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  • Serious Storage and So Much More

    Imagine if you could find a piece of furniture that offers amazing storage, looks spectacular and smells divine as well. It’s no longer a fantasy, if you take delivery of one of our Hickory Logger 10 Drawer Log Dressers.

    Built to solve problems

    We know that all storage furniture is designed to offer a solution to the eternal problem of where to put everything, but how many items actually do what they claim to? How often do we see wardrobes with rails that are too flimsy to support a number of coat hangers, or dressers with pitifully few drawers? Well you won’t find that here!

    Part of our wider Hickory Logger collection, the 10 drawer rustic dresser is a fantastic piece of functional and aesthetic furniture that has been considered and built to exacting standards all the way through. We start with hand-peeled aged cedar logs that have character and strength running through them and from there, we ramp up the details.

    If you like your furniture truly rustic and not just paying lip service to a sort of rustic vibe, then this rustic cedar dresser is for you. We let the wood do all the talking, because it’s naturally stunning. Plus, we know that it will ensure seamless integration into any home, from woodland cabins and lodges through to country ranches and even chic urban dwellings.

    We’ve taken a simple concept and made it extra special, with a thick slab top, tactile hickory corner log detailing and if you want to go the extra mile, you can choose our half log drawer handles as well. Don’t go thinking that we’ve only focused on the aesthetics though, as usability is always a primary concern at Log Furniture Place. That’s why you’ll be delighted by the smooth full extension drawer glides, handcrafted drawer boxes and the option to upgrade to dovetail joints. Finally, we give you a choice of three finishes, to make sure that your rustic dresser is exactly as you want it. Love it natural? Then we can supply it unfinished for you. For a warmer hue, choose our Honey finish or simply opt for a clear coat that will seal in all the beauty.

    We know that we didn’t invent the log dresser, but we do think that we are reinventing customer service, with our 20-year warranty that comes as standard with this piece of handcrafted furniture. You may ask why we include this, as well as free shipping within the USA and the answer is simple: because we know that you’ll appreciate it and that it will give you peace of mind that few other companies can.

    We stand beside our products. From design through to completion, we take the time to identify a need and innovate a solution that will perfectly account for it, but with extra style and whole new standards of customer care.

    In short, we are offering you rustic bedroom furniture to last a lifetime, plus a promise of ongoing care and a full range of complementary products.

  • Sleep Like a Log(ger)

    It’s beautiful when two things come together in harmony and that’s what has happened with our Hickory Logger Bed. Not only the product of vision and craftsmanship, this bed is also a happy union of two contrasting yet complementary types of wood – hickory and cedar.

    Not all log furniture is created equal and we are here to prove that today by showing you one of our most striking and highly rated bed frames designs. A perfect marriage of creamy hand peeled northern white cedar and rugged dark hickory logs, there is strength and style in equal measure here, with a 20-year warranty included as well!

    We’ve designed our Hickory Logger Collection to be filled with unique, genuinely rustic pieces that add depth and character to your home, but also function to a higher standard than you would normally expect, hence the extensive warranty. Our team of wood artisans craft exemplar furniture for us every day and have an intrinsic understanding of the importance of structurally sound, comfortable and reliable pieces, which is why if it isn’t right, it doesn’t leave our workshop.  When your new hickory log bed arrives, you can be reassured that it has passed all of our stringent quality checks.

    An option for every bedroom

    We know that designing a covetable rustic bed is just the start of the process, as we need to be able to offer a variation of it to as many of you as possible. After all, what’s the use in finding your dream rustic bed, only to discover that it is only available in a twin size? We are pleased to offer five sizes, ranging from twin all the way through to Californian king, but what is included?

    We leave our cedar log bed unfinished, as the natural wood is beautiful enough on its own, but we can apply a clear or Honey finish for you if you prefer. Bear in mind that there is nothing but wood on display with this bed, so any color you add will be repeated over a fairly expansive area.

