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  • Luxury That Whispers

    There’s a time and place for incredible furniture designs that take center stage in any room. We know, because we have created plenty of them! But one room that can afford more understated luxury is the bathroom. Think about it for a minute and you’ll agree.

    You’ve had a long day and all you want to do is run a bath and relax. Do you need a glitzy, focus-grabbing bathroom suite demanding your attention? No! You need timeless elegance that offers up a stunning backdrop for a bubbly soak! What’s more, you need plenty of storage, so all the mess that a family seems to make can be deftly organized and hidden away, out of sight. Cue our Reclaimed Barn Wood Linen Closet!

    When you want to combine a love of rustic design with practicality, in your bathroom, a rustic linen closet is absolutely the way to go. With two interior shelves, which are adjustable, a multitude of size and orientation options and a finish suitable for increased moisture and humidity, we know you’re going to love how our closet whispers of insinuated design luxury, rather than needing to yell.

    Called Back to the Barn, this particular design takes full advantage of our extensive timber selection process. Where competitors might simply claim to use reclaimed wood, we take the time to source timber with a minimum of 100 years of history and we look for those interesting colors and patinas. Why do we invest so much time? Because it allows us to create pieces like this one, with natural variances in color making for unique and beautiful designs. We don’t stain our reclaimed timber closet, instead, we let the organic warmth of each plank shine through a protective clear lacquer, because who is a better artist than Mother Nature herself?

    Although the artistic elements have been taken care of, we still want you to get involved with the creation of your new rustic linen closet, which is why we offer such a wide variety of customizeable options, including:

    Width – Choose from eight widths, ranging from 18” to 42”. We think this range gives you the best chance of finding a size that will work well for your bathroom.

    Height – Need a little extra height? We have three options to choose from.

    Orientation – We always ask where you plan to place your closet, in case we need to make allowances for walls, rustic bathroom vanity units or anything else. The lip on the top, for example, needs to be considered and we go the extra mile to ensure a snug fit.

    Hinges – This might seem like a small issue but changing which side your hinges are on can be an unnecessary hassle, which we remove for you. Whichever way you want your doors to open we are pleased to facilitate you.

    The wood we use already has a lifetime of American character and we know that you’ll love your linen closet forever, so we ship with a lifetime warranty in place. It’s just another thing we take care of that will help you to relax and unwind.

  • Lock Up Your Linens

    When was the last time you looked at a linen closet in somebody’s bathroom and felt really envious? We are willing to bet that it’s an infrequent occurrence, if it has ever happened at all, but guests in your home will be faced with that exact dilemma, if you treat yourself to our Reclaimed Barn Wood Linen Closet. And we don’t make that claim lightly!

    Let’s say that you’ve not really seen much point in investing in a beautiful rustic linen cupboard before. We are going to change that now with a few good reasons:

    Extend your linen lifespans – You deserve a little luxury in life and when it comes to towels and robes, there’s no point buying bargain basement. We all know this and so does our skin! By investing in a proper linen closet, you can maximize the chances of keeping your bathroom essentials clean, dry and fluffy.

    Take advantage of wasted space – If you have a corner that goes unused but isn’t big enough for an extra rustic vanity or a dresser, this could be the perfect solution. You’ll get access to ample amounts of extra storage, helping to declutter the wider room, plus you won’t need to sacrifice any valuable floor area.

    Finish the room – If you’ve plumped for a stunning rustic vanity, don’t just leave it there. Add a matching rustic linen closet to complete the gorgeous aesthetic you’ve cultivated and really lean in with some extra accessories. A coordinated mirror is a good start.

    So, now that you can see just how valuable a rustic linen closet could be, let’s discuss the options you have. We have seven standard widths to choose from, as well as three heights. From here you can choose which side your hinges are attached to and you can also let us know where your new closet will be placed. Freestanding, between walls or next to a vanity – all of these will have a slight impact on how we finish your piece. Naturally, we have plenty of scope to create something entirely custom for you, so if the aesthetic of this closet is absolutely perfect for you, but none of the measurements are, let’s talk about turning your dream dimensions into reality!

