once you’ve seen one log bathroom vanity unit you have, within reason, seen them all, we can wholeheartedly agree. As long as you’re not talking about our Laurel Hollow design that blows all the rest out of the (bath) water!

    We shouldn’t have favorite designs, we know that, but it’s hard to stay objective when we have so much pride in the pieces being created by our artisans. Just one look at our Laurel Hollow multi-colored log vanity unit will be enough to make you understand our predicament, we’re sure. 

    Is a multi-colored wooden rustic vanity unit going to be to everyone’s taste? Of course not, but for those of you that like unique styling and enjoy making a real statement with furniture in surprising places, we know this is going to be the last vanity you ever buy. And not just because it comes with a limited lifetime warranty either!

    As with all of our solid wood vanity designs, you’ll find a seamless blend of style and function here. Just as the exterior looks incredible, thanks to the patchwork-like aesthetic that has been created through an extensive 9-step process, finished by hand, the inner workings are of the highest quality too. After all, why invest in beautifully distressed cedar if your drawer glides don’t work perfectly? And what’s the point in beautiful cabinet doors, if the handles are anything less than organic chunky logs or forged metal straps? Like we said, we have brought quality and beauty together into one harmonious and affordable rustic vanity package. 

    Speaking of packages, we are able to take our customer service to the next level when you choose to install our Laurel Hollow vanity, as we can supply a beautiful sink and your faucet too, cutting the relevant fitment holes for you, so you can simply sit back and have your new bathroom addition plumbed in, in mere minutes. And as you might expect, we don't offer anything less than hammered copper sinks, waterfall faucets or stone vessel sinks, though for vessels, we don’t ever cut holes, as they need to be fitted in situ.

    If you’re looking at our dropdown menus and thinking that none of our regular size options are quite right for your home, don’t let that be the end of your journey with us. We love nothing more than being able to make one of our favorite existing designs in totally bespoke sizes, to allow our customers to never have to compromise. Your home is your castle and no king or queen would ‘make do’ with a log vanity that wasn’t the right size, and neither should you! Simply get in touch today to see how we could make something especially for you. 

    Don’t miss the rest of the Laurel Hollow log furniture range, as once you’ve invested in one piece, we know you’ll start thinking about which of your other living spaces could use a flash of color and artistry. And with free shipping within the US, you might as well combine a few items in one order, to revamp your home in one easy swoop!

  • The Contrast Your Bathroom Is Crying Out For

    Bathroom design tends to focus around matching rustic vanity and suite pieces that capture the right feeling of modernity and convenience but what if you added something back in, to balance the finished vibe? 

    We totally understand the desire for a fresh, clean and contemporary bathroom. There’s no place for anything less than a sparkling and hygienic feel, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go without character and charm. After all, if you’re relaxing in the tub, you might like something gorgeous to look at! That’s why we’ve taken the time to create our Adirondack Hickory Rustic Log Vanity, which combines stunning good looks with a welcome dose of heritage styling and all the practicality that you need too. 

    It’s a tale as old as time. A manufacturer is so intent on making something that looks great that they miss the mark in terms of functionality. Worse still is the other way around, whereby a piece of furniture works well but looks so slap dash that we’re embarrassed for them! You can’t rush perfection and that’s why we invested thought, time and development into our entire Adirondack log furniture range.

    In terms of practicality, we know you’ll enjoy the multiple drawers and storage cabinets. Designed with bathroom essentials and personal items in mind, you can rest easy that everything you could possibly need in the bathroom is to hand, but out of sight, creating an organized and unfussy room. We also give you the opportunity to get really selective about the size of rustic vanity you need, the orientation on where you want your sinks. All of these extra details allow you to get the most bespoke and perfect piece of bathroom furniture possible, without paying a premium for what we simply consider to be good customer service. 

    With your preferences relayed, we can get to making your gorgeous log vanity in our Michigan workshop. Bringing together smooth white cedar with tactile hickory, the contrast of the two woods will intrigue and delight, bringing traditional cabins and lodges to mind. Don’t forget that if you prefer your rustic detailing on the more discreet side, you can select metal strap handles for the drawers and cabinets, instead of small hickory logs and you won’t lose any of the overall charm by doing so. 

    Finally, why not think about the finish you want. This is where your bathroom color scheme will play a huge role, as your wooden vanity unit can either complement or contrast. Either way, it will be the start of the show, so take your time deciding. Thanks to the natural diversity between the two woods, a clear finish would look phenomenal, though the Barnwood Lager is a firm favorite with our customers for good reason. And as a bonus, if you purchase a drop-in sink at the same time, we are happy to cut the requisite hole in the top for you. 

    Shipped for free within the US, our Adirondack Hickory Log vanity comes with a limited lifetime warranty and our promise that you won’t find a better quality or more considered item for your bathroom.