    Your package will contain a striking pair of hickory log adorned head and footboards, spindled double side rails and mattress support slats, ready for you to top them with your preferred style of sleeping surface. Please note that in our pictures, we have styled the bed with a low-profile box spring mattress, so if you choose something that sits higher, the finished aesthetic may vary from our catalog image.

    When it comes to log bedroom furniture, we naturally don’t think there is any such thing as too much. That being said, this hickory bed will absolutely be able to stand alone as the most eye-catching item in your boudoir. If you do prefer to coordinate your suite a little more however, we have an extensive range of matching pieces available, as well as rustic accessories that can add even more charm to your space. Our lamps selection is a particularly nice place to start!

  • Hung, Drawered and Gorgeous

    Jumpers and t-shirts can take care of themselves, but when you need hanging space and your bedroom is a testament to all things rustic and stunning, you need a log wardrobe designed, built and shipped by passionate wood experts. That’s us, here at Log Furniture Place and we have the perfect rustic wardrobe to fulfill your needs.

    Wow factor wardrobe design

    We don’t; want to speak ill of competitors, but we’ve found that often as not, rustic wardrobes tend to stray into the realms of almost novelty furniture. Something about the proportions, aesthetics and functionality never seem to marry perfectly, which is why we took our time and kept things simple with ours. We think you’ll agree that our Cedar Lake 2 Drawer Log Wardrobe is a masterclass in understated rustic chic that lets the wood steal  the show.

    For the main body, we wanted strength and simplicity, which is why we’ve used hand peeled logs for the corners and a solid 1” thick top. The doors and drawer fronts, we’ve kept effortlessly chic, with the only adornments being those naturally ingrained in the wood. Knots, beetle tracks and burls have been deliberately kept, to inject plenty of character into the end product, regardless of whether you choose a colored or clear finish.

    Our rustic armoire comes with a clear coat as standard, but you can choose from a warm Honey or rich Vintage Whiskey, if you have specific color schemes in place that you’re working to. You can also customize the functionality of the inside. If your log armoire needs more than just a hanging rail, you can choose to add an adjustable shelf and if standard drawer boxes aren’t for you, upgrade to our dovetail option.

    Consider bespoke carpentry

    For many people, a log wardrobe is simply a practical piece of rustic furniture, but you can make it a worthy centerpiece in your rustic bedroom design. With amply hanging space and two generous drawers, we doubt you’ll need much more storage, but if you could use an extra drawer, for example, why not get in touch and start a conversation about something bespoke, but based on this existing design?

    It’s not through good fortune that we have assembled a team of fantastically talented crafts people. We are careful to only work with the best and most invested artisans and with every wardrobe being made to order, it would be our pleasure and certainly no inconvenience to add some special features, just for you. Extra drawers? No problem! More shelves? Easy. Dual hanging rails? Not even a challenge. As long as it is what you want and need, we will always try to find a way to accommodate you.

    Did you know that you can now finance your cedar log armoire and all of our other furniture items too? We have partnered with Bread to offer you a fast, easy and secure way to spread the cost of lifetime rustic furniture items such as this one, so why not take a look and see if you could benefit from a transparent financing solution that could unlock your dream bedroom?

  • Don't Lose Sleep Over Your Bedroom Storage

    It’s one thing to account for all your clothes and accessories in your bedroom, but quite another to ensure that you have some personal storage, within easy reach of your bed. That’s where one of our Cedar Lake Cabin 3 Drawer Log Nightstand design comes into play. Or maybe two…if you are a fan of bedroom symmetry.

    Crafted from stunning white cedar logs, each of which has been carefully selected and hand peeled, to maintain the organic beauty and strength of the material, we think you’ll fall in love with the rustic charm of this cabin nightstand that really does bring the best of the outdoors into your bedroom. Aside from the fact that it looks undeniably stunning, radiating warmth and character from every angle, it is immensely practical as well.

