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  • 3 Ways Rustic Design Will Spruce Up Your Bathroom

    If you’re looking for ways to change up the look or feel of your bathroom by adding warmth and natural tones, then you’ve come to the right place. These durable, solid wood rustic furniture pieces; will sure spruce up your bathroom, and give you a cozy vibe that will last for years to come.

    1. Beautiful Rustic Bathroom Vanities Built Right

    The Cedar Lake Rustic Log Vanity Collection is the perfect way to spruce up your bathroom. It looks fabulous with  stone, tile or medium to dark wood floors; and the warm, toasty color it provides adds depth to any space no matter what size.

    This rustic vanity piece  is fashioned to form a true, log furniture aesthetic; made from solid Northern White Cedar logs. Each one of which is peeled by hand, a process that leaves some of the cambium layer intact for extra character and individuality. Talk about true craftsmanship.

    1. Rustic Solid Wood Washstands are Making a Comeback

    The Cedar Lake Bathroom line not only can craft and deliver beautiful  natural looking vanities; it also revives some of the classics like this solid wood washstand your great grandpa may have used. Made in the USA, these solid wood counter tops come from real wood and have natural distressing, that really enhances that rustic charm you are looking for!

    They come in various sizes, from 24 - 42” to  48” - 72”.  See below for additional details on each.

    Washstand Configurations

    • 24" - 42" Vanities with Sink Center will have two doors.
    • 36" - 42" Vanities with Sink Left or Right will have drawers on one side and doors below sink.
    1. A Double Duty Magazine and Paper Holder Made for You

    This solid wood double duty toilet paper and magazine holder for the bathroom is perfect for creating a rustic functional area; all while freeing up floor space. For those who enjoy some reading, your magazine and books will be protected by solid natural cedar slabs.

    This piece comes with mounts, so you can securely place it anywhere you would like. Available in a clear finish or honey finish to match your rustic decor and or room.

    Don’t Wait. Get These Looks Today

    Transform your bathroom into the rustic escape you’ve always dreamed of all while taking advantage of some of the best prices online. So don’t wait, our rustic design consultants are standing by. Please give us a call or reach out to us online; we are more than happy to help and answer any questions you may have.

  • Renovation Bathroom

    Rustic Style VanitiesOn a recent episode of a home remodeling show, the contractor was explaining the two rooms that are most likely to sell a home: the bathroom and kitchen. I’m a sucker for a spacious and well-appointed kitchen, so that room came as no shock to me. But…the bathroom? It’s a space that is necessary, but not one that I would give extra attention to in plans for remodeling.

    At the conclusion of that show, I ventured into my master bathroom and took a look around. Instantly I hung my head as I realized it was more “before” quality than “after”. I knew it was time for a little renovation.

    As I contemplated a plan of attack for the bathroom, I decided that the changes would be mostly cosmetic. The size and layout were more than functional, it was just the appearance that was dull and outdated. New paint, vanity, fixtures and wall décor would be just the trick.

    Over the years, we have become fans of the rustic style. As a result, every time we purchase new furniture for our home we buy quality reclaimed wood pieces. Our search led us to the Reclaimed Barnwood Barn Door Vanity custom built out of solid wood to our specifications then shipped direct to our door. The process was so easy; the builder sent us a sheet that walked us through how to take the correct measurements, we did so and emailed them back in, and our beautiful vanity showed up about six months later, ready for installation. A truly effortless experience.

    I’m proud to say that now our bathroom is HGTV-worthy. I no longer cringe when I watch the beautiful bathrooms flash across my TV screen. In fact, I’m so proud of our “after”, I’m already making plans to do a renovation project on the kitchen. Next up: reclaimed barnwood cabinets!

  • Hidey Hole

    Clothes Hampers for the bathroomI have a house full of boys. My husband, two sons, one boy dog and soon to be two boy dogs. Suffice it to say I have a lot of energy, noise and dirt running rampant through my days. Hide and seek, wrestling, foot races (in AND outside the house), climbing and jumping are just some of the daily activities that challenge my poor mommy heart.

    My husband thinks it’s great fun to play hide-and-seek with the boys. And with the dog. Even though it’s a nightly occurrence, the dog always gets so panicked that I’m afraid that his little doggy heart is going to give out. He can’t stand not knowing where all his family members are at any given moment. He’s also not a fan of us hanging out in different areas in the house. It’s unsettling to him, as he trots from room to room, as if to make sure we are all safe and sound.

    Imagine the canine concern of poor Blaze the night one of the boys hid in the barnwood toy box in his room. Those little goofballs are still small enough they can stash themselves in some pretty amazing places. How he got in there is still beyond me…but he certainly did. The dog ran frantically from room to room, trying to detect the fourth human in the house. His tongue lolled out and his eyes bugged from his little terrier head. I guess he missed the sounds of uncontrolled giggling coming from inside the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Clothes Hamper.

    Eventually I had to help Blaze out, for fear we’d have to cart him in to the emergency vet clinic for a panic attack. As I dumped the boy out of his hidey hole, Blaze licked him once then turned in disgust to leave the room. It was as if he knew the joke was on him in that moment.

