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  • Canopy Beds Make Interesting Cabin Decor

    Every part of these beds are made of the best aspen materialsIf the first thing you think of when you picture a canopy bed is a pink-swathed sleeping space for girls, you’re missing out. Canopy beds aren’t just for kids. Whether included in a standard bedroom or master suite layout, adults can enjoy the beauty and comfort of this bed style as well, Log beds are particularly beautiful examples of the canopy style, as can be seen in the Beartooth Aspen Log Canopy Bed.

    Whether you choose the Queen, King or California King size, you’ll appreciate the style that the Beartooth Aspen bed brings to your cabin decor. Four large, sturdy logs support the canopy part of the bed, while your choice of standard double side rails or spindled double side rails provides side and mattress support. Both the headboard and footboard feature upright aspen log accents with solid crossbars in classic cabin decor style. An optional under-bed dresser gives you extra storage space for clothing, linens and other bedroom necessities. Choose from flat front or half-log drawers to create the perfect rustic look.

    Each log in the Beartooth Aspen bed is harvested from dead-standing aspen trees before being hand-peeled and assembled into the finished bed. Using aspen to build log furniture results in pieces with unique personalities and rustic beauty. Naturally occurring twists and knots in the wood are accented by differences in color, unique insect tracks and subtle red and blue undertones. A triple coat of clear lacquer finish works to enhance the coloration and provides superior protection from potential damage, ensuring that the bed remains beautiful over time. If these natural accents aren’t enough for your tastes, upgrade to “extra gnarly” aspen for an even more stunning finished piece.

    Log furniture puts a rugged twist on the idea of canopy beds. Whether you go with the standard look of aspen logs or choose a style with extra character, the end result is a one-of-a-kind bed. You’ll drift off to sleep each night surrounded by the rustic beauty and woodland charm that can only be found in handcrafted log beds.

    You can get the Beartooth Aspen Log Canopy Bed for only $1,249.00, but if you visit the page you can choose from so many additional options to go with your purchase.

  • Log Beds Bring Back Summer Memories

    Aspen bunk beds made of dead standing aspen treesThink back to the summers of your childhood. What do you remember most? Running around outdoors until your parents called you in for dinner? Going camping with the family? Or did you have a getaway like a cabin in the woods where everyone would go to relax and spend some quiet time enjoying nature? All of these are great summer memories, and they don’t have to stay in the past. With a little creative designing, you can turn your home into a rustic retreat that can be enjoyed any time.

    Whether you camped out or spent time in a woodland cabin, you probably slept in a bunk bed at least once in those summers gone by. You can recapture that feeling or give your kids the same fun experience by incorporating the Aspen Estate Rustic Bunk Bed into any bedroom. Available in Twin over Twin, Twin over Full and Full over Full, this rugged bunk is suitable for both kids and kids-at-heart. Each bed is made individually by hand from either dark aspen logs or clean sanded light aspen logs. Built-in bunk ladders at either end of the bed make it easy to get to the top bunk without worrying about stability.

    Dead-standing aspen trees provide all of the wood for the Aspen Estate bunk. What does this mean for your bedroom’s cabin decor? Picture a natural forest, each tree unique in its growth. That’s exactly how the finished bunk will look in your home. Bumps, twists, knots and tracks are just a few of the interesting accents that you get in aspen log beds. A clear catalyzed lacquer finish is applied to protect each distinctive feature.

    The classic look of a bunk bed is the perfect way to incorporate cabin decor into any bedroom in your home. Enjoy rugged comfort as you hearken back to your favorite childhood summers, or start making new memories with your own kids. Whether you use log beds in your year-round home or a cabin getaway, you’ll always have a unique place to sleep.

    Incorporate the Aspen Estate Rustic Bunk Bed into your bedroom for only $1,765. To choose bed sizes, visit the official product page.

  • Country Decor Keeps Bedroom Necessities Organized

    Nightstands make your evenings more pleasantNothing is more frustrating than when you’re settled into bed at night, ready to wind down with a favorite relaxing activity, only to find that you left the thing you wanted to do halfway across the room. Going to get it means climbing out of bed again and disturbing your relaxation. You might find yourself wondering if it’s really worth it and going to bed frustrated rather than calm.