    The storage you didn’t know you needed

    If you’re someone who takes a more minimal approach to bedroom décor, you might think that you don’t need a pair of cedar log nightstands. That’s understandable but bear with us for one second! Where do you keep your evening reading material? Your contact lenses or glasses? A glass of water for in the night and even your bedroom lamp? With one of our bedside night stands, you’ll never need to worry about any of those things again. And we do mean never, as you will enjoy a lifetime warranty with your purchase.

    Log furniture can be an incredible addition to any interior design scheme, not just a rustic one. Picture a contemporary home, bright and unfussy, with just a few solid wood pieces. Gorgeous, right? Now imagine a traditional cabin, chock-full with hand peeled log furniture items. Perfection! Though you can make a few choices that will guarantee a really symbiotic fit with your home.

    Half-log drawer fronts make for a more earthy and rustic nightstand, though our flat fronted handles are just as stunning, only in a more sleek and contemporary way. Stick with our clear finish to let the cedar really speak for itself or add a Honey or Vintage Whiskey stain to add some color and depth. Finally, let us know if you’d prefer dovetail drawer construction, as we are more than happy to oblige. After all, this is a lifetime investment and a key part of your bedroom furniture, so you want it to be right.

    As sturdy as it looks, our Cedar Lake nightstand has presence and charm in equal measure and naturally compliments a huge range of our other rustic bedroom furniture pieces, from beds and storage chests through to wardrobes and side tables. It also ships free, within the contiguous 48 states, when you buy another small freight item alongside it, or as part of a bigger order with a large freight item.

    We don’t think we can ever say more than the rave reviews for this piece, from verified independent customers, so be sure to check them out, at the bottom of the product page!

  • A Clear Winner For Your Storage Needs

    Why is it that no matter how much storage we have, we always seem to need more? Maybe it’s a self-fulfilling cycle that we buy more things in order to make optimum use of our storage furniture? Either way, you’ll definitely struggle to overflow our Cedar Lake Cabin 6 Drawer Log Dresser.

    Built to last

    When you buy rustic furniture, we know that you’re looking for a piquant blend of character, charm and durability. After all, if you simply needed somewhere to hide your clothes away and durability wasn’t an issue, you would plump for some flatpack, wouldn’t you?

    Offered with a generous warranty, our rustic cedar dresser perfectly combines huge storage potential with incredible looks and peace of mind. That’s a rare combination, but it’s the cornerstone of everything we create here at Log Furniture Place. So how can we offer such a generous warranty?

    Firstly, we have total faith in our craftsmen and their construction skills. Secondly, our designs are sturdy and created with longevity on mind, right from conception. Finally, we have used naturally aged northern white cedar as our material of choice, thanks to its strength and organic beauty. We have no desire to hide the wood itself either, which is why we select every log before peeling it by hand and revealing the creamy surface below.

    Uniqueness, guaranteed

    When we hand peel our cedar logs, we leave some of the inner bark in place, as well as knots and beetle tracks, to give you a truly unique item of furniture. Some competitors might try to imitate the ageing process, but we know that there is no substitute for the real thing, especially when you are building a rustic dresser that will be a focal point in a room.

    We ask you to take a more involved role in spec’ing your log dresser, just so that you know you have opted for the most perfect finished product possible. We know you’ll love every incarnation that we offer but giving you the chance to make the final decisions is important and goes a long way towards guaranteeing your satisfaction.

    With all that in mind, you can choose from three finishes (one being our standard clear), as well as two equally beautiful drawer handle styles. For the full rustic chest look, we recommend our half-log handles, but to scale the style back a little, our flat drawer fronts are ideal. We have just one more element that you can alter and that’s your drawer construction. For a small surcharge, we can have our master craftsmen finish your pull-outs with dovetail joints.

    Generous in terms of storage capacity, built to the highest standards and with coordinating items freely available, we know that just one of our 6 drawer dressers won’t be enough. Great for every bedroom, perfect for a bathroom and even stylish in the lounge, thanks to the chunky 1” thick top that makes for an excellent sideboard, we are proud to put our name to this design and even more proud to deliver it to your home.