    I may live in a house full of loud & noisy boys, but there is never a dull moment. For me or the dog.

  • Get Better Bathroom Storage with Rugged Barnwood Furniture

    Linen Closets that will Fit the Rustic BedroomEven in large bathrooms, storage can be a challenge. Towels, sheets, curtains and other linens are all fighting for space, and before you know it, your closets are overflowing with hopelessly jumbled messes. The Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Linen Closet expands the available storage and helps you regain control of the clutter before it takes over your bathroom. It’s an eye-catching piece of wood furniture built to highlight all the unique characteristics of barnwood that give it a special flair.

    Furniture in the Wyoming collection features both naturally weathered barnwood and regional hardwoods to create finished pieces with personality. Each barnwood plank has been exposed to the elements for at least ten years and has the distinctive color variations and grain patterns to prove it. Barnwood ranges in color from light gray to rusty orange and displays a whole rainbow of shades in between. Unique knot designs make barnwood furniture even more interesting to look at.

    From a functional perspective, the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Linen Closet has a lot to offer. Two doors conceal a total of four shelves that divide the unit into six cubbies, and these are just right for storing your best towels and other home linens. Everything is easily accessible when you place the piece in the corner of the family bathroom or make it part of the design of your master suite. It’s also great for organizing personal care items, extra rolls of toilet paper and hair styling tools.

    Barnwood boards line the doors and frame the side paneling in this rugged storage closet. Corner beams span the entire 72-inch height to function both as legs and as supports. Attractive staked boards create a stepped edge at the top for a rustic accent that complements other cabin decor. Add the perfect final touch with bronze oval, faux antler or tooled leather door hardware. The choice of a left- or right-side door hinge makes it easy to fit the piece into the layout of your bathroom in whatever way is most convenient. Thanks to the longevity of barnwood, you’ll have reliable storage for many years to come.

  • Rustic Decor in Unexpected Places

    Bathroom Vanities with a Rustic StyleThink about your morning routine. Do you roll out of bed and head straight for the coffee maker, or do you hit the bathroom first for an invigorating shower? Do you spend some time in front of the mirror shaving or putting on makeup to get yourself ready for the day? Whatever you do when you wake up in the morning, chances are it involves at least a bit of time spent in the bathroom. And when evening rolls around, there are teeth to be brushed and perhaps a nighttime beauty regimen to complete.

    All of this adds up to an appreciable amount of time spent in your bathroom from day to day. With this in mind, doesn’t it make sense that the bathroom should be just as beautiful and enjoyable to be in as the rest of your home? By introducing log furniture such as the Aspen Lodge Aspen Log Vanity, you can take your routine-oriented bathroom and give it a rugged woodland flair. Each aspen log used in the piece is hand-picked for its unique character and attractive appearance. Hand-peeling and kiln drying ensure both beauty and stability in the finished vanity, while knots, elk chew, insect tracks and other natural accents make every piece one-of-a-kind. Add an optional solid wood top with a wet-look liquid glass application for extra durability and an eye-catching finish.

    With six sizes ranging from 36” to 72”, the Aspen Lodge vanity gives you a lot of options when it comes to space. Whether you’re working with a small bathroom in a summer cabin or want to deck out the master suite in your rambling Western lodge, you’re sure to find a layout that works just right. Smaller sizes feature a centered sink above a door and faux drawers. Large sizes let you choose left or right sink placement or go with dual sinks, each with different configurations of doors and faux or working drawers. Clear finish preserves the beauty of the piece, giving you something to look forward to each time you enter the bathroom.

  • Rustic Décor Makes a Relaxing Bathroom

    These medicine cabinets keep things where they belongWhen planning a new design for your bathroom or master suite, incorporating rustic décor isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. But if you live in a lodge or cabin, or you simply like the atmosphere that log furniture brings to a room, it makes perfect sense. The look and feel of natural wood pieces is perfect for the rest of your home, so why not the bathroom as well? As practical as it may be, the bathroom is also meant to be relaxing.

    You may not take much notice of décor as you’re zipping through your morning routine before work, but on those days when you have time to kick back, the overall atmosphere of the bathroom suddenly becomes important. Rustic décor is much more laid back than most of the modern, clinical bathroom designs out there today, and the Cedar Lake Logger Medicine Cabinet is a good example of that. Combining useful storage space with the attractive look of log furniture, this medicine cabinet gives you a place to keep everyday toiletries while bringing the unique look of cedar to your bathroom.

    White cedar logs take on a special personality when they’re hand-peeled. Dark strips of inner bark are left behind as a contrast to the bright cedar wood while natural twists, knots, burls and insect tracks are revealed as an integral part of the design. Clear finish preserves these characteristics while protecting your medicine cabinet from potential water damage. If you have something a bit more rugged in mind for your bathroom décor, go with the honey pine finish for an aged look. Either option looks great in the bathroom whether the cabinet is your first rustic piece or the crowning touch for a full cabin-style bathroom.

    When you use log furniture in your bathroom, you change the atmosphere from basic and bland to bold and fun. A log medicine cabinet combines necessity with beauty for an accessory that’s useful and unique whether you’re rushing through a hectic morning or relaxing at the end of the day.