    This sort of thing wouldn’t happen if you had a reliable nightstand. A nightstand serves two purposes in the bedroom. One, it provides an attractive accent to balance out your country decor. Two, it keeps everything you could want at bedtime close at hand so you don’t have to worry about getting up to retrieve anything once you’re settled. Pieces like the Pine Lake 1 Drawer Nightstand With Door give you multiple storage options for all kinds of items. Tuck your reading glasses, the TV remote or small toiletry items into the upper drawer so they’re right there when you need them. The space behind the door is perfect for storing books, magazines and anything else that might be too big for the drawer.

    Made from light-colored Norway Pine logs, the Pine Lake nightstand looks lovely with other log furniture pieces. Whether you have a cabin, cottage or country home, you can use pine furniture to good effect. Choose either clean-peeled or hand-peeled logs to achieve the look you want for your rustic bedroom. Hand-sanded logs and tenoned joins ensure a smooth, sturdy construction that can be finished with clear sanding sealer and lacquer to further preserve the piece. Unfinished pine wood is beautiful as well. Or you can finish the Pine Lake nightstand any way you wish to add just the right crowning touch to your bedroom.

    Investing in a Pine Lake nightstand gives you an attractive piece of log furniture as well as a useful place to store anything you might want nearby when you go to bed at night. Whatever your bedroom storage needs, a log nightstand gets the job done.

  • Day Beds Add Sleeping Space to Rustic Decor

    Day beds don't consume that much spaceSleeping space can be at a premium in summer homes, especially cabins and cottages. Have you ever found yourself scrambling to fit everyone when family and friends come to visit? It’s fun to have people stay over, but if you can’t accommodate them comfortably, it can be a hassle. Including a day bed in your rustic decor can help to alleviate this problem and take the stress out of summertime gatherings.

    The Cedar Lake Rustic Log Daybed provides one or two standard sleeping areas or one large sleeping area depending on the frame you choose. Use the bed on its own if you only need a little extra space, or choose a roll-out trundle to accommodate another guest. An optional pop-up trundle can extend the day bed to almost king size, providing an extra comfortable sleeping experience. Naturally aged Northern White Cedar logs make up the main frame of the bed, and each option includes a metal frame to support the mattress.

    Cedar is a lovely wood to include in your cabin decor. When cedar logs are hand-peeled like they are in the Cedar Lake daybed, all of the natural characteristics are brought to light. Knots, bumps and beetle tracks are just a few of the rustic accents you’ll find in this attractive log furniture. Unfinished, the bed looks as though it was harvested right out of the forest. A clear or Honey Pine finish may be chosen for extra protection. No matter which finish you prefer, the natural character of the wood will remain intact.

    All beds should provide a safe and sturdy sleeping space, be they for temporary guest accommodations or everyday use. Each log in the Cedar Lake daybed is kiln-dried to ensure that any settling or checking is done before the bed is assembled. This creates a rugged log furniture piece that you can enjoy in your living room, bedroom or guest room for years to come. Your guests may want to come stay again just so that they can enjoy it themselves.

  • A Murphy Bed Adds Sleeping Space to Rustic Décor

    You'll find these Murphy beds to be incredibly sturdyHaving a guest room in your home is helpful when you’re expecting friends or family for an extended visit. But many homes only have enough sleeping space for the people who live there, making it hard to accommodate guests. Sleeper sofas and futons can help with this, but they’re not always as comfortable as a regular bed and can be awkward if someone is going to be staying for a long time. That’s when you need something different like the North Woods Log Murphy Bed.

    A Murphy bed isn’t something you see every day. You’re more likely to catch a glimpse of one of these fold-down sleeping spaces in old movies than in the rustic décor of a home, but there’s no reason that this should always be the case. In fact, a Murphy bed can be the perfect solution if you’re strapped for space but need to be able to give your visitors a comfortable place to spend the night. The North Woods Murphy Bed comes in Twin, Full, Queen and King sizes that can be placed in any room. When not in use, the bed folds up and looks exactly like a closet or wardrobe. Light Knotty Pine logs are hand-draw-knifed to highlight the rustic nature of the wood, making the bed an attractive addition to your home whether it’s in use or folded away.