  • Always Aim High With Your Storage

    Striking the perfect balance between practicality, beauty and industry-leading craftsmanship, our Cedar Lake Cabin 6 Drawer Log High Boy Chest is the rustic dresser you’ve always wanted and that your home so desperately needs.

    Part of our extensive Cedar Lake range of rustic furniture, we know that you’ll appreciate the time and care that went into selecting the best naturally aged Northern White Cedar logs, before hand peeling them to reveal the stunning beauty within. Leaving all of the organic beauty of the log intact, this process allows the knots, character and some inner bark to remain, in a bid to amplify the simply breath-taking look of the wood itself. From here, it’s a simple case of using the material respectfully, to create useful storage furniture that makes the most of nature’s bounty and that’s what we’ve done here.

    A world of potential

    A cedar log chest is something that we think needs little introduction, nor does it need to be pigeonholed into one room. Yes, this rustic chest would be a phenomenal addition to any master bedroom, offering ample clothing storage, but what about adding it to a bathroom, living room or even a deconstructed kitchen space? Expertly built storage is needed everywhere and with the cedar offering such pleasing aesthetics, there are no limits as to where you could make good use of a high boy with multiple drawers. Especially when you can customize your purchase a little. Actually, you can personalize as much as you like, by getting in touch with us and asking about extra touches, but we offer a few ready-to-select options on the product page, just to make ordering as simple as possible.

    Each rustic high boy chest will be entirely unique, thanks to the hand peeling process that allows each log to shine through, but you can put your own stamp on the 1” solid top and drawers. Choose from a clear, Honey or Vintage Whiskey indoor finish, applied by hand, before making some decisions about your drawer boxes. Do you prefer standard or dovetail construction? Would flat drawer fronts be better for your wider interior design scheme, or do half-log designs excite you more? The choices are yours and the application is our pleasure, with none of your preferences affecting our commitments to quality and you as a customer.

    However you spec your log dresser, it will arrive via free shipping (within the contiguous 48 states) and with a lifetime warranty on place. We can offer such peace of mind because we choose our people based on their talent and commitment and we know that every item that leaves us will have been built to the most exacting standards possible and with a hearty dose of domestic pride as well. When you support this US business, we return the favor by designing, crafting and supplying the best rustic furniture that you’ll ever buy.

    If you need a little extra convincing, just take a look at our reviews…they say more than we ever could!

  • Cabin Fever - In a Good Way!

    We know that the phrase ‘cabin fever’ usually brings to mind negative connotations, but once you’ve drunk in the exquisite detailing of our Cedar Lake Twin over Full Log Bunk Bed, we think you’ll understand why we are changing the definition!

    Of course, you don’t need a cabin of your own to enjoy rustic designs that bring the outside indoors and we think you will come down with a serious case of cabin-style furniture fever that can only be cured by treating your home and loved ones to the finest quality items that they will have ever seen.

    A statement for any bedroom

    Not all bunk beds are created equal and this point has never been so clear as it is when looking at our rustic bunk bed designs, particularly our Cedar Lake Twin option, but there’s much more to this piece than just gorgeous looks.

    Firstly, you’ll want to know that your sleeping furniture is as secure, sturdy and safe as possible and with our cedar bunk bed, you don’t need to worry. We use mortise and tenon construction to ensure a rigid finish that can support up to 600 pounds and, thanks to the traditional methodology, doesn’t sacrifice rustic appeal for modern safety standards. You’ll also want ease of use and placement with something as chunky as a cabin bunk bed, which is why we have taken that into consideration and included two integrated ladders, one at each end, to combat potentially awkward room layouts.

    Let’s get back to those amazing aesthetics now. This is a hand peeled log bunk bed, meaning that it is entirely constructed from hand peeled cedar logs, to maximize the visual impact. Knots and dark cambium patches remain in place for character and guarantee you that nobody in the world will have a carbon-copy of your investment. This is almost unheard of in modern commerce, but it’s something we are exceptionally proud to be able to offer our discerning customers. A cedar bunk bed might not be hard to find, but a hand peeled version, with one-off markings and artisan craftsmanship? That’s rare!