  • Rustic Décor Makes Bathrooms Cozy

    Medicine cabinets like these are both useful and decorativeA bathroom can be a plain, functional room that you use only for the basics of everyday cleanliness. You may rush through a shower and other quick cosmetic routines in the morning without thinking much about your surroundings. The necessity of getting to work on time or getting an early start to the day’s chores can make bathroom décor a secondary consideration.

    On the other hand, your bathroom can also be a calming, comfortable place to wind down after spending a long day hard at work. A nice relaxing bath or even a dip in the hot tub of your master suite means spending more time in the bathroom, and therefore requires attention to details. Fortunately for lovers of rustic décor, there are pieces like the Cedar Lake Log Medicine Cabinet. White cedar logs are used to construct a finished cabinet that appeals to aestheticism as well as practicality. On the outside, you get the beauty of hand-peeled cedar. Inside, there are two shelves for storing all your daily bathroom necessities.

    The hand-peeling process leaves a unique pattern of light and dark coloration on each log. The Cedar Lake cabinet is edged with these logs, giving it a rugged appearance accented by the special natural character only found in log furniture. If you have other log pieces in your home, this cabinet will fit right in. If you don’t, it’s a great place to start when considering rustic décor. Clear finish preserves the color variations from hand-peeling, but a darker honey finish may be applied for an aged look.

    If you’re more focused on making your bathroom functional, you won’t be disappointed by the Cedar Lake cabinet. The interior shelves are perfect for storing a variety of toiletries from shampoo to cologne to extra bars of soap. And of course the mirrored door comes in handy when you’re getting ready to go to work in the morning or out in the evening. This cabinet combines the natural beauty of the outdoors with everyday functionality, making it a great accessory for any bathroom.

  • A Rustic Touch to Bathroom Organization

    Where do you keep your hair dryer? If you’re like most people, it has a place on the bathroom counter or in a linen closet. The cord gets wrapped around it for storage and its only a matter of time before it becomes a hopelessly tangled mess. Worse, someone leaves it unwound, sprawled across the counter or dangling on the floor, waiting to trip up the rest of the family.

    Even though these are little annoyances, there’s no reason to keep dealing with them. The Village Wrought Iron company produces a variety of beautiful home accessories, including the Leaf Fan Hair Dryer Rack. It’s a handy bathroom accessory that holds more than just one styling appliance. Imagine being able to have your hair dryer, curling iron, and straightening iron all in one place, without having to tackle cluttered cabinets or tangled cords.

    Having a rack to keep your hair dryer and other small bathroom appliances organized is a lot safer than having them sitting around on the counter. You never want to have to deal with anything electric falling into the bathtub or sink. As the name suggests, a rack from Village Wrought Iron is reliably crafted from wrought iron, covered with a baked on black powder coating. The leaf motif appears on many other products from the same company, so you can keep your bathroom coordinated in addition to being organized. You can add to your bathroom with a towel bar or light switch cover to stay with the leaf theme, or mix and match with other wrought-iron accessories.

    If you already enjoy log furniture, rustic décor for other parts of your home is the natural next step. The sturdiness of wrought iron complements the rugged appearance of wood furniture. Including the Leaf Fan Hair Dryer Rack and other accents in the bathroom not only helps with organization, but also creates a cohesive atmosphere throughout the house. So you can keep your hair dryer and other accessories safe and neat while improving the look of your home as a whole.

  • Creating Unique Bathroom Beauty

    Make sure you bathroom vanities match the theme!Unlike formal dining rooms, dens, and guest rooms, bathrooms are an essential part of every house. Whether full or half, master suite or freestanding, a bathroom is something that everyone needs. Perhaps because of its ubiquitous nature, the bathroom is often thought of more for function than for form. But with a little creativity, even this everyday room can be transformed into a beautiful space.

    If you like cottage furniture, it may seem almost intuitive to place it in other areas of the house. Living rooms and patios look especially good with a few rugged pieces here and there. Full sets of log furniture can create a whole new home style. But rustic décor in the bathroom? It can be done, and to good effect.

    Bathtubs, sinks, and toilets are, of course, the most basic trappings of a bathroom. But one thing that many people need and don’t often have enough of is counter space. When you consider your morning routine, it’s probably no surprise to find that a great deal of it involves needing several necessary items close at hand. Adding something like the Cottage 5ft. Log Vanity to your bathroom offers two things: handy space for those important items and a  rustic styled cottage decor that most people wouldn’t expect to see in a bathroom.

    The particular look of this vanity is achieved with peeled Northern White Cedar logs. The process of hand-peeling wood for log furniture leaves spots of the dark inner part of the bark on the completed piece. Rather than looking unfinished or dirty, these bits of color enhance the appearance of the furniture, adding a touch of unexpected beauty.

    Though the Cottage Vanity doesn’t include a sink, you can take the rustic look a step further by adding one made of pounded copper. The deep, gleaming color of the copper accents the natural wood shades of the piece, creating a beautiful overall effect. With a vanity like this, you can go about your morning routine surrounded by colors and accents that invoke a feeling of the great outdoors rather than purely fundamental function.

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