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  • Create a Log Cabin Getaway with Rustic Decor

    Create an Easy Rustic Bedroom with Bedding SetsLog cabins have long been associated with living the simple life and the coziness and comfort that comes with being sequestered from the crazy pace of the modern world. With the right accessories, you can bring this feeling to your home even if you live on a busy street in suburbia. The Arcadia Rustic Bedding Set gets you started with an eye-catching combination of simple colors and bold designs that make rustic decor really pop.

    Tailored for queen and king beds, the Arcadia Rustic Bedding Set includes a duvet, a bedskirt, two pillow shams, a bedrunner and one unique envelope-style accent pillow. Each is made from soft yet sturdy fabric. A “Panama Tobacco” shade of cotton takes center stage for the duvet while the three-paneled bedskirt is made from “Gravel Plaid,” a dark brown pattern reminiscent of tweed with a polyester, rayon and cotton mix that stands the test of time. Each stunning red and black Arcadia sham is fashioned from polyester and complemented by the double-sided bedrunner, also in Arcadia style.

    With the envelope pillow, you get a two-toned accent featuring light Gravel Plaid with “Suave Black” folded over the top, affixed using brass accent studs with a large metal button in the center. These designs work together to complement log cabin furniture with a unique sense of beauty. To make the bedrunner match this pillow instead of the shams, simply flip it over to reveal more light brown fabric in the Gravel Plaid style.

    This beautiful collection is made to accentuate log furniture with its rustic colors and bold patterns. Using a stunning contrast between black, red, white and tan, the Arcadia Rustic Bedding Set becomes the star of the bedroom. Light woods like cedar and pine balance out the vivid tones. Barnwood, teak and walnut add complementary dark shades. Choose your favorite wood in designs that speak to you to create a bedroom space that makes you feel as comfortable as if you were drifting off to sleep in the log cabin you’ve always dreamed of.

  • Aspen Furniture Creates One-of-a-Kind Bedroom Style

    Make Beds the Center of Attraction!Aspen furniture is more than just a way to adorn your home. Its unique gnarled appearance makes a statement that takes bedroom design to a whole new level. If you’re a fan of rustic pieces, you can’t go wrong with the Aspen and Barnwood Bed. Nothing shows your bold sense of style like the combination of hand-peeled aspen logs and reclaimed pieces of barnwood handcrafted with care into a bed frame that instantly becomes the star of any bedroom set.

    Rugged five to seven inch logs form the corner posts of the Aspen and Barnwood Bed. With single or double log side rails to run between them, you have a sturdy foundation for your mattress and box spring set. Custom made metal brackets affix the rails to the headboard and footboard to ensure strength. If you’d prefer to surround your existing bed frame with this beautiful combination of wood types, the bed can be made in a corral style that features sturdy lag bolt fasteners.

    One fun thing about handmade log beds is the ability to customize the finished product to match your personal tastes. Smooth aspen logs create one type of look while extra gnarly logs bring to mind the trees of the deep woods. Protect your favorite style with clear finish or give it a hint of honey glaze. All styles are available in a variety of sizes from twin to California king, each featuring the stunning personality of reclaimed wood.

    Build a complete bedroom collection with matching pieces from the Aspen and Barnwood collection. Choose a nightstand or two in an enclosed style or opt for models with two or three drawers for added storage. Coordinating chests and dressers are perfect for keeping your clothes in order. Whether you need a simple four-drawer option or have enough to fill one with ten drawers, your new barnwood furniture will look amazing with the bed. Cap it all off with a wall mount mirror for a complete set that draws the eye and makes your bedroom one of a kind.

  • Make Aspen Furniture the Focus of the Bedroom

    These Nightstands are Head TurnersIf you’re looking for simplicity in bedroom design, cabin decor is a great choice. Inherently rugged and infused with the beauty of the great outdoors, pieces like the Midnight Dark Aspen 1 Drawer Log Nightstand add beauty and functionality to your personal space. Each nightstand is built using solid aspen logs and features the quality you’d expect from handcrafted furniture.

    Nightstands serve two purposes in the bedroom. One, they balance out beds, dressers, vanities and other pieces that would otherwise overwhelm the room with their size. Two, they provide the storage you need for small items such as pens and paper, remote controls and reading glasses. With the Midnight Dark Aspen 1 Drawer Log Nightstand, you get your choice of a flat or half-log front for the single drawer along with a solid lower shelf that can be used to hold books, magazines or home decor items. The drawer slides in and out on full-extension ball bearing glides rated at 75lbs. Along with dovetail box construction, this ensures long-lasting, reliable stability.

