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  • Reflections of Nature

    A mirror is a home accent that is often taken for granted. You get up in the morning and check your reflection almost without thinking, smoothing your hair or making sure you look like you got enough sleep. And how many times during the day do you glance into the mirror as you pass, eyes naturally drawn by the movement you create in the glass? Thought of this way, a mirror is a functional piece or even a distraction rather than part of the look of your bedroom.

    Reflective glass takes on a whole new personality when you have a mirror like the Black Bear Mirror by DL Collections Hand-layered pieces of natural wood in varying colors turn a traditional oval mirror into a work of art. A fine piece of rustic décor, this mirror features the images of two black bears surrounded by a rugged wood frame. One bear perches in a tree while the other looks out from a cliff ledge. The design breaks up the glass for an attractive, off-centered look that’s a departure from traditional mirrors.

    While this piece would be most practical hung in your bedroom, you can also use it as an accent in any area of the home. Mirrors add depth to a room, and the unique handcrafting of the Black Bear model adds beauty as well. The subtle wood colors are wonderfully rustic, echoing a bear’s natural habitat. And since the artwork itself is three-dimensional, it draws the eye more than flat pictures or prints. This mirror will draw more attention for its design rather than what can be seen in it. For this reason, it also makes a wonderful addition to your entryway.

    If you already have a lot of log furniture in your home, you don’t have to do much more to ensure the beauty of your rustic décor. The design of the Black Bear Mirror updates a traditional home accent with an artistic woodland scene that you can admire as part of functionality of the piece or on its own any time.

  • Two In One: Benches with Storage

    What do you do when you need a place to store clothing and somewhere to sit, but don’t have a lot of bedroom space available? Or maybe you have a smaller room that you’re looking to turn into a guest room, but can’t think how you’ll fit enough furniture to make it workable. When faced with this kind of decorating challenge, your best bet is to seek out multi-purpose furniture pieces.

    Form meets function in rustic décor like the 4 Drawer Deacons Bench from the North Woods collection. At first glance, it appears to be a chest of drawers with a fancy rail around the top. But in reality, it can serve both as clothing storage and either a bench or a display area for small items. Bright, unique knotty pine logs edge the sides and make up the top rail. The top and drawer fronts are made up of two-inch-thick pieces of pine, all fastened together using both glue and screws. Dovetail construction in the drawers ensures durability, and epoxy-coated rollers glide smoothly for years of use.

    German peeling and hand draw knifing techniques give any log furniture a one-of-a-kind look. You can preserve the sunny, attractive pine appeal of the North Woods 4 Drawer Deacons Bench with a clear finish, or deepen the color with an optional medium finish. Unfinished pine also makes for wonderful country décor, but the slightly soft nature of the wood may be better preserved with the stain of your choice. It’s up to you what you want to do to make the chest match other furniture and accessories in your home.

    A child’s room could also benefit from this little chest and bench combination. Light, neutral furniture looks lovely in kids rooms and harmonizes with kid-friendly décor and colors. Plus the surface is a perfect place for kids to put all their favorite stuffed toys. No matter where you put the North Woods bench, you’ll get a lot of use out of it and enjoy a rugged beauty unique to log furniture.

  • Log Bedroom Beauty on a Budget

    Bedrooms sometimes seem to require more redecorating than the rest of the house. Kids grow, tastes change, or things just plain wear out. Having to replace furniture gets expensive fast, putting a strain on your bank account. If you need to keep a budget in mind as you shop for new furniture, the best thing to do is invest in attractive, quality furniture that will fit that budget and last for a long time.

    The Montana 6 Drawer Log Dresser is exactly that sort of piece. Your mind probably doesn’t jump to log furniture when you’re considering budget country décor, but the Montana collection takes advantage of the inexpensive nature of pine logs to provide natural beauty at a lower cost. A hand-peeling process called skip peeling is used to remove bark while leaving bits of the inner membrane behind, creating a contrasting color effect. You can leave the wood as is and enjoy the rugged look, or opt for a Glacier Honey finish.