    Made to order, by hand, from tobacco barn timber with hundreds of years of heritage, these rustic linen closets are not like any other. We still give you all the practicality you need, with three integrated shelves, a clear protective finish and metal handles, but with an extra soupcon of exclusivity that only genuine barn wood can bring to a design. No two linen closets can ever be identical, even if they are made from sister wood planks and if that isn’t enough to cause serious envy in your house guests, we don’t know what will!

    Shipped for free and with an industry-leading lifetime warranty in place, you only need to make the excellent decision to buy, once. After that, it’s just a case of waiting for the green-eyed compliments to pour in!

  • Scrubs Up Beautifully

    Excuse the colloquialism, but you can’t deny that our Reclaimed Barn Wood Vanity is a gorgeous looking piece of bathroom furniture! So often the most overlooked space in the home, bathrooms deserve just as many eye-catching designs and thoughtful touches as anywhere else, which is why we made it our mission to create covetable pieces that will drive your guests wild with envy.

    We know that your first thought is most likely that barn wood, as in wood from a barn, which has been reclaimed and is old, surely can’t be the best material to use, but that’s where you would be, understandably, wrong!

    Firstly, be reassured that we hand select our reclaimed timber according to verifiable age (a minimum of 100 years), beauty and strength. Nail marks and saw impressions? They just make for some beautiful patina, what we are really looking for is a batch of characterful heritage timber that will be able to stand the test of time for more generations to come. If it can withstand rain and differing temperatures, your bathroom will be no challenge at all! Now that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the design features that we know you’ll love.

    It would have been so easy to put regular metal hinges and catches in place, but when we were designing this vanity, we were cognizant of wanting to pay homage to the farmers that worked hard to maintain their barns. With them in mind, we have opted for subtle arched detailing throughout, as well as more traditional wooden hinges. We’ve also recreated those iconic sliding metal catches for the four cupboard doors, for an extra rustic touch. Need a sink? We can add a hammered copper one to your order for you and think your bathroom dimensions will pose a problem? We don’t!

    As standard, we offer you a choice of four widths, but we are always happy to accommodate something more bespoke. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be paying twice the price either – custom does not equal costly! It just means that you need some extra attention, which we are happy to offer. You can have a top or choose to go without and we always ask where your new item will be placed, so we can make adjustments for you. Between two walls? Not an issue. Freestanding? That’s just fine by us too, as are any adjacent rustic linen closets. The really impressive elements, other than our design team’s creativity and our craftspeople (obviously) are the protections we put in place for you.

    While your rustic bathroom vanity might contain anything from knots to nail marks and even the occasional bullet hole (seriously!), we don’t want it to contain damage, so we finish it with a protective clear lacquer. You won’t be able to see that it’s there, but you’ll have peace of mind. That’s where our other form of protection comes in as well, because we ship this beautiful vanity to you, free of charge in relevant states, with a lifetime warranty. It’s one thing to claim that furniture will last a lifetime, but another to stand behind the words and here at Log Furniture Place, our word is as strong as oak.

  • Get the Look for Less

    We consider ourselves experts when it comes to creating gorgeous rustic furniture from reclaimed barn wood, but we also recognize that as lovely as the material is, it comes with a price. A large one, usually. It’s not something that can be helped, as every piece of timber has to be verified as being at least 100 years old, inspected  and hand selected for particular projects, all of which has an impact on cost, but we don’t want you to miss out on the aesthetic you love.

    With cost versus looks in mind, we have created a range of rustic barnwood furniture pieces that mimic the aesthetic, feel and vibe of reclaimed timber so accurately that even we have to look twice (sometimes three times!). Our Timber Haven Rustic Barn Wood Vanity is a shining star in the collection.