    You can enjoy the Midnight Dark Aspen 1 Drawer Log Nightstand without guilt knowing that all the logs were harvested sustainably from dead-standing timbers. Using trees at the ends of their life cycles preserves forest environments and ensures the maximum amount of unique aspen character for each nightstand. Take a close look and you’ll find the designs that developed as each tree grew, including knots and warps as well as beetle holes and superficial cracks. Enjoy these characteristics as is or opt for a honey finish that deepens the wood color to make a bold statement.

    Making rustic furniture a fixture of your bedroom creates a style that’s unique and beautiful. Choose matching pieces such as dark aspen beds, dressers and chests for a cohesive, beautiful look that you can enjoy each night as you head off to sleep. Turn your bedroom into a rustic getaway with a full complement of rugged, beautiful furniture. The strength of aspen ensures longevity while its timeless look will never go out of fashion.

  • Create a Unique Bedroom Space with Aspen Furniture

    Beds made of Aspen MaterialsWhat is it about aspen furniture that draws attention? Perhaps it’s the “gnarly” nature of the logs, each showing off its own set of knots and twists, accented by makings put there by nature. These special characteristics stand out even more when logs are fashioned into pieces such as the Rustic Aspen Log Canopy Bed. Careful hand-peeling brings out the best that the wood has to offer and makes this bed a stunning choice for bedrooms of any size.

    Using massive six- to seven-inch aspen logs, craftsmen create the legs of the Rustic Aspen Log Canopy Bed and build a log frame with the option of single or double log side rails. Joins in the classic mortise and tenon style create a strong bed that lasts lifetime. The individual nature of the logs means that your bed will be different from any other, even those of the same model. You’ll enjoy unique lodge decor whether you choose light or dark aspen logs. Go for “extra gnarly” logs if you want an even more interesting design.

    Whether you choose queen, king or California king, you’ll get an impressive bed with the space you need for a comfortable night’s sleep. If you want to add more function to your bed, add an under bed dresser with flat or half-log drawer fronts. Larger bed sizes have up to eight drawers for storing clothing, linens and other necessities for safekeeping and to control clutter. Having items such as sheets and quilts close at hand makes tidying the bed easy and gives you more time to relax.

    To complete the look of these stunning log beds, you have a choice of standard clear lacquer finish or honey glaze. The honey color looks especially nice over light aspen as it deepens the tone just a bit and adds a warm glow that makes you bedroom even more inviting. With its open canopy style and log accents at head and foot, the Rustic Aspen Log Canopy Bed is just what you need to make your personal space unique.

  • Barnwood Furniture Beautifies the Bedroom

    DrNightstands with Copper Insetsiving past an old barn or other aging structure, it's hard to imagine that the weathered wood in these buildings could become beautiful rustic decor. When salvaged and placed in the hands of skilled craftsmen, rugged boards and planks become pieces like the Sonora Copper Inset Enclosed Nightstand. Every mark in the original wood from nail holes to knots remains visible in the finished piece, giving it a unique look that can't be duplicated.

    When you place the Sonora Copper Insert Enclosed Nightstand in your bedroom, you'll immediately see the difference that barnwood furniture can make. Every inch of the piece sports a stunning antique look given to the wood from years of changing weather conditions. The old barn you drove by on your way to work could one day become a piece just like this, complete with variations in color throughout its surface. There's something special about the rough-sawn appearance that brings to mind the cozy feeling of old-fashioned cabins and makes you more comfortable in your own space.

    Solid barnwood beams create the basis for a stunning nightstand design in this handcrafted piece. Each side is made up of barnwood planks with a solid top to cap it off. In the front, you'll find just the right amount of storage for bedroom necessities. The drawer features a solid interior and a twisted wrought iron pull handle. On the door, a raised rectangle of wood catches the eye and complements the iron knob. Choose right or left orientation for the hinge to ensure that the nightstand works perfectly as part of your bedroom layout.

    Using a clear catalyzed lacquer finish, the craftsmen behind the Sonora Copper Insert Enclosed Nightstand preserve the singular appearance of this wood furniture. Copper insets provide just the right finishing touch for a bedroom design that takes full advantage of the beauty of barnwood. More than just a place to stash the TV remote and whatever book you've been reading before bed, this lovely nightstand is made to be a lasting part of your home's design.

