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  • Stylish, Even When You Sleep

    Nightstands aren’t supposed to be pretty, are they? Aren’t they just handy little accompaniments to a wider bedroom design that looks great? Well, that may have been the case back in the day, but now that taking time to choose the perfect rustic bed is a real thing, we believe that adding the perfect finishing touch, in the form of a matching rustic nightstand, is the way to go!

    Imagine, if you will, a stunning, handcrafted bed with distinctive gnarled log details. Are you drooling yet? Now picture the standard flatpack side table that so many people put next to gorgeous beds. Wow. That’s disappointing. Talk about undermining the rest of the space! It’s time to step away from the cheap and nasty and invest in your bedroom furniture, with our Beaver Creek Aspen 2 drawer log nightstand.

    Designed to complement our wider Beaver Creek Aspen range, this handy little nightstand offers the perfect surface for a lamp and your bedtime reading, while also including two drawers for hiding away all your personal effects, such as wallets, keys, contact lenses etc. And all while looking spectacular!

    Crafted from either light or dark Aspen peeled logs and finished in either a clear of honey-toned lacquer, you can perfectly match other pieces of furniture that you already have, though it is worth nothing that there will be a shipping fee to pay for this item, unless it is bought with a large piece. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to buy a large dresser or even a new bed, this might just be it!

    As with the rest of the range, you can select from flat of half log drawer fronts, depending on your commitment to the rustic aesthetic and you also get the choice of standard or extra characterful logs. To put all of these choices into context, if you wanted to purchase the most distinctive rustic nightstand possible, you would need to choose a half log drawer fronted nightstand in dark Aspen, with a clear lacquer, all made from extra characterful timber. Conversely, for a subtle take on the look, you’d want a flat drawer front design made from light Aspen with a honey lacquer and standard log construction. Don’t get all tangled up though, as we are always here to help, so just get in touch with any questions or if you simply want some help during the design process! Your happiness always outweighs your perceived hassle (which it never is. We LOVE hearing from you!).

    Designed, crafted and shipped right here in the USA, we take great pride in contributing to our domestic economy and would like to take this moment to thank you for supporting our family business. We look to convey our gratitude through the manufacture of the highest quality furniture possible and by combining orders for more cost-effective shipping rates, while partnering with a trusted financing operation such as Bread. We hope that these endeavors make investing in your home as simple as possible and look forward to welcoming you into the Log Furniture Place family.

  • Stepping Up Your Storage Game

    We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard people saying that they’d love some rustic storage furniture, only they don’t have a lot of space at home. To those people we say, grab a perfectly designed aspen log chest that is narrow but tall!

    We know that the archetypal image of rustic dressers is enormous drawer-filled cabinets with beautiful log detailing and chunky handles and yes, we do have plenty of these on offer, but we also want to cater to the smaller, more bijou home too! Not everybody has a cabin the size of a Swiss ski lodge, after all! With this in mind, we created our timeless and practical Beaver Creek Aspen 4 drawer log chest.

    At 40” wide, our rustic chest is hardly tiny, but is significantly smaller than many of our dressers, giving you flexibility and more potential spots for housing it. What it lacks in the extra 20 or so inches in width, it makes up for in height, standing at 45” tall, with four beautiful deep drawers ready to fill. With full extension glides fitted as standard, you won’t have to climb into your new aspen log chest in order to get the most from the drawers either, as you’ll be able to get right to the back with ease.

    How rustic you want to go is entirely up to you. If you love all things extra gnarled, dark and looking as though they have been plucked from the forest floor that morning, we can easily make this a reality for your home storage solutions, but equally, if you like a lighter homage to the natural world, we can guide you through some more subtle options. Your choices, at the point of purchase, will include:

    Drawer face style – Do you like the look of flat drawer fronts or are you after an unapologetically rustic vibe? Choose half logs for a really striking finish or keep things simple with flat fronts and mini log handles.

