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  • Subtle Cabin Decor Makes a Beautiful Statement

    Beautiful bedding setsSome cabin decor is meant to catch the eye the moment you walk into a room. Made using bright colors or wood with extreme personality, these pieces are designed to stand out. However, boldness isn't always the best choice when decorating a rustic getaway. Subdued natural shades and subtle woodland designs can be just as beautiful and are often preferable for creating a relaxing atmosphere for your cabin.

    Your bedroom should be the most relaxing room of all. Bedding sets like the Wildlife Venture Bedding Collection are made to complement log beds and give your sleeping area the comfortable feeling necessary for you to get a good night's sleep. The cozy duvet cover features a repeating pattern of moose, deer and elk on a tan background accented here and there with tufts of green grass. A plaid bedskirt with shades of red, black and tan complements this simple, beautiful design.

    You can enjoy the Wildlife Venture Bedding Collection no matter what size bed you have. The basic set is available in twin, full, queen and king as well as super queen, super king and California king. Each comes with the beautiful duvet, coordinating bedskirt and a pair of pillow shams, except for twin which has one sham. Add a stunning Eurosham set for even more rustic style. To make your bed as comfortable as possible, you might want to mix and match from your choice of accent pillows, including an eye-catching leather and suede pillow with a unique embroidered moose design. A plaid lap blanket is also available for keeping you warm on chilly nights.

    The freedom to choose which accents you want in your bedroom is one of the biggest benefits of a bedding set. For example, if you just can't get enough of the Wildlife Venture style, you can add a set or two of olive-colored drapery with plaid valances to complement your cabin furniture. With all of the accessories available, you can add more whenever you like to create a sleeping space that's just right for you.

  • Rustic Decor Opens Up any Room

    Mirrors for the bedroomThere are a lot of little tricks you can use to make small rooms seem bigger. Arranging your furniture to create open spaces can turn a cramped house into a cozy oasis. Mirrors add a sense of depth as well. Redecorating with a mirror such as the Silver Creek Log Wall Mount Mirror is a simple and inexpensive way to change the design of your home. When you include mirrors in your rustic decor, the reflections in the glass trick your eyes into believing there's more to a room.

    Made with the care of skilled craftsmen, the Silver Creek Log Wall Mount Mirror features beautiful natural aspen logs arranged in a basic rectangle. Flattened fronts give the frame a classic look while the natural character of the logs is preserved on the outer edges of the frame. Since every mirror is made with solid natural logs, you'll see beautiful accents that developed over the life cycles of the aspen trees. Burls and knots, twists and curves and even a few insect tracks aren't uncommon in aspen furniture. Clear catalyzed lacquer finishes off the mirror to protect it and ensure longevity. Upgrade to a honey glaze finish for a warm brown tone.

    Mirrors are highly versatile home accents. You can hang your new piece wherever you need an added sense of depth and space. Try placing it in the entryway to welcome guests with a feeling of openness or hang it over an accent table in the living room for a touch of natural beauty. If your bedroom is feeling a little cramped, mirrors look great above dressers and vanity tables. The natural rugged appearance of aspen adds a unique look to any room and elevates your decor to a new level.

    Though simple in its design, the Silver Creek Log Wall Mount Mirror brings a distinctive style to lodges and cabins. Unlike some lodge decor which is designed to grab attention the moment someone walks into the room, this home accent is basic, beautiful and just right for your personal space.

  • Rock Baby to Sleep With Quality Log Furniture

    Comfortable Cradles for the little oneWhen you’re expecting a baby, you want everything to be just right. Whether it’s your first child or you’re adding another member to a growing family, certain preparations need to be made in order for your home to be ready to welcome your new bundle of joy. In the midst of stocking up on clothes, diapers and cleaning supplies, you’re no doubt working on the perfect rustic decor for baby’s nursery.

    A well-designed, comfortable nursery not only greets your baby with a place where he or she can feel safe; it also adds beauty to your home as a whole. Choosing furniture and accessories for baby’s room should be done with the same care you used when decorating the rest of the house. If your aim is rustic style with classic comfort, you can’t go wrong with the Hand Painted Rustic Cradle. This stunning piece of wood furniture features solid reclaimed wood construction and hand-tooled leather accents. Every curve, line and curlicue on the cradle is carved by hand, making your baby’s sleeping space something truly unique.