    Sometimes you see Murphy beds used as jokes in movies, falling on people or folding up while people are sleeping. Though this is funny as slapstick comedy, it’s not such a funny thought in real life. That’s why the North Woods bed is made with locking handles that keep the bed in place when it’s folded away, preventing it from shifting or falling. Pneumatic hinges aid in lowering the bed when it’s time to sleep. Solid wood construction makes for a stable bed that will last a lifetime, so you can invite as many guests as you wish and know you’ll always be able to accommodate them with a bed that is comfortable and reliable.

  • Choose a Log Bed For Nightly Comfort

    Every one of these cedar log beds look uniqueWhen you’re ready to head to bed after a long day, hopefully the only thing on your mind is getting a good night’s sleep. But all too often, the hectic pace of modern life makes it difficult to relax, even when you’re curled up in bed and ready to wind down. Thoughts of what you have to do the next day, where you have to go over the weekend and what needs finishing around the house can keep you awake until the wee hours, depriving you of the sleep that’s supposed to help you accomplish the very things that are running through your mind.

    Introducing a log bed to your bedroom décor may be just the ticket to more restful nights. Log furniture has a certain rustic charm about it that comes to light in quality handcrafted pieces like the Log Canopy Beds. Attractive Northern White Cedar logs are sanded smooth before being assembled into a sturdy canopy-style bed that makes you feel as if you’re sleeping under the trees. Due to the unique growth of cedar trees in nature, each log is a little different, sporting its own cracks, knots and variations in color. These enhance the appearance of the bed without being detrimental to its strength, so you can rely on it for many nights of rest and relaxation.

    Canopy beds are not only comfortable, but they also bring a whimsical touch to you rustic décor. You may find yourself thinking of your childhood bedroom and of simpler times when you could climb into bed at night without all of the cares you have now. This simplicity is echoed in the construction of the Hidden Lake bed, with its sturdy legs and stout headboard and footboard accents. Protect the beauty of the cedar wood with a clear finish, give it an attractive tint with light honey finish or leave it unfinished for the truly rustic experience that log furniture can bring. You’ll be dropping off to sleep in no time, surrounded by beautiful solid wood.

  • Making Friends With Mirrors in Rustic Décor

    Encountering a mirror can sometimes come as a shock. You’ve probably experienced it before: you’re walking around a store or shopping center and suddenly catch sight of yourself in a reflective surface. Either you don’t look how you thought you did, or you get a pleasant surprise and find out that you look even better. Whatever the case, mirrors tend to be one of those things that people love or hate, especially when one appears seemingly out of nowhere."Add

    Having a mirror in your home, however, is a completely different experience. At home, you control the style and placement of the mirror and you know exactly where it is when you want to examine your hairstyle or outfit. Mirrors also have the extra benefit of adding depth to a room, which can be especially helpful in smaller homes or cabins. A full-length mirror like the Beartooth Aspen Log Cheval Mirror makes a stunning bedroom accent that brings delight instead of shock. With a hand-peeled aspen log frame and the ability to tilt at just the right angle, this is the perfect mirror for bedrooms and master suites.

    Hand-peeled aspen logs show off a great deal of the character you’d expect from log furniture. Using the Beartooth Aspen mirror as part of your home’s rustic décor brings this particular personality to the forefront. Both frame and base are handcrafted from solid aspen, which is then finished with a special three-step clear coating to bring out the natural colors and tones in the wood. The top two coats of finish provide exceptional protection from water or chemical damage, ensuring that the mirror stays looking its best.

    If you can’t get enough of aspen, go for the “extra gnarly” log upgrade to make the mirror an even more eye-catching part of your rustic décor. Extra knots, twists, insect tracks and burls in the wood will make you want to look in the mirror more often, if only to admire the aspen itself. Far from basic, the Beartooth Aspen mirror adds beauty and character to any bedroom.

  • Woodsy Sheet Sets Complement Log Furniture

    Sheet Sets like these never go unnoticed!Having a log bed is a luxury that not everyone gets the chance to experience. If you’re one of the lucky people who has been able to put the bed of your dreams at the center of a room full of rustic décor, you’re going to want bedding that does it justice. In theory, you could use any sheet set and your bed would look amazing, but the Realtree All Purpose Sheet Set takes bedroom design to the next level.