    Tell us what you want

    We like to think that our designs are among the best in the world, but we know that you might want to tweak a few elements here and there. Go right ahead! If we can land on absolute perfection in terms of finish, storage and support panels, then let’s start a conversation.

    As this is a generous size, making it suitable for use in a spare room as an adult bunk bed, you can afford to think a little more about your preferences, rather than giving the kids free reign. So, if you’d prefer a Honey or Vintage Whiskey finish, let us add that for you. Need some drawers for underneath? We can oblige and if you want mattress support panels, just for added peace of mind, they’re yours!

    Add in a lifetime warranty and free shipping within the USA and we think you’ll agree that a touch of non-coronavirus related cabin fever sounds pretty good right now!

  • Investing in Your Sleep

    If we told you that you could source a stunning new Mossy Oak bed, crafted from reclaimed timber and wrapped up in a lifetime guarantee for good measure, would you believe us? Well read on to find out more about the Mossy Oak Natchez Trace Reclaimed Bed that offers all of this and so much more.

    A dream partnership

    We've come together with our good friends over at Mossy Oak to design and create a range of stunning rustic furniture pieces that we know you're going to love. Whether you're furnishing a traditional home, a cabin or even a lodge, we know you'll appreciate our commitment to repurposing reclaimed barn wood, while bringing new and exciting designs to life.

    Every piece of rustic furniture in the range has been created to fulfill a purpose and to do so to the very highest standards, as a perfect example of both ours and Mossy Oak's commitment to customer satisfaction. That's how we can offer lifetime warranties on our designs, including this reclaimed wood bed.

    A worthy centerpiece

    We aren't prone to empty bragging, so when we say that we think we've hot upon a truly gorgeous designed rustic bed here, you know we mean it.

    A genuine barn wood bed, the construction of the frame is focused around the use of centuries-old timber that tells a story with every age mark and patina spot. The most notable element, however, is the striking contrast between different timber colors. This is no easy feat to pull off, as various timbers need to be sourced in order to create the tri-color look, because we respect the materials we source and we only want to add a clear finish for protection. Altering the tone of our timber is not on the cards here.

    We are careful to source genuine barnwood bed materials. While lesser operations are content to choose barn wood aged for only 50 years or even less, we always strive to have at least a century's worth of history and strength in our timber. That's how we can ensure that our team of master craftsmen are able to build our Natchez Trace Reclaimed Bed in a range of sizes, from queen and king through to California king, with each and every one being covered by that all-important lifetime guarantee.

    So, what do you get with your new rustic bed? A headboard, footboard, side rails and support slats. We don't charge extra for the slats or make then an add-on, unlike plenty of our competitors, because we want your ordering process to be as simple as possible. We want you to see a thumbnail that piques your interest, click on it, fall in love and click to order. It should be that simple, unless you want something custom, in which case, let's talk!

    To complete the Mossy Oak look, can we be bold and suggest a set of camo bedding? We think you'll agree that it's the perfect finishing touch!

  • Bedroom Beauty in Barn Wood

    Beautiful rustic beds? We make plenty of them but for something a bit different, take a look at our Mossy Oak Natchez Trace Reclaimed Chiffonier. The ideal solution for when you need bedroom storage but want to keep things neat and relatively modest, but still gorgeous stylish and eye-catching.

    A touch of the exotic

    Anybody can design a wardrobe, but combining a hanging section, various drawers and a rustic aesthetic takes extra skill, especially when the material being used will be reclaimed timber. Partnering with our friends from Mossy Oak, we are proud to be able to offer this amazing reclaimed wood dresser that draws on barn wood chest imagery.

    No barn wood chifferobe would be complete without piquant little finishing touches that transform what could have been a perfectly charming Mossy Oak dresser into a piece of statement furniture that can transform the entire aesthetic of a bedroom. In the case of this lovely design, forged metal strap handles and the naturally gorgeous wood being used make all the difference.