  • Choose Rustic Decor for a Unique Bedroom

    Aspen Beds with Iron AccentsFinding a sturdy bed with the right rugged look to bring charm to your rustic bedroom isn't always easy. You want something with a unique design that catches the eye, but it also has to be comfortable and well-built. The Iron Arrow Aspen Log Bed combines all of these characteristics in a sturdy handmade piece of rustic decor that makes any bedroom more beautiful. A strong iron frame and aspen log accents give you the durability you're looking for without compromising on style.

    Starting with solid iron, the makers of the Iron Arrow Aspen Log Bed create a frame made to support a mattress in one of four standard bed sizes. More iron is used in the headboard and footboard, fashioned into straight beams that attach to hand-peeled aspen log legs at each corner. Sanded just enough to have a smooth surface, these logs retain their natural characteristics and give the bed a rugged appearance that makes it perfect for cabins and lodges. Choose regular aspen for a traditional look or go with "extra character" logs to bump up the personality of the piece with more natural knots, burls and insect tracks.

    Arranged between the iron beams at the head and foot of the bed, you'll find three pairs of criss-crossed arrows. These unique iron accents are what makes the piece stand out from other log beds. It's a design that works not only in cabin-themed rooms but also as part of Western designs, Southwestern styles and hunting motifs. Choose rusted, black or brown finish and complement it with clear or honey finish on the aspen logs for just the right look.

    Complete with log side rails and support slats, the Iron Arrow Aspen Log Bed is built to give you a comfortable place to sleep every night for years to come. Make it the central focus of a bedroom theme that includes other aspen pieces and iron accents, dress it up with a cozy bedding set in the theme of your choice and enjoy your new log cabin furniture.

  • Bedding Sets Create Cozy Nurseries in No Time

    Build the Best Nursery with Bedding SetsAre you anticipating a new addition to the family? Though caring for a baby can be hectic, it's also one of the most joyful stages of parenthood. You get to watch as your little one discovers the world, learning and growing more each day. Give your baby a comfortable start with the Soho Blue and Brown 9 Pc Crib Bedding Set. Complete with everything from crib sheets to window valances, this set turns a bare nursery into a cozy bedroom in no time with its attractive country decor style.

    Sleep is one thing that many parents wish their babies did more of. The Soho Blue and Brown set encourages this with a comfortable combination of machine washable micro suede and subdued colors. The patterns are simple with alternative squares and bars of sky blue, chocolate brown and caramel brown appearing on each piece. Sizes to fit all cribs, this set makes it easy to create a coordinated look for your nursery without having to shop around at dozens of stores before the baby arrives. Get the crib ready with a fitted sheet, comforter, bumper, decorative pillow and crib skirt; get ready for daily changing with the diaper stacker and fill up the toy bag with baby-friendly entertainment and you'll be all set.

    This rustic crib bedding also offers a few extra accessories if you're looking for a more complete nursery style. Window valances come standard in chocolate brown with a stripe of blue at the bottom. Add a hamper to hold baby's dirty clothes and keep them in order until laundry day or choose the cute musical mobile with hanging stars to place over the crib and soothe baby to sleep at night.

    Blue is often associated with baby boys, but baby girls will enjoy the Soho Blue and Brown 9 Pc Crib Bedding Set as well. When paired with wood furniture, this simple set creates a style suitable for your little one from his or her first days until it's time to graduate to a "big kid" bed.

  • Aspen Furniture Makes Any Bedroom Stunning

    Beds with a Clear or Honey FinishWhy settle for a basic bed when you can have the unique, attractive look of aspen furniture right in your own home? The Original Aspen Log Bed combines the natural splendor of aspen logs with skilled handcrafting to create a beautiful, comfortable bed. With both dark and light aspen styles to choose from, you can select the bed design that's right for your home's design.

    All five sizes of The Original Aspen Log Bed start with a frame of hand-peeled logs harvested from dead-standing trees. Sturdy 5"-7" logs make up the legs and provide support at each corner of the bed. Single log side rails stretch between these from headboard to footboard to form a strong foundation for your mattress or box spring set. At the ends of the bed, you'll find a series of shorter aspen logs arranged in a vertical row between top and bottom rails. These form eye-catching head and foot designs that are made even more attractive with the addition of a honey finish. If you prefer to enjoy the natural color of the aspen wood, choose clear finish instead.