    The Hand Painted Rustic Cradle is built in a classic rocking design, meant to help lull your baby to sleep even on the most difficult nights. Sturdy side panels with vertical wood slats keep baby safe as he or she slumbers. Carved post legs with swirled accents reach down to two curved rockers that run parallel to the headboard and footboard, creating a rugged base. Arched accents at the head and the foot give the whole cradle an elegant look, with hand carvings at the top and bottom of each panel adding a beautiful finishing touch.

    When you choose this one-of-a-kind cradle, you even get a touch of Western decor for baby’s nursery. Three cowboys are carved into the leather at each end of the piece on your choice of antique brown or turquoise backgrounds. This unique touch is sure to make the Hand Painted Rustic Cradle a family heirloom that you’ll want to hold onto until your children have children of their own.

  • Aspen Furniture Offers Rugged Clothing Storage

    Multiple drawer chests ensure maximum clothing storageWhen you need more clothing storage than your closet can offer, a solidly built chest comes in handy. Chests can be found in a variety of sizes and give you drawer space for everything from socks and delicates to jeans and sweaters. Whether used in a master bedroom, kid’s room or guest room, a chest of drawers keeps clothes safe and ensures that everything has its proper place.

    The Rustic Aspen 4 Drawer Log Chest gives you four sturdy wooden drawers to store all of the clothes that have been overflowing from your closet. Hand-peeled logs accent each corner of the chest and provide sturdy support that keeps the bottom elevated off the floor. Log edging along the top of the dresser adds an extra rustic touch. Good cabin decor is solid, rustic and attractive, which is just what you’ll get when you choose the Rustic Aspen line of furniture. Hand-peeling aspen brings out all of its natural beauty, from knots and twists to variations in wood color and grain patterns.

    All the wood used in the Rustic Aspen dresser comes from sustainable Rocky Mountain forests, so you can feel good about making an environmentally friendly furniture choice that also improves the look of your bedroom. Aspen furniture is rugged as well, as can be seen in the dovetail drawer construction of this dresser. Along with high-quality Euroglides, this ensures reliable storage and smooth drawer operation for the life of the piece.

    With a few simple choices, you can customize your Rustic Aspen dresser to better match the decor of your bedroom. For rooms with a cabin decor style, try opting for half-log drawer fronts rather than flat. This gives the piece a treelike look that makes your whole bedroom appear more rugged. Clear polyurethane finish seals in the unique marbled color of hand-peeled aspen, but you may prefer the bold, dark color of bronze aspen finish instead. Whatever you choose, you can rely on aspen furniture to give you the clothing storage you need in a style that you’ll love.

    All these choices are readily available for only $667.00, and you can get the Rustic Aspen 4 Drawer Log Chest just the way you like it.

  • Hand-Carving Makes for Unique Log Beds

    Choose your preferred headboard carving for your bedsIf you think you know what to expect from log beds, think again. The moment you look at the Alder Creek Alder & Aspen Log Bed, you’ll see how it stands apart from other wood furniture. Though a traditional log style is very beautiful and features many rustic characteristics, the master craftsman behind the Alder Creek bed goes above and beyond to create a stunning piece that will transform any bedroom.

    Sturdy aspen log legs provide support for the Alder Creek bed. You’ll see the telltale style right away, complete with knots and bumps that give the bed a rugged look. These legs create a framework for the alder boards that make up the rest of the piece. Two parallel planks make up the footboard while a single plank runs along either side. However, the headboard is what really sets this bed apart. Made from a large, curved piece of alder wood, the crowning touch of the bed features your choice of hand-carved outdoor scenery. Choose from oak leaves and branches, maple leaves and branches or a mountain scene for a bed that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

    Alder is a little softer than other hardwoods and is therefore ideal for carving. Each detail of the scene you choose stands out, and yet the finished effect is subtle enough that the carving blends into the overall design of the piece. Simple yet beautiful, hand-carved scenery gives the bed a rustic finishing touch that other log furniture can’t match. The result is a cozy, comfortable work of art with the warm brown color of alder and aspen woods as the canvas.

    With twin, full, queen, king and California king sizes to choose from, you can place the Alder Creek bed in any bedroom for a rugged effect. The bigger the bed, the more stunning the impact. Clear pre-catalyzed lacquer finishes off the piece, protecting both the alder wood carving and the beautiful characteristics of the aspen. Enjoy your unique bed today and for many years to come, knowing that wood furniture is built to last.