    Soft 180 thread count sheets in a 50/50 cotton/poly blend are the basis for the Realtree set. Both sheets and pillowcases are adorned with a rustic woodland scene featuring trees shedding their last leaves in late autumn. Prominent shades of gray, brown, and green harmonize with a variety of log beds, from pine and cedar to hickory and aspen. Whatever the construction of your bed, this sheet set is designed to make it an attractive bedroom centerpiece. The addition of Realtree sheets will make guest bedrooms with simple layouts look just as stunning as master suites that have full sets of log furniture.

    Available in twin, full, queen and king, these rustic sheets can be used on any bed in any bedroom. Even if you don’t have a log bed that needs decorating, the Realtree set will still look great. Woodsy scenes make a lovely complement to cabins, lodges and country homes, appealing to anyone who loves the outdoors. Sleeping on these sheets might even make you feel like you’re taking a walk in the deep woods or give you dreams of hiking and camping even in the depths of winter’s coldest months.

    Whether you were finally able to get the log beds you were dreaming of or you’re looking for a new and interesting set of sheets for the guest room, the Realtree All Purpose Sheet Set lives up to its name. Perfect as a complement to log furniture, modern beds or even kid’s room décor, this set has everything you could want when it comes to outdoor designs.

  • Bench Space in the Bedroom and Beyond

    Bedrooms notoriously lack seating. With the bed taking up the majority of the space and other pieces like bedside tables, wardrobes and chests arranged in the rest of the room, it can be difficult to find a place specifically for seating. End benches solve this problem, as they’re designed to sit at the end of the bed almost as an extension of it, giving you somewhere to sit whether you need a moment in the morning to pull on shoes and socks or are just taking a break from daily tasks.

    Handcrafted from unique aspen wood, the Aspen Lodge Log Bench is a fine example of log furniture. You’ll find there’s something about aspen that makes it a special addition to your home. By the end of their life cycles, aspen trees have seen a lot of varying weather conditions, making them truly one-of-a-kind in appearance. The twists and knots in the wood are accented by bark left behind in the hand-peeling process used to create the Aspen Lodge bench. Clear semi-gloss lacquer protects and preserves the wood so you can get many years of use out of your bench with it still looking as good as the day you bought it.

    Take rustic décor beyond the bedroom by choosing a larger sized bench. The Aspen Lodge bench is available in four sizes ranging from 4 to 7 feet. Longer benches are perfect for use in the dining room, making an interesting departure from dining chairs and allowing you to accommodate more people when entertaining. Smaller sizes can be incorporated into the living room or entryway. No matter where you place your bench, you introduce an eye-catching piece of log cabin furniture to the style of the room.

    Whether your bedroom needs extra seating or your front hall has been looking a bit bare, aspen furniture like the Aspen Lodge bench can help round out your personal rustic style. Handcrafted furniture has a special appearance that you’ll love to include in your home and can enjoy for a long time.

  • Reflections of Nature

    A mirror is a home accent that is often taken for granted. You get up in the morning and check your reflection almost without thinking, smoothing your hair or making sure you look like you got enough sleep. And how many times during the day do you glance into the mirror as you pass, eyes naturally drawn by the movement you create in the glass? Thought of this way, a mirror is a functional piece or even a distraction rather than part of the look of your bedroom.

    Reflective glass takes on a whole new personality when you have a mirror like the Black Bear Mirror by DL Collections Hand-layered pieces of natural wood in varying colors turn a traditional oval mirror into a work of art. A fine piece of rustic décor, this mirror features the images of two black bears surrounded by a rugged wood frame. One bear perches in a tree while the other looks out from a cliff ledge. The design breaks up the glass for an attractive, off-centered look that’s a departure from traditional mirrors.

    While this piece would be most practical hung in your bedroom, you can also use it as an accent in any area of the home. Mirrors add depth to a room, and the unique handcrafting of the Black Bear model adds beauty as well. The subtle wood colors are wonderfully rustic, echoing a bear’s natural habitat. And since the artwork itself is three-dimensional, it draws the eye more than flat pictures or prints. This mirror will draw more attention for its design rather than what can be seen in it. For this reason, it also makes a wonderful addition to your entryway.

    If you already have a lot of log furniture in your home, you don’t have to do much more to ensure the beauty of your rustic décor. The design of the Black Bear Mirror updates a traditional home accent with an artistic woodland scene that you can admire as part of functionality of the piece or on its own any time.

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