    Wood color – Light or dark? It’s the question that has plagued chocolate fans for years and now you too! Light Aspen timber has a creamy tone that works wonderfully with our hand-applied honey lacquer, for a golden finish. Equally, the dark Aspen creates an eye-catching visual that is amplified by our simple clear lacquer.

    Log character – this is the choice that most people struggle with. Our regular Aspen logs all feature natural patination and markings. They look beautiful and organic and have a really rustic feel, but we also offer extra gnarled logs for your construction. These have been set aside for their remarkable personality and touchable appeal. This is where the depth of your affection for all things rustic will come into play!

    Remember that however you choose to style your chest, your storage potential will remain the same and the impact your new furniture will have will be incredible. We will ship for free, within the applicable 48 states, plus we are always on hand to help you with any queries. Who knows, with one of our 4 drawer chests in place, you might suddenly find space for a few other pieces from the same range!

  • Storage That Stands Proud

    It’s no secret that we think it’s hard to ever have enough storage in a home, but when you select the right pieces, you can create a cohesive, functional organizational system that looks incredible as it performs.

    Our Beaver Creek Aspen range is a firm favorite. Not just of ours, although we are exceptionally proud of it, but customers the world over rave about the specific aesthetic that we have captured, as well as our exemplar build quality. The 6 drawer log dresser is no exception, with verified buyer reviews confirming how beautiful it is, not to mention that it is worth its price.

    When we designed this gorgeous piece of furniture, it was with bedroom storage in mind, but now that it is available to buy, we see potential for so much more. A lovely addition to any den or living room, perfect in a hallway or even in a kitchen, there’s nowhere we can think of that wouldn’t be immediately improved with one of our rustic dressers, thanks to the character and quality built-in.

    In terms of construction, we don’t mess about. You’ll find the frame secured with a blend of heritage carpentry joints, glue and screws, all completed by master craftspeople who understand how to add strength, while never leaving any of the underpinnings on show. Even the drawers have full extension smooth glides, so you’re never left focusing on the operation of the individual pull-outs. But really, how could you, when the incredible aesthetics are impossible to overlook?

    We give you a choice when it comes to your drawer fronts on your rustic dresser. Choose flat, for a more understated nod to all things rustic storage or go all-out with the organic vibe and select half-log fronts. The impact is astonishing! Next, you’ll need to decide if you want your hand peeled logs to be light or dark. Again, the lighter tone keeps the rustic vibe a little diluted, whereas the dark amplifies the look. Your choice of lacquer will be important as well, with clear simply protecting your choice of timber and honey adding a golden hue. Finally, you get the opportunity to dial up the character by choosing logs that have been set aside for their extra gnarled appearance. The standard logs still have plenty of beautiful markings, from elk antlers rubbing against them and assorted insects making their presence known when the tree was alive, but not quite as many as the super gnarled ones.

    66” wide, this is not a small piece of furniture, but it’s worth remembering that with six large drawers in place, you’d be able to do away with smaller, less effective alternatives. Also, the top is large and smooth enough to offer more surface space as well, making it ideal for lamps, books and so forth.

    Delivered free of charge within the 48 contiguous states, your new ultimate storage dresser is just a few clicks away. If you have any questions, want to talk about setting up a financing package with our trusted partner Bread or simply want to say hello, please get in touch and we will help you to make the best decision for you and your home.

  • A New Era for Bunk Beds

    We don’t know about you, but we think it’s about time that rustic bunk beds stopped being thought of as just a space-saving sleep solution. For far too long, they have been unimaginative, often uncomfortable and barely study enough for one sleeper, let alone two, but we are on a mission to change all of that!

    Our Beaver Creek Aspen log bunk bed combines gorgeous good looks with robust build-quality and plenty of customizable options, to give you the best chance of bagging that perfect spare room slumber solution. Just as fantastic for kids as it is adults, we approached the design process with a determination to maximize both function and aesthetics and honestly, we don’t think it can get any better, especially in terms of rustic bedroom furniture.

    The overall finish is one of organic charm and reach-out-and-touch tactile draw, but you won’t have to worry about splinters or rough surfaces. Though our carefully selected logs might look gnarled, they are hand sanded and finished to create a smooth feel, without losing any of that natural appeal.