  • Simple Charm for the Smallest Room in the House

    We know not all bathrooms are small, but they are meant to be a spot for a little calm self-indulgence. That’s why we’ve designed a range of rustic furniture pieces that add a rustic ambience and character, without overshadowing the entire space. 

    Just because we decided to keep things a little less dramatic with our Olde Towne log bathroom vanity, it doesn’t mean that it’s any less beautiful or worthy of a place in your home. We just know that though our extra rustic designs are eye-catching, they might not work with a hybrid or more contemporary interior design scheme. We want to be able to offer a wide range of styles, to not only show versatility but also a commitment to our wide-ranging clientele and we think this particular piece is something rather special, even if it is simple. 

    So what makes this log vanity so exceptional? Firstly, all of the Olde Towne range of rustic furniture is made in Michigan, by hand. This allows us to respect the white cedar being used and to give it a little extra love while we fashion it into cherished rustic furniture items. Secondly, we give you the rustic look you want, without going too overboard. You’ll find authentic saw marks, hand carved logs and little age marks on your vanity, all of which lend themselves to the narrative of the piece itself. The finish is smooth to the touch but utterly beguiling to the eyes and with the aesthetics taken care of, we can get down to the all-important issue of personalization.

    You can decide the following, without compromising on the finished look of your new Olde Towne log vanity unit:

    • Size. We offer standard sizes from 24"-72" but always feel free to contact us about something totally bespoke. No dimensions are too awkward.
    • Top. You can have your vanity supplied with or without a top.
    • Sink position. Are you having one or two sinks? Where do they need to be placed? For copper sinks that we supply, we can cut the holes ready for you. Vessel sinks will need to be fitted by a professional and we do not cut holes for them.
    • Finish. We might be huge fans of our proprietary Barnwood Lager stain, which gives the look and feel of genuine barnwood to such an extent that even experts will fail to spot the difference, but we have more to choose from. A clear finish is always offered, if you love the tone and natural look of the white cedar. 
    • Orientation. Tell us where in your bathroom your vanity will be placed and we can make allowances for perfect fitment, at no extra cost to you.
    • Handles. Forged metal strap or log handles? The choice is yours and both are made by artisans. 

    We also have a range of complementary accessories, including log wall mirrors, which can be shipped alongside your vanity. Supplied with a limited lifetime warranty and shipped for free within the US, we know you’ll love this unit forever and can’t wait to talk with you about your order.

  • Artisan Craftsmanship Especially for Your Bathroom

    There’s always a few pieces of rustic furniture that take our breath away. We visualize, design and bring them to life but they still blow us away when we see them in the flesh, which is what happens whenever we see our rustic bathroom vanity units.

    Are there different shades to the rustic aesthetic? We think so. There are lighter, more delicate ways to embrace a little country charm but then there are the unapologetically pared back, unfussy but striking motifs that look as though they have been ripped out of the forest floor and just anchored into a dwelling. Our Westcliffe Pointe Rustic vanity  falls in-between the two. 

    Dark, rugged and texturally fascinating, this is bathroom craftsmanship like you’ve never seen before. And why? Because we have the most talented team in the world, wanting to hand make authentic rustic furniture that loses none of the organic power of the wood being used. That’s why there’s no delicate touch here.

    Circle sawn planks, hand-carved logs, stacked teak wooden bricks, everything comes together to make a tactile and unforgettable centerpiece for any master bath. Yes, it has a certain amount of industrial flavor to it, with metal strap or carved log handles, but would you expect anything less? This is function meeting phenomenal aesthetics in a cloud of creative genius and honestly, we couldn’t love it more. That’s how we know you’ll go crazy for it too, hence we have made allowances for all of our usual customization options. 

    All you need to tell us is how big the space you have to fill is, where it is in your room (between walls, against one wall etc) and we can help you with the rest. One sink or two? Which stain finish takes your fancy? Do you need to adapt the orientation? Have you decided which style of handle you want? Get excited people, because this is a proprietary design from Log Furniture Place, that you can tailor and tweak to your exacting specifications. Unlike so many competitors, we want your input and no request is inconvenient. And for very good reason.

    You need to adore this log vanity unit when it arrives, via free shipping in the US, to your home. Because we will have invested our time, expertise and care to such an extent that we feel confident in giving you a long lasting warranty as standard. There’s no room for error here, because you are going to have this investment piece forever, so let’s take the time to nail down every possible choice, every design nuance and functionality issue. Let’s also think about supplying the sinks, whether vessel or copper, to make it an easier installation for your plumber and how about a log mirror too? 

    With free shipping included, you might want to place a sizable order, to upgrade your bathroom in one go, but we know this can be a big financial investment. With this in mind, we’ve partnered with Bread to offer our customers access to easy, transparent and trustworthy financing packages. There is no obligation but you might find that you can afford those coveted purchases earlier than you thought. 