    Made from rough sawn, high quality pine, our solid wood vanity has been expertly ‘aged’, to give a more antique finish. Keeping rough sawn marks in place, adding a quality stain and hand applying another finish complements the design with clever touches that seem to add to the authenticity.  Rather than overshadowing a bad patina effect, we have created a barnwood vanity that is budget friendly. Don’t mistake this as being a compromise though! The material used might be newer, but our trademark quality remains the same (with a limited lifetime warranty supplied to prove it), as does your ability to customize.

    Your input is vital when it comes to choosing the right size, top finish, sink orientation and position, stain color and coordinating extras. Do you love the look of the barn wood vanity with a unique stone sink sat on top? We can supply that sink for you, complete with faucet as a handy all-in-one package. What’s more, the stone sinks are all unique, so no two finished vanity units are ever identical. How’s that for not compromising? Perhaps you prefer the opulence of hammered copper? We have a sink and faucet package for that too, plus the option to add a matching faux barn wood mirror.

    We know that renovating or updating a home is a long, sometimes arduous and nearly always expensive undertaking, which is why we strive to make everything as simple as possible. We ship for free, with your new furniture packaged securely for your peace of mind. We give you an amazing warranty. We invite you to choose from a huge range of sizes and finishes, to help you get the best match for your home and are always keen to talk about fully bespoke ideas too. Most of all, we want you to have access to the aesthetic you want, without fear of compromise, but always within budget and that’s what we think we’ve achieved here, with the Holy Grail of barn wood bathroom vanities.

    Take a look at the wider Timber Haven range, to see if you might like to take advantage of our free shipping, to add a little rustic flair to other rooms in your home. We defy your guests to be able to tell that you haven’t splashed out on a wealth of genuine barn wood and we won’t tell them if you don’t!

  • Added Wow Factor For Your Bathroom

    A vanity unit is just handy storage for your bathroom and where your sink gets mounted, isn’t it? Maybe in the old days, before gorgeous design and functionality could be partnered perfectly, but today, we  are going to show you just what is possible when you become a Log Furniture Place customer!

    If you have a cabin, lodge or rustic home to decorate, you’ll already know how difficult it can be to find genuinely in-keeping pieces that don’t simply look like novelty items. Stick a bit of faux bark on there or stain some cheap pine and who will know the difference? WE WILL and so will you!

    We know that you can tell authentic craftsmanship from mass-produced diluted designs, which is why our Woodland Forest Rustic Vanity has proved to be so popular. Finished with intricate hand carved tree motifs, this Michigan-made Northern White Cedar beauty is a masterclass in how to amplify your rustic design ideologies, while staying true to a functional need at the same time. You can really make it your own as well, by having an input in the following:

    • We offer our rustic vanity in different widths but are always happy to talk about custom dimensions. Don’t let an awkward space be a stumbling block to your dream piece of furniture!
    • If you want to add a matching wooden top to your log vanity, we can make that happen with just one click of a drop-down menu.
    • Sink position. Wherever you are planning to add your sink, we can help with placement and accommodation.
    • Northern White Cedar is a fantastic wood that can either work alone, with just a clear finish, or take on other hues through darker, richer stains. We offer a choice of five, covering the full spectrum.
    • Tell us where your rustic vanity unit will be placed in your bathroom and we can adapt accordingly. This is an extra touch that few competitors consider, but we are always mindful to know what potential neighboring furniture or walls there will be to contend with.
    • Handle style. Whether you choose forged metal strap handles or our log option, the end result will be stunning and, more importantly, yours.

    We also offer sink and faucet packages that work so well with the woodland Forest vanity unit. Our personal preference is the stone sink, which adds such an incredible extra nuance of rustic styling, but our copper sink is elegance itself and radiates a vibrant warm ambiance into your space, so this will be one of the harder decisions you have to make!

    Shipped for free and available to buy through an easy and transparent financing agreement with Bread, our showstopping Woodland Forest bathroom vanity is a must-have for any rustic aficionados.

    Please note that due to the hand carved elements, we ask for a few weeks from the point of order confirmation to complete your rustic log vanity build. We promise it will be worth the wait though and if you don’t believe us, take a look at the verified review on our product page for some extra reassurance!