    We invite you to get involved with the design process, by choosing from a plethora of options at the point of purchase, including:

    Bed size – No longer will you have to make do with two stacked singles, as we know that your sleeping arrangements can vary in complexity. With this in mind, we have opted to give you six spectacular options, ranging from twin over twin, all the way through to full over queen! This give you plenty of freedom when inviting other families to stay with you, or if you have a large family of your own but not too many bedrooms.

    Log color – Whether you choose the light or dark Aspen logs, they will always be hand peeled and finished. The lighter tone has a creamy vibe, while the dark looks more rugged. You’ll want to think about bed linen and wall colors when making this decision.

    Log finish – Would you prefer a clear or honey-toned lacquer protecting your new log bunk beds? The choice is yours and we are only too happy to apply whichever finish you like best. The honey over light Aspen logs is particularly popular, as it creates a golden hue that is hard to beat.

    Log style – Finally, we ask you to choose from either standard Aspen logs or those with extra character. If you are trying to maximize your rustic bunk bed style, let us select the most interesting and gnarly logs for you, from our supply of fabulous and sustainable timber. The standard logs give you a more understated organic feel.

    With built-in ladders, mattress foundations and free shipping all included as standard, these bunk beds couldn’t possibly get any better, or could they? Designed and made in the USA, this is a domestic product, infused with all the pride and skill of master carpenters. When you buy from us, you not only invest in your own family, you invest in ours and America itself.

    A striking, fun and reliable purchase for any lodge or cabin, we think that the finished aesthetic is stylish enough for any style of home that could use some connection to the natural world.

  • Guaranteed to Make You Sleep...

    If something about our Extremely Gnarly Aspen log bed looks familiar, it should. Featured in the global entertainment sensation, True Blood, this bed has become synonymous with romance, as well as daring use of organic materials and we couldn’t be prouder.

    Now, you don’t need to be embroiled in a relationship with a vampire to enjoy our take on extreme rustic bedroom design, but we do think that a suitably natural interior design scheme will help you get the most from this incredibly eye-catching rustic bed. It’s also worth noting that few pieces of rustic furniture will be able to detract from this, so consider the Aspen bed your new centerpiece!

    Made just for you

    We do things a little differently here at Log Furniture Place. While other companies might simply have vast stocks of ready-to-ship items gathering dust in their storage facilities, we build your new forever bed to order. The reason for this is so that we can invest the right amount of time into selecting the ideal logs and so that our master craftspeople don’t need to feel rushed. They can enjoy the process of turning raw materials into beautiful, tactile rustic bedroom furniture, knowing that their creativity won’t be stunted by an inflexible deadline.

    When it comes to this particular design, whether you choose a twin or a Cali king frame size, your order will be given the same amount of focus and attention. Your logs will be chosen according to their bends, from being laden with snow, as well as the characterful marks from passing elk and no live trees are sacrificed for your purchase. Every log is harvested from dead standing Aspen trees, because we believe in and support sustainability.

    Hand sanded and lacquered, your Aspen log bed will be treated with kid gloves, but the strength built in will be second to none, thanks to our allegiance to tried and tested carpentry methodology. You won’t find flat-pack corner cutting or cheap fixings in our designs, as we favor mortise and tenon joints, plus extra measures, to guarantee the longevity and comfort of your new bed. Your new FOREVER bed. Double side rails and mattress support slats are included as standard too, for your peace of mind, as is an unprecedented lifetime guarantee. Yes, you did read that right!

    When designing and building a bed with the highest standards in mind, there is no reason not to include a lifetime warranty. We know that a new rustic bed is a huge investment and not one that you want to be repeating many times. We also know that when it comes to taking the plunge and buying something handcrafted, stunning enough to have been featured in an award-winning television show and fantastically different, you need some assurances, so please don’t lose a minute of sleep wondering about our after sales commitment to you.

    Your dream gnarly aspen log bed is just a few drop-down menu selections away, with free shipping included!