  • Beauty in the Bathroom

    Not always a natural partnership – the bathroom and beautiful imagery, but after we’ve introduced you to our Rustic Aspen log vanity unit, we think you’ll see the potential for things to get a whole lot more stunning in your most private space!

    If there’s one thing that every bathroom can use it is more storage. Making the most of every nook and cranny in a bathroom is essential, especially in a family home, where everybody has multiple toiletries and personal effects that need to be contained, which is why we created our rustic Aspen vanity that can be tailored in multiple ways. Essentially, we give you an overarching design aesthetic to admire, then a myriad of ways in which to make it utterly perfect for your one-off home.

    First off, we take carefully selected Aspen logs and hand peel them, to reveal the glorious wood beneath. This introduces an instant injection of rustic character and charm to your bathroom storage, but don’t forget to have your input on the following:

    Size – We offer 9 standard sizes to choose from, ranging from 24 to 72” wide. That’s a lot of variation, in order to give you the best chance of a perfect fit.

    Top – Would you like to add a vanity top? We can do that for you. We seal your top with a clear or honey lacquer to protect the wood from water splashes.

    Sink position – Tell us where you are planning to put your sink and we will make the entire process simpler for you.

    Vanity location – This is an important question and one that so many competitors negate to ask! We want to know where your vanity will be placed. Will it be between walls, or freestanding? Perhaps it will sit up next to a closet on one side? This will affect overhangs and as you want a perfect fit, it cannot be ignored! To get things absolutely right, we ask for the measurement between two walls, if that is applicable.

    Log style and finish – Now for some fun! Would you rather have light or dark Aspen logs? With clear or honey lacquer? Now’s the time to tell us so we can build to your exact specifications and deliver to you, free of charge, in ready to use condition.

    Optional extras include a matching mirror and a sink and faucet package, but we only draw your attention to them in case we can make your entire design process simpler. They are not in any way mandatory! You can also get in touch with us to discuss more custom options, such as back and side splashes, accounting for vessel sinks and upgrading individual elements, such as drawer and door handles. None of these items will affect your limited lifetime warranty on your rustic vanity either.

    Designed and made from scratch, right here in the USA, we never ship-in inferior quality rustic furniture. When you order a new rustic or log bathroom vanity from Log Furniture Place, you can rest assured that it has been made in an American workshop, by talented artisans and for your specific requirements.

  • An Organized Bedroom a Day...

    …can keep the doctor away! Well, it can definitely help, if you are able to find the aspirin, rather than calling your practice for an appointment. We also think that no bathroom is truly complete without a functional and beautiful medicine cabinet that adds valuable extra storage to all of that unused wall space!

    The trouble with medicine cabinets is that they so often have little in the way of discernible style and instead, just look perfunctory and contemporary. Dare we even say sterile? That might seem appropriate, but in an otherwise rustic haven of a bathroom, we don’t think that’s the right vibe. With that in mind, we have created our stunning Timber Haven Barnwood Medicine Cabinet.

    Handmade, from rough sawn pine that has been faux aged by our expert craftspeople, you’ll get the look of an antique reclaimed wood medicine cabinet, but without the price tag. We wanted to offer you something striking, but also understated, so while we could have easily gone overboard with the detailing, we opted to keep the front plain, accented with only a hand forged metal handle and coordinating corner trims.

    We think that the rough sawn texture adds in all of the variation that you need, but of course, you can change up the look by choosing a dramatic stain color and we have five ready to select. For the ultimate in reclaimed timber homage, our Antique Barnwood stain is perfect and we think, makes it almost impossible to differentiate from the real thing. We have a serious soft spot for our Honey Amber as well though, as it is the ideal warm golden hue.

    Aside from choosing your stain color, there are just two more elements to decide on – width of the cabinet and which side the hinges need to be affixed to. With two adjustable shelves inside, you’ll have maximum storage potential however you spec your final cabinet, so do consider opting for a wider design, if you have the wall space to spare. All the messy aspects of regular bathrooms can be efficiently stowed away if you make room for toothbrushes, medicines and even toiletries too, leaving you with heavenly clear surfaces and less stress.

    Our favorite elements are the inset mirror, the metal accents and the artistic finish, but we are always happy to tailor. If you take a look at the verified review of this product, you’ll notice that our customer was exceptionally happy, stating that it was,

    “Purchased to coordinate with our new vanity, it is a nice finishing touch to our bathroom. We asked for it to be made without the mirror on the front and it turned out great.”

    From custom sizes to subtle tweaks of our existing design, we want to give you exactly what you want, even in something as small as a rustic bathroom medicine cabinet, so why not get in touch today to discuss your next idea? Nothing is ever too much trouble and we don’t inflate our prices for special orders.

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