  • Guaranteed to Last a Lifetime

    It’s one thing to be able to design beautiful furniture that people all over the world want in their homes. It’s quite another to be able to craft them to such high standards that they are supplied with a lifetime warranty, as standard. Are we making a humble brag about our craftspeople? Absolutely, because our Timber Frame Barn Wood Vanity looks as good as it functions and won’t need replacing!

    Not all rustic bathroom vanities are created equal, but with genuine barn wood, inspired design and considered touches, ours are certainly in the upper echelons. Don’t just take our word for it though! Our countless five-star reviews, all from verified buyers, say so much more than we ever could about customer satisfaction, so how about we stick to telling you how we designed this to be the ultimate bathroom addition?

    Features to love

    Functionality is key, so we were sure to include the follow:

    • Full extension roller bearing drawer glides for smooth operation and easy access to the full storage capacity of your drawers
    • Clear matte lacquer finish to protect your antique wood from water and humidity in your bathroom, without affecting the natural beauty of the timber itself
    • Splashes for protecting walls and adjacent closets

    Having accounted for all the usual needs and potential issues that a bathroom vanity needs to tackle, our designers turned their attention to the all-important aesthetic element. We’d love to take all the credit for the inherently stunning finish of this vanity unit, but we can’t. Using genuine reclaimed timber, aged for a minimum of 100 years, means that the wood exudes so much organic beauty that simply joining a few pieces together will always guarantee a gorgeous result. We like to think that we’ve added in some particular features that amplify the special nature of the wood though.

    Respecting the material

    We take the time to source only the best reclaimed barn wood timber, rescued from torn down barns throughout the USA. With a minimum of 100 years of history coursing through every grain, the wood is full of character, with nail holes, scuffs and general wear all on show and we cover none of them up. Perfection is not the name of the game here, authenticity is, which in itself, creates a perfectly stunning item of furniture that you’ll cherish for years to come.

    A lifetime investment

    We make sure that there will be no stumbling blocks to your continued use and enjoyment either, by offering you a vast number of customizable options. We give you multiple standard sizes to select from, though bespoke orders are always possible, then we get into the nitty gritty. Do you want to add a matching barn wood top? Where are you planning to mount your sink? Is your rustic vanity destined to be freestanding, or joining a wall or linen closet? All of these elements have an impact on your finished design and the more we know, the better the end result. You’re going to be keeping this reclaimed vanity unit for the rest of your life, so indulge us while we ask a few questions and in return, we will ship for free and with full confidence that another five-star review is coming our way in return.

  • Step Back in Time

    There’s a time and a place for contemporary design and we have a genuine affinity for it, but when it comes to keeping your bathroom interior more classic, you can’t go wrong with some well-placed reclaimed barn wood vanities.

    We know what you’re thinking: reclaimed wood, in the bathroom? The wettest and most humid room in the house, surely, isn’t a space for antique wood, but we assure you that it can be, should be and at the end of the day, adds a new level of luxury and considered design to your most private space. What’s more, our Reclaimed Barn Wood Barn Door Vanity focuses on using recognizable tropes from rural America, to inject your home with all the heritage that you can dream of.

    An aesthetic to love

    Starting with the look of this reclaimed vanity unit, you can’t deny that it’s a stunner. Stoic, eye-catching and yet, understated enough to not overshadow a wider theme. You can see that it’s built to last, plus the 20-year warranty gives you added peace of mind on that score, but it also has a naturally tactile air to it. Don’t you want to just reach out and touch the aged timber, to get a feel for what it has seen and how it has become so characterful? We know you do, which is why every piece of reclaimed timber is not only hand selected, but also verified as being at least 100 years old. Not many companies can say the same

    You’ll find nail holes, saw marks and all manner of marks on our rustic vanities, but they never detract from the beauty of the finished piece, they simply add authentic individuality, which is essential in today’s world of identical flat pack furniture. We think you’ll really enjoy the added twist in this particular piece, where we have mimicked the barn doors of old in the cupboard door styling, with a simple yet impactful ‘X’ motif.