    Not only do you get a $1,999.00 that will virtually last forever, you get to pick your choice of size as well as headboard carving design for the Alder Creek Alder & Aspen Log Bed.

  • Use Country Furniture to Brighten Up the Home

    These benches come in different fabrics to suit your tasteBright and sunny country decor adds a sense of lightness that makes any room feel more open. Out of all the rooms in your home, the bedroom benefits most from this type of style. Dark, cramped or crowded bedrooms can hinder relaxation, which is the last thing you want when you’re trying to get a good night’s sleep. Rustic furniture made from light woods such as pine and cedar help to achieve an open look.

    If you already have some rustic pieces in place, consider adding occasional furniture to complete the room. The Lakeland Log Occasional Bench features beautiful clean-peeled Northern White Cedar logs and a solid pine seat with your choice of upholstery fabric. If you’re looking for a smoother finish, the logs may be hand-sanded instead before being finished in your choice of clear or light honey glaze. Leaving the bench unfinished creates the most rustic appearance, as it showcases the natural cracks and knots in each log.

    The Lakeland Log bench can be used in other areas of the home to good effect as well. Country furniture makes a lovely first impression in the front hallway and offers a comfortable place for guests to sit while they take off their boots or shoes. Including a bench in your rustic living room setup adds a little country charm and visual interest. With dozens of fabric choices, it’s easy to match the Lakeland bench to the decor of any room.

    Wherever you choose to place your new bench, you’ll love the look it adds to your home. Both Northern White Cedar and pine are naturally light in color, with the added bonus that cedar is also resistant to decay and damage. The woods will darken a bit over time, but the beauty of this simple bench will remain. Sturdy crosspieces and small triangular log supports at each upper corner ensure that you’ll always have a sturdy place to sit. Your living room, entryway or bedroom will be that much more inviting and relaxing with the addition of handcrafted rustic furniture.

    For only $147.00, you already get the Lakeland Log Occasional Bench in its clean peeled wood style and in one of three fabric styles. Learn more by visiting the product's main page.

  • Use Rustic Log Furniture to Add Sleeping Space

    There's just more room when you have daybedsIncluding extra sleeping space in your cabin or lodge can be helpful when guests come to visit. Rather than having to scramble to find room for everyone, you can get things set up before people arrive and make sure that they’ll all be comfortable during their stay. When you don’t have enough space for a dedicated guest bedroom, a Hickory Log Daybed can help. Combining the versatility of a day bed with the beauty of rustic log furniture, the Hickory Log Daybed is a great choice when you need to accommodate visiting friends and family.

    Daybeds are perfect for use anywhere that space is limited, be it a summer cabin or year-round rustic home. During the day, a daybed can function as extra seating. At night, it turns into a comfortable sleeping space. The Hickory Log Daybed takes a twin-size mattress, but also has an optional pop-up trundle to expand the sleeping area. Made from kiln-dried hickory logs joined together with mortise and tenon construction, the bed is built to last. Kiln drying ensures that the already dense hickory reaches a specific moisture content, so the wood won’t warp or crack over time. Careful handcrafting and an eco-friendly clear finish add to the stability.

    Making sure guests are comfortable when they stay overnight is something you’ll never have to worry about with the Hickory Log Daybed. Four sturdy logs with hickory crosspieces and vertical log accents create a rugged frame for the mattress. You’ll find that log beds are not only comfortable; they’re also very reliable.

    There’s a special beauty to log beds that is reflected in the Hickory Log Daybed. When the logs are dried, the bark is left on for a deep overall color that is enhanced when the piece is finished. This dark coloration makes a lovely addition to cabin decor that coordinates well with other rustic log furniture. Whether your cabin is already decked out in dark colors or you’ve furnished your rooms with sunny cedar and pine, hickory will fit right in.

    Get more sleeping space with the Hickory Log Daybed for only $995.00.

  • Accentuate Rusitc Furniture With Eye-Catching Bedding

    These Bedding Sets Offer and Outdoors DesignWhether you’re looking for a way to brighten up your country furniture or you’ve been searching for just the right home decor, a good rustic bedding set can give you what you need. Designed to bring rugged outdoor beauty to every aspect of your bedroom, the River Fishing Bedding & Decor collection offers a comforter set, sheet set, accent pillow, window treatments and even a shower curtain all in the same attractive, woodsy style.