  • Not Just for the Bedroom

    Technically, our Copper Mesa 9 Drawer Dresser has been designed with rustic bedrooms in mind, but we think that it’s not only large enough but also strikingly beautiful enough to be placed in any room of your home. Just take a look, if you don’t believe us!

    Standing proud with six generous lower drawers and three handy smaller additions on the top row, there is no room that couldn’t make excellent use of the sheer practicality that this stoic dresser offers. In a bedroom, we think you’ll be hard-pressed to need much more than some hanging space in addition, but what about adding this to a living room? Sofa throws, books and all those fiddly remote controls that are forever getting lost could finally have a home and with a chunky top as well, you’ll be in no doubt as to where your lamps need to sit!

    This rustic dresser is a perfect example of what we do best – designing multi-functional furniture that looks great, performs as you hope and can be located anywhere. Apart from obvious items, such as beds, we think that our storage pieces should be made in such a way that you don’t want to simply hide them away in more private rooms, so chests and dressers CAN be brought into your dens, hallways and kitchens!

    We don’t consider ourselves to be a boastful company here at Log Furniture Place, but we do offer something special that few of our competitors do and that’s a lifetime warranty with many of our designs. The Copper Mesa dresser is no exception. If you’re wondering how we can possibly guarantee your new storage for so long, let us give you a glimpse into the way we work.

    We make rustic furniture to serve a purpose and delight your senses, all at the same time. We want your investment pieces to become a recognizable element in your home, to the point where they become family heirlooms, being passed down through future generations that have come to love them. If we want to realize this vision, we need to make sure that our designs and construction methods are the best that they can be, which is why we never cut corners (apart from when needed and with the right tools in the workshop!), source the finest materials possible and place our faith in our master craftsmen.

    In the case of this rustic dresser, you’ll find expertly aged pine being used to create a strong unit. Metal strap accents have been used sparingly, but to beautiful effect for that rustic looks, without straying into novelty furniture territory and then there are those all-important eye-catching contrast panels. Added to just the smaller drawers as standard, you can opt to add some orange and turquoise flair to the rest as well, while also selecting which finish you want added to your wood. We might have designed the Copper Mesa range, but we welcome your input, to ensure that you have the perfect piece for your home, so flex your artistic eye!

    Delivered for free within the contiguous 48 states, your new dresser is just a click away, but will you be able to resist the urge to invest in some coordinating items? We don’t want to sway you, but there are some fabulous rustic beds on offer…

  • Don't Hide Your Style Away

    We know it’s something of a paradox to tell you not to hide your great taste away, when talking about storage furniture. After all, isn’t the whole point of functional design to help you keep everything organized and out of sight? Well, you might still fancy tucking your clothes away, but you won’t have to leave anybody in any doubt as to your phenomenal and daring taste anymore, if you put our Copper Mesa Rustic Armoire to good use.

    You might think that once you’ve seen one rustic armoire that you’ve seen them all, but there is so much more to our ‘wardrobes in waiting’ than meets the eye. To start with, there’s the industry-defining construction standards that we have put in place.

    Designing rustic bedroom furniture isn’t simply a case of taking some timber, throwing it together and making it look old, at least not for us at Log Furniture Place. We can’t speak for our competitors! Here, we let our creative team explore unusual materials and combinations, to unleash their genius. We then take their visions to our artisans in the workshop, to find out if and more importantly, how, they can be brought to life. In the case of our rustic copper armoire, the process was beautifully simple.

    Our craftsmen first take solid pine and apply aging techniques so realistic that you’ll struggle to distinguish new wood from the reclaimed pieces that we make. The rough sawn marks in particular make for an authentic look and take stain so well. From here, the casegoods are built, strong and sturdy so they’ll never let you down. Drawers are added, with full extension glides and some forged metal detailing in the form of corner accents and strap drawer handles. Two fully adjustable shelves are included inside, with the option of a third and then, the copper detailing gets added.