    Options aplenty

    You might love this antique rustic bathroom vanity, but if you have particular dimensions to account for, we bet you’re worrying that you can’t make something like this work for you. Think again! We specialize in designing timeless furniture for every room in your home, while combining traditional aesthetics with modern production capabilities. We can accommodate a huge variety of specific needs and even if our standard options aren’t quite perfect for you and your home, we are always happy to open a dialogue about something bespoke.

    You can choose from a number of sizes, add a top or go without, choose where your sink or sinks will be placed and then tell us where the vanity unit will be placed, to allow for perfect integration. Want to add a matching mirror and a copper sink? Go right ahead, we want to make the whole process as easy as possible for you.

    Shipped for free and supplied with a protective clear lacquer, we knew there was just one more element to consider and that was financing. Fitting out a bathroom can be an expensive endeavor, which is why we have partnered with Bread, to offer transparent small print-free financing options. Take a look and see how small your repayments could be on the vanity unit of your dreams!

  • A Little Vanity Won't Do You Any Harm

    We’re not talking about ego here, although you’d be absolutely forgiven for getting a slightly bigger head when everybody compliments you on your new rustic bathroom furniture. One of our most popular items, our Weathered Wood Bathroom Vanity gives you a huge range of options to choose from, in order to invest in the absolutely perfect finishing touch to the littlest room in the house.

    Wow factor furniture

    Gone are the days when wood furniture and bathrooms weren’t thought to be a good mix and thank goodness for that! So many people must have been missing out on stunning installations, just because of unsupported fears of warping and water damage! You don’t have to though, with our wood vanity that gives you access to ample storage, a stylish sink display and, most shockingly of all, a 20-year warranty!

    Let’s say you’ve always fancied a rustic vanity in your bathroom. We bet that you’ve struggled to find one with the exact finish that you like, with the right orientation for your sink and with the ideal dimensions. Well, look no further, because if you can see it in our weathered wood vanity unit, you can probably customize it!

    Making it your own

    We aren’t simply paying lip service to exemplar customer service when we say that you can choose from a host of options for nearly every facet of your rustic bathroom vanity unit – we mean it! Staring with the size. You have 9 options to choose from when it comes to just the size and you can even get in touch with us to discuss a totally bespoke set of dimensions as well. From here, you can choose to add a top of not, where to put your sink, which finish you want and the overall orientation.

    Sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? It would take too long to work out how many potential configurations we have to offer, but just know that whether you’re looking for a log or rustic vanity to sit between two walls, to be free-standing, to come with a sink and faucet package or not, we can and will be happy to help.

    Standing behind our craftsmen

    Our team comprises of masters in their field, which is why we can offer a 20-year warranty with our barn door style vanity unit. We know that you’ll be opening those cabinets daily, pulling the drawers out to their full capacity constantly and using every inch of your counter space, if you add a top, and we still feel confident in offering you an almost lifetime guarantee, because out work is that good.

    We design for purpose, build with love and deliver for free, within the 48 contiguous states. It’s a formula that has worked for us since our inception and we don’t want to alter it now. With Log Furniture Place, you can find the furniture of your dreams, personalize it and enjoy lightning fast completion times. That’s a promise that will last even longer than your warranty!

  • Lavish Your Linens With Luxury

    A beautiful bathroom, regardless of how perfectly it has been designed, can always use just a little more storage, especially when it comes to linens. We all seem to underestimate how many towels, toiletries and other items we own that don’t need to be out on display, but bringing together a stylish room vision with practical storage furniture has often seemed like an impossible task. Until now.

    Beauty and brains

    We might be a little biased, but we think that when it comes to log linen closet designs, we have scored a home run with our Real Cedar Log Cabin Linen Closet. Available in a range of widths, heights, depths and even orientations, this rustic linen closet is always a custom commission, allowing you to get something that not only fits with your décor, but snugly tucks into a designated spot as well.