    Perfect for use in any cabin, lodge or cottage, River Fishing bedding lives up to its name with beautiful complementary designs. The 100 percent heavy cotton material of the comforter uses a pattern of deep brown divided into squares by lighter pinstripes to frame the eye-catching “river fishing” fabric. Along this brightly colored strip, a multitude of fish swim and leap through sparkling blue water. A rocky riverbank lined with towering fir trees provides a lovely contrasting backdrop. You’ll find the same pattern on the included pillow shams along with more brown squares on the bedskirt. The tan-colored sheet set sports even more leaping fish, providing both contrast and interesting detail.

    Available in twin, full, queen and king sizes, the River Fishing collection can be used to complement any rustic furniture. With its mix of light and dark colors, the bedding is perfect for cabins, cottages, lodges and more no matter what the size of the bedroom. Add a square accent pillow featuring the same bright river fabric as the comforter for extra outdoor personality. You can further deck out your bedroom with River Fishing curtains and a window valance. The dark brown curtains match the comforter, while the valance adds a splash of color with even more river fabric.

    If your bedroom is a master suite or has its own accompanying bathroom, why not bring the River Fishing style in there as well? An optional 72”x72” shower curtain completes the set, creating a balanced look throughout your bedroom and bathroom areas. Enjoy the feel of the outdoors with this bright and beautiful cabin decor collection.

    Get the entire sheet set of the River Fishing Bedding & Decor collection for only $44.95! Take a look at the rest of the collection and see what more is in store for you!

  • Make Wood Furniture Part of Rustic Bedroom Decor

    Get the nightstands just the way you like themThere are many benefits to having a good nightstand in your bedroom. Nightstands give you a place to put a lamp or nightlight, provide extra storage and help to balance larger furniture pieces such as beds, armoires and chests. If you’re a fan of wood furniture, adding a nightstand allows you to bring a touch of rustic decor to your bedroom layout. A Hickory Logger Nighstand can help you do just that.

    Built from hand-picked Northern White Cedar logs and accented with hickory, the Hickory Logger Nightstand is the perfect complement to other log cabin furniture. Everything about this piece is meant to be rustic. Both the sides and the drawer fronts are crafted in a half-log style, creating an overall rugged look. The solid top is two inches thick and features a natural log edge. Hickory logs with the bark left on function as drawer pulls and create eye-catching decorations on each corner. All of the cedar logs are naturally aged, giving you a sturdy place to put your favorite bedroom accents.

    Full extension glides rated at 100lbs. give strength and stability to each drawer in the Hickory Logger Nightstand. No matter what you have to store or organize, the cedar drawers are up to the task. Tenoned joins reinforce the natural sturdiness of wood furniture, and your choice of clear finish or honey pine finish adds protection to the entire piece. If you prefer, the nightstand may be left unfinished to let the natural state of both cedar and hickory shine through.

    Depending on the look you want and how much storage you need, you can choose one of four attractive nightstand styles. One, two and three drawer models are available as well as an enclosed model if you want a sleeker look. Whatever look you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy the natural accents found on all cedar wood. Gnarls, beetle tracks, burls and more add to the natural beauty of the Hickory Logger Nightstand, bringing more than just simple log cabin furniture to any bedroom setup.

    With so many options to choose from upon purchase, the Hickory Logger Nightstand gives you more value for a discount price of $349.00.

  • Wood Furniture Makes Clothing Storage Easy

    Armoires like these possess both function and formDepending on the size and age of a home, storage can sometimes be a challenge. The older the design, the less likely it is to have enough closet space for things like clothing and linens. This is especially difficult when it comes to the bedroom. Bedrooms should be calm, relaxing spaces that are well-organized and free of clutter. When your bedroom is messy, it’s hard to focus on getting a good night’s rest.

    If closet space is at a premium in your home, consider the benefits of an armoire. Armoires are versatile pieces that combine the hanging space of a closet with the drawer space of a dresser. In the Montana Log Armoire, you get this functionality in the form of an attractive, rugged piece of log furniture. Crafted using solid American-grown pine wood, the Montana armoire brings a bright and sturdy presence to your country decor. Skip-peeled lodgepole pine logs accent flