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  • A Rustic Touch to Bathroom Organization

    Where do you keep your hair dryer? If you’re like most people, it has a place on the bathroom counter or in a linen closet. The cord gets wrapped around it for storage and its only a matter of time before it becomes a hopelessly tangled mess. Worse, someone leaves it unwound, sprawled across the counter or dangling on the floor, waiting to trip up the rest of the family.

    Even though these are little annoyances, there’s no reason to keep dealing with them. The Village Wrought Iron company produces a variety of beautiful home accessories, including the Leaf Fan Hair Dryer Rack. It’s a handy bathroom accessory that holds more than just one styling appliance. Imagine being able to have your hair dryer, curling iron, and straightening iron all in one place, without having to tackle cluttered cabinets or tangled cords.

    Having a rack to keep your hair dryer and other small bathroom appliances organized is a lot safer than having them sitting around on the counter. You never want to have to deal with anything electric falling into the bathtub or sink. As the name suggests, a rack from Village Wrought Iron is reliably crafted from wrought iron, covered with a baked on black powder coating. The leaf motif appears on many other products from the same company, so you can keep your bathroom coordinated in addition to being organized. You can add to your bathroom with a towel bar or light switch cover to stay with the leaf theme, or mix and match with other wrought-iron accessories.

    If you already enjoy log furniture, rustic décor for other parts of your home is the natural next step. The sturdiness of wrought iron complements the rugged appearance of wood furniture. Including the Leaf Fan Hair Dryer Rack and other accents in the bathroom not only helps with organization, but also creates a cohesive atmosphere throughout the house. So you can keep your hair dryer and other accessories safe and neat while improving the look of your home as a whole.

  • Creating Unique Bathroom Beauty

    Make sure you bathroom vanities match the theme!Unlike formal dining rooms, dens, and guest rooms, bathrooms are an essential part of every house. Whether full or half, master suite or freestanding, a bathroom is something that everyone needs. Perhaps because of its ubiquitous nature, the bathroom is often thought of more for function than for form. But with a little creativity, even this everyday room can be transformed into a beautiful space.

    If you like cottage furniture, it may seem almost intuitive to place it in other areas of the house. Living rooms and patios look especially good with a few rugged pieces here and there. Full sets of log furniture can create a whole new home style. But rustic décor in the bathroom? It can be done, and to good effect.

    Bathtubs, sinks, and toilets are, of course, the most basic trappings of a bathroom. But one thing that many people need and don’t often have enough of is counter space. When you consider your morning routine, it’s probably no surprise to find that a great deal of it involves needing several necessary items close at hand. Adding something like the Cottage 5ft. Log Vanity to your bathroom offers two things: handy space for those important items and a  rustic styled cottage decor that most people wouldn’t expect to see in a bathroom.

    The particular look of this vanity is achieved with peeled Northern White Cedar logs. The process of hand-peeling wood for log furniture leaves spots of the dark inner part of the bark on the completed piece. Rather than looking unfinished or dirty, these bits of color enhance the appearance of the furniture, adding a touch of unexpected beauty.

    Though the Cottage Vanity doesn’t include a sink, you can take the rustic look a step further by adding one made of pounded copper. The deep, gleaming color of the copper accents the natural wood shades of the piece, creating a beautiful overall effect. With a vanity like this, you can go about your morning routine surrounded by colors and accents that invoke a feeling of the great outdoors rather than purely fundamental function.

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