    If you’re thinking that you love the look and the custom options sound good, but what you really want to be able to do is dictate how many drawers you have, or if there is a cupboard instead of drawers, no problem. We specialize in creating stunning designs that you can use as a jumping off point for bringing your dream furniture to life and we don’t disappoint. Give us as much information as you can during the ordering process and we can tailor your cedar linen closet perfectly, so that every towel, flannel and collection of toiletries is stored away safely, but always within reach. We like to think we are in a small minority of companies that are so determined to combine functionality and style so elegantly.

    Unique, every time

    We’ve lost count of how many log towel closets we have built but we can tell you one thing – no two have ever been identical. It’s not just about the configurations that our wonderful customers choose either, despite the options being limitless, as the use of real solid wood always throws an element of organic distinction into play.

    Tactile, beautiful and with that distinctive scent that only cedar has, our solid wood linen closets are a fantastic example of why we love our materials so much. Natural inflections in the grain, coupled with your choice of finish, ranging from clear or Honey through to Vintage Whiskey, makes every surface an eye-catching addition to your bathroom and there are matching items available, to further bolster your aesthetic.

    Endless possibilities

    If you’re anything like us, you’ll be looking at this linen closet and thinking that it wouldn’t look out of place in other rooms of the house. We agree and could easily see it becoming a handsome log pantry in a kitchen or even a linen cupboard for a bedroom. Don’t let us sway you about positioning, just because we designed it for a bathroom!

    If you’re on the edge and still need a little more reassurance about our commitment to quality, design and you, our customers, take a look at the product reviews from confirmed independent buyers. We don’t like to brag but it’s hard to stay too humble when you’ve read them!

  • Character and Craftsmanship - Together at Last

    There’s an art to creating real log furniture that manages to showcase the natural beauty of the wood being used and demonstrate finesse at the same time. It’s all about identifying the best way to create harmony between ideas, needs and materials – something we think that our Real Cedar Log Cabin Vanity has managed perfectly.=

    Beautiful bathrooms await

    We know that you shouldn’t have a least favorite room to decorate but it does seem as though a lot of us lavish less attention on our bathrooms than anywhere else. Why? Probably because suite items feel less creatively inspiring than say sumptuous sofas and decadent dining tables. This can all be a thing of the past, now that real log vanity units can add instant character, charm and design grandeur to your bathroom.

    Made from solid cedar, not veneer, our vanity unit makes for a sturdy and striking addition to any space, complete with thick top and carefully considered storage options below. Multiple customizable options allow you to take our design and make it perfect for your home and being made right here in the USA, your unique piece of furniture should be ready to ship within just 4-6 weeks.

    The choice is yours

    You’d be forgiven for assuming that a rustic vanity would be at the mercy of the materials being used, in terms of size, orientation and finished aesthetic, but in reality, we are experts at sourcing the right wood for every job. No longer will you need to compromise on your furniture selections, just because you want your rustic vanity to sit perfectly between two walls – we can make that happen! Freestanding and one-wall adjacent options are also no problem.

    Now let’s talk about finish and accessories. If you choose to buy your faucet and sink for us, we will happily cut the right holes in your specified spots, making installation that much easier and the finish? That’s up to you as well.

    A rustic cedar vanity, left completely natural, might be wonderful to one person and not quite right for the next, which is why we offer you the choice of three finishes: clear, Honey and Vintage Whiskey. Ranging from a pale and creamy look through to warm and even antique, your vanity can be as tailored to your home as every other design element that you’ve chosen personally.

    Priceless peace of mind

    We know what you’re thinking; a log bathroom vanity sounds great and they certainly look good, but water and wood? Can they ever really live together in harmony? The answer is yes, when the wood has been treated properly and the furniture built by experts. We know that our pieces will last you forever, literally, which is why we offer a lifetime guarantee.

    We want to you to enjoy every part of the ordering process, which is why our easy-to-use drop-down menus let you customize your selection, before taking advantage of our free shipping service that will deliver your one-off vanity safely. Be warned though: once you’ve bought from us once, you’ll find it hard to resist adding to your collection with some matching items!

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