    As standard, the vivacious orange and turquoise swirled panels are only added to the door inserts, but you can also opt for them to be included on your drawers. We give you the option because for as many of you that think less is more, there are plenty that live by the motto ‘more is more’ as well! We don’t want anybody to be disappointed, so feel free to customize as you see fit! The result is a practical, impressive and suitably personal piece of bedroom furniture that increases your storage capacity exponentially and adds something rather special to your interior design scheme too.

    Inspired by the stunning Southwest landscapes, the hues in our Copper Mesa collection radiate warmth and character into any bedroom. Perfect for a master bedroom that doesn’t need hanging space, or guest rooms that have to cater to a range of different needs, we know you’ll love the aesthetic here, but what about the extra touches, such as a lifetime warranty and free shipping? Yes, you’ll be sure to enjoy them too!

    We pride ourselves on designing, crafting and shipping beautiful unique pieces of furniture from right here in the USA, but that’s nothing compared to the satisfaction of knowing that we’ve exceeded your hopes and expectations. Get in touch today to see how we can transform your home and your shopping experience.

  • The Perfect Accompaniment

    Sometimes, we get so focused on the main star of the show that we forget to pay attention to the supporting players, but there’s no chance of that in your rustic bedroom, if you choose to add in a Copper Mesa 3 Drawer Nightstand. It might not be a huge piece of storage furniture but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in charm and eye-catching uniqueness.

    We love pushing the limits of style genres and being experts in the field of all things rustic, we wanted to really stretch the definition of a rustic nightstand with this fabulous little design. Metal strap handles and corner accents, plus aged pine is not necessarily a new idea when creating a rustic bedside cabinet, but adding in a vibrant contrast drawer panel? Well that takes courage and artistic flair! Luckily, all of our creatives have both, in abundance!

    Inspired by the American Southwest, our orange and turquoise swirled panels can be left just as a subtle addition to your top drawer or check the box to add them to each front, for real wow factor. There’s no need to worry about the finished product looking a ‘bit much’ either, as we deliberately kept the rest of the nightstand design understated, classic and above all else, functional, to offset added glamour!

    Let’s say that you really like the idea of a splash of color and metal accents are right up your street, but you want to have some involvement in the finished look of your solid wood nightstand. Well, that’s why we give you four finishes to choose from:

    Weathered Gray – A cool and neutral shade that looks vintage-inspired and is easy to contrast with warmer hues or bright colors.

    Honey Amber – A warm and soft golden finish that injects laid back character and makes for very easy accessorizing.

    Antique Barnwood – A rich and dark hue that amplifies the aging process applied to the pine wood. Basically indistinguishable from genuine reclaimed timber.

    American Chestnut – Bold, dark and stoic. Adds a sense of grandeur and expense to any piece and can be perfect for adding a rich contrast in a light room.

    Bringing together the beauty of the Southwest landscape and our quality craftsmanship has resulted in a range of furniture that speaks for itself and injects any home with some interest, not to mention future heirlooms! Why you ask? Because you get a lifetime warranty as standard, meaning that future generations of your family will be able to enjoy this nightstand for years to come. We build to last and to create a lasting impression here at Log Furniture Place!

    Shipped for free within the contiguous 48 states, when ordered with a large item, you might as well consider buying this nightstand alongside larger matching pieces, to take advantage of significant freight savings. How about a coordinating rustic dresser, to take care of all your bedroom storage needs in one hit?

  • A Bedroom Inspired by Nature

    When it comes to adding a solid wood rustic bed into your bedroom, there are many ways to go. Are you looking for something romantic, stoic, or perhaps a design that is just different enough to garner some very appreciative attention? Whatever your motivation, you’ll find the perfect bed right here at Log Furniture Place, especially if it’s eye-catching beauty that you’re after, as our Copper Mesa Single Panel Bed proves.

    We knew that when we designed a rustic bed with integrated panels, featuring a vibrant orange and turquoise copper aesthetic, we were pushing the boat, or should that be the bed, out. We also knew that this would not be the perfect option for everybody, but that those who do love it will wonder how they ever decorated their bedrooms before finding this and the coordinating Copper Mesa rustic furniture pieces that we offer.