    Bringing out the beauty of barn wood

    We could have gone a few ways with our Mossy Oak chest. For example, we could have decided to offer different color finishes, but instead, we wanted to allow the organic beauty of the timber speak for itself. With this in mind, we don't try to remove any of the genuine patina or age marks and finish the entire design by hand, with just a clear finish. The result is a barnwood dresser that offers an impressive amount of storage potential and looks breath-taking.

    Storage solutions that work

    The Mossy Oak chifferobe benefits from a variety of storage solutions all being brought together in one harmonious design. Of course, the wardrobe cabinet is key, with space for hanging trousers, jackets and dresses, but it's the variety of drawers that really offer organizational excellence.

    A large base drawer is perfect for bulkier items, such as sweaters and sweatshirts, with the small side panel drawers being ideal for underwear, socks and other accessories. We believe that even the smallest of bedrooms could be made to feel exponentially larger and more organized with one of our chiffoniers in place and the top is a perfect bonus shelf as well.

    Brimming with American heritage, practicality and beauty, the Mossy Oak armoire could be either the ideal finishing touch to an already rustic interior design scheme or a natural jumping off point in a re-design. As with all of our beautiful furniture items, shipping is free within the USA and you can rest easy wit the extra peace of mind that our limited lifetime warranty offers.

    The storage you need, finished in a style you love that will last a lifetime. We don't think it gets any better than that!

  • The Art of a Good Night’s Sleep

    For a statement bed that looks as good as it feels, few pieces of furniture can rival our Rocky Creek Barn Wood Highland Panel Bed. Dramatic, alluring and crafted from reclaimed timber, it makes a statement in any bedroom and ensures a fantastic night’s sleep for anyone lucky enough to climb on and snuggle under the duvet.

    No two will ever be ever the same

    There’s only one thing better than a beautiful piece of rustic furniture that will cause a great deal of envy in your friends and family and that’s an item that has been made specifically for you, to your specifications. Add in genuine barn wood, ensuring it can never be entirely replicated and suddenly, the exclusivity of your lifetime purchase becomes a real boast-worthy point. And it is a once-in-a-lifetime buy when you choose Log Furniture Place, because our stunning Rocky Creek barnwood bed comes with a lifetime guarantee. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love it and that it will support you long after lesser offerings would be able to.

    Available in three size options and with or without extra slats, to let you choose the style of mattress needed, despite being beautifully stoic in style, this is an adaptable barn wood panel bed frame. That will be perfect when accentuated with either rustic or modern bedding.

    Unique qualities and green considerations

    So, what makes barn wood bed frames so special? It’s the innate character and heritage that they all possess, thanks to being crafted from specially selected antique wood that has been salvaged from traditional old buildings. Every nail hole and rough saw mark adds to the story of the wood itself and gives your new bed a sense of history already. Though it is possible to imitate a barn wood aesthetic, nothing beats the real thing and let’s not overlook the significant sustainable credentials as well.

    We recognize that environmental concerns need to be at the forefront of every business, which is why we are devoting as much time and energy to sourcing sustainable, ethical material as we do to designing show-stopping furniture. After all, why take the time to visualize and craft something exceptional if the material it is made from isn’t held to the same standards? We want you to feel drawn to your new barnyard bed and almost unable to take your eyes off of it, while also feeling buoyed by the fact that it is contributing to a more ethical world.

    Our pledge to you

    When you buy a Rocky Creek Barn Wood Highland Panel Bed, you’re choosing more than a sturdy rustic bed with a large statement headboard – you’re giving us the opportunity to make a one-off item just for you, finished by hand and delivered, free of charge.

    A beautiful addition to any modern, rustic or heritage home, this reclaimed timber bed speaks volumes about American design and what we, as a company stand for. It’s all about quality, pride and exceeding your expectations, which we know that this barnwood platform bed will do, in spades.

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