    You can rest assured that your new rustic decor will last for many years of comfortable sleeping. Sturdy bolts hold the side rails in place while support slats stretch across the frame of the bed to ensure that the mattress never sags. Upgrade to double log side rails for added support. Aspen is an inherently strong wood, meaning that your new The Original Aspen Log Bed will remain attractive as well as cozy night after night.

    The process of hand-peeling reveals the beauty of aspen that makes these handcrafted log beds so eye-catching. Each log always has a little bit of the tree's inner bark left on it after peeling, so your bed will sport its own unique combination of light and dark colors along with the other accents that naturally develop during the lifetime of an aspen tree. For log beds with even more detail, choose "extra character" aspen logs to add flair to bedroom style.

  • Keep Treasured Blankets Safe with Reclaimed Wood Furniture

    Blanket Chests for the Extra BlanketsDo you have a collection of blankets or toys that doesn't have a safe, permanent home? The Rustic Mountain Barnwood Blanket Chest is the perfect place to put it. Reclaimed barnwood boards stretch between sturdy legs to form a solid rectangular box with a generous 48"x22"x18" worth of space to hold a variety of items. This rustic decor is topped off by a hinged door that forms a solid top when the chest is closed.

    You'll find rugged rounded log legs at each corner of the chest, their shape adding contrast to the sharper lines of the main body. If you prefer a more complementary appearance, square legs may be chosen instead. For a classic look and feel, add a cedar lining. This not only brings charm to the chest, but it also gives everything stored inside a pleasant natural scent. Enjoy this unique smell each time you open the chest to put something away or take something out.

    Use the Rustic Mountain Barnwood Blanket Chest in your bedroom to hold extra blankets for those chilly nights or to keep heirloom quilts safe and sound. When placed at the end of the bed, this stunning reclaimed wood furniture complements rustic nightstands and other cabin or lodge accessories. The light honey finish provides a beautiful backdrop for three pine tree silhouettes, arranged slightly off-center to create a classic woodland accent. Choose a chest with or without this accent depending on the look that you want and enjoy the stunning style of this well-crafted furniture.

    When you incorporate barnwood furniture into your home's decor, you get one-of-a-kind pieces with charm, personality and flair. Reclaimed boards always feature slightly different styles depending on how long they spent in the elements. You'll enjoy a pattern of knots and beautiful varying lines in the grain along with colors including brown, red-brown and even shades of gray. Your unique Rustic Mountain Barnwood Blanket Chest is built to last, so you can store anything you want in it and it will be up to the task.

  • Country Decor Brings the Deep Woods Indoors

    Bedding Sets that Feel Like the OutdoorsWalking in the deep woods brings new sights and sounds at every turn. One trail may lead through spindly birches while another takes you past towering pines that have been growing for decades. As you walk, you'll hear birds calling and small animals chattering to one another from all directions. The Crestwood Pinecone Bedding Set is made to echo the experience of being immersed in nature, bringing all the best characteristics of a woodland walk to your country decor.

    With four standard sizes to choose from, this set combines tweed, houndstooth, faux leather and microsuede fabrics in a complete package to dress up any bedroom. The basic set includes a comforter and bedskirt, one or two pillow shams and an attractive accent pillow. Other accessories and decor items can be added to enhance the style, including a neckroll pillow and a pillow with a central button design. Other unique throw pillow options include an envelope style and one that features a "frame" of fabric around a pine cone design.

    Houndstooth check patterns, deep chocolate brown colors and a repeating motif of pine cones and branches characterize the style of the Crestwood Pinecone Bedding Set. Adding a pinecone duvet brings balance to the design and looks great with log beds, especially those made out of light woods such as pine and cedar. Darker beds, including aspen and barnwood, provide complementary shades. Pinecone and houndstooth Euroshams are available to dress up your larger pillows and create a more complete natural look.

    Cuddling up in this cozy bedding collection brings to mind the sights and sounds of the woodland walks you love. When you match bedding and other home accessories to your country furniture, you get a bedroom style that brings you comfort and enjoyment for many years. Other Crestwood Pinecone accessories are available separately to complement the bedding set and make the room feel just like the deep woods. Try adding curtains and valances with the pinecone or houndstooth motif or even shower curtains to make your master bath match the bedroom.

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