    So, what makes this rustic bed so special? So many things, but let’s take them one at a time!

    Two sizes to choose from – Whether you need a queen or a king-sized bed, we can accommodate you. With both sizes, you get matching head and footboards with the bold and colorful Copper design and contrast black framework.

    Four wood finishes – Not everybody favors the barnwood look, which is why our weathered pine frame can be finished in a number of different colors. From Weathered Gray, a cool and neutral hue, through to our special Antique Barnwood, a rich and deep shade, you can pick a stain that will help your new bed integrate itself into your home perfectly. The pine used for construction is also expertly aged prior to finishing, to create an inscrutable heritage look.

    Traditional influences – The Copper Mesa bed has been designed with natural rustic landscapes in mind, which is why it works so well in less urban settings. That’s not to say that this isn’t a fabulous addition to even the most contemporary of homes, but it works especially well as a rustic bed in a master bedroom setting, in a lodge, cabin or ranch house.

    An unbelievable warranty – We don’t like to boast, but we don’t know of many other furniture companies that give you a lifetime warranty with your new rustic bed. The question is, how can we? Because we use string materials, crafted by industry leading artisans and we know that our products will stand up to the test of time. Our confidence has to translate into your peace of mind, otherwise we can’t guarantee you satisfaction, which is why we ship your new Copper Mesa bed for free, within the contiguous 48 states, and with a lifetime warranty in place.

    A genuine slice of American craftsmanship, our beds are designed, made and shipped from right here in the USA. When we pack your shipping crate, we take pride in knowing that we have, once again, crafted a piece of legacy furniture that will be handed down to future generations and that when you open your new purchase, your expectations will be entirely exceeded. Because that’s the Log Furniture Place way.

  • A Solution for Every Space

    What transforms a nice range of rustic furniture into a must-have? Great style obviously, but more than that, it’s diversity that allows for individual items to be used in any room of the home. That’s exactly what our Black Granite rustic furniture range offers, with our rustic 4 Drawer Chest being particularly multifunctional.

    Standing at 49” high, this fabulous rustic chest is no shrinking violet, but thanks to the combination of solid wood and marble inserts, it also manages to integrate into a myriad of different living spaces. Imagine a den that needs a blanket and cushions storage solution - this chest would do the job beautifully, while looking great and adding some rustic charm at the same time. In a bedroom, you’ll get four more drawers of valuable stashing potential and we could even see this working well in a bathroom, with toiletries, towels or a mixture of the two being accounted for in the full extension gliding drawers.

    Practicality is one thing but marrying it up with good looks is quite another. We like to think that we’ve mastered the art, especially here, by pairing distressed pine with glamorous marble Formica. The main body of this rustic storage chest has been designed to mimic genuine reclaimed barnwood, but without the price tag, but this is n novelty piece of furniture. Our craftsmen take their time with the distressing, creating faux patina and age with a gentle and sensitive hand, resulting in timber that even we have difficulty in differentiating from the real thing! Your choice of color can then be applied, from a cool aged gray through to a warm honey or antique hue, depending on the rest of your home’s décor.

    Though this chest would have been stunning in its own right with no extra flourishes, we knew that black details, metal strap handles and corner accents and that all-important marble insert would add the right amount of contrast to create something really special. We wanted to give you some creative license as well, however!

    Just because we believe that one insert is enough to add a little extra flavor to our designs, that doesn’t mean that you agree, which is why we give you the option to add Formica to every drawer front, on top of choosing the color finish that you prefer. It won’t even affect your lifetime warranty if you alter the design, as we will build to our same exacting standards, however you configure your new chest.

    We want every step of the process to be as simple as possible for you, which is why we make ordering as easy as a few clicks of your mouse. You can get in touch for more custom options and once everything is decided on, you can either finance your purchase with a transparent Bread agreement or pay directly. From there, you simply have to wait for us to deliver, for free within the contiguous 48 states.

    Simple, satisfying and just once in a lifetime for each piece, because we built to last when we build for you.

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