    If you’ve got a little wiggle room in your budget, why not take the opportunity to customize with a mirror? Mirrors do a lot for a room, adding depth and a sense of extra space. There are two available for the Montana dresser: a basic dresser mirror and a deluxe mirror that includes two shelves on each side. Adding either mirror can turn your dresser into a vanity of sorts, an interesting piece of rustic décor that you’ll enjoy including in your morning routine. The shelves and extra added log accents on the deluxe mirror provide a place to store small items or display favorite photographs.

    It’s easy to see that, with log furniture, “budget” doesn’t mean having to settle for less than the best. You get quality pieces even at the lower end of the price spectrum. So instead of dealing with unattractive conglomerations of pressboard as they warp and deteriorate, you can have an heirloom-quality piece that won’t need replacing again in a year or two. Your home and your bank account will thank you.

  • Cedar Bed, Good Night's Sleep

    What is it about log beds that makes them so appealing? Is it the rugged nature of the logs, carefully crafted together into an image of the great outdoors? Or is it the deviation from the norm, a desire to decorate with something a little different and special?

    Whatever draws you to log furniture, it’s important to have comfort in addition to beauty, especially when it comes to beds. And if you’re like most people, your furniture budget can only stretch so far, making affordability a key point as well. These three features come together in the White Ozark Cedar Log Bed. It’s a classic piece of log furniture, from the sturdy white cedar construction to the slight differences in color throughout. Sizes range from twin to king for use in bedrooms small and large.

    White cedar has a unique scent that wraps you in outdoor comfort the moment you enter a room. Sleeping in the midst of this gives rise to the mental image of deep woods, as if you’d spent the day hiking before bedding down to sleep under the stars. Each log that makes up White Ozark bed features the sort of knots and superficial cracks you’d expect from trees that have spent a natural life cycle amidst the elements. Put it all together with the right bedding, such as Hardwood, and you’ll have an authentic rustic start for your bedroom décor.

    Unlike some mass-produced furniture, log beds have a long life span. Oils contained in the wood help cedar to naturally resist decay and damage from insects. A metal frame offers mattress support, and an optional clear finish adds durability to the logs. If you choose the White Ozark bed, you’ll have it for at least as long as you’ll need it to sleep in. Properly cared for, your children and maybe even grandchildren can enjoy it, as well.

    Having a solid, comfortable place to sleep ensures good rest and good days ahead. A log bed gives you just such a place and adds country charm to any bedroom.

  • Humble Hickory, Beautiful Bedroom

    You know the scenario. You settle into bed, ready to spend a little time relaxing before you go to sleep, only to discover that you’ve left the book you wanted to read or the glasses you need to read it with clear across the room. Or worse, in another room entirely. Whatever the case, you have to get out of bed to retrieve something, interrupting what is supposed to be your downtime.

    If you had a bedside table or nightstand, you wouldn’t have to go through this. The Cottage Hickory Enclosed Nighstand has plenty of room to keep whatever you want to have close by your bed at night. The drawer with ball bearing gliders can hold small items like the ever-elusive pair of reading glasses, while the lower cabinet is perfect for storing books, magazines, or movies.

    This kind of log furniture mixes log accents with smooth wood surfaces. The entire nightstand is handcrafted from hickory wood, but the bark is left on the logs that make up the legs and the edging. Kiln drying minimizes hickory’s natural tendency to shrink, resulting in a sturdier piece. Naturally straight wood grain adds to the overall beauty of the nightstand.

    Most log pieces go well with other wood furniture as is, but if you’ve already started a rustic décor scheme in your home, the Cottage Hickory nightstand is easy to customize. The Traditional finish is clear and shows off the basic color of the wood. Rustic Maple, Rustic Alder, and Espresso are each progressively darker shades of brown with their own unique characteristics. You can even choose which side of the door you’d like the hinge on for the easiest possible access to stored items without having to get out of bed.

    True cottage furniture brings special warmth to a room. Wood like hickory radiates the look and feel of the deep woods, adding comfort that befits a restful room like a bedroom. The Cottage Hickory nightstand keeps your favorite items close by while imparting its own natural beauty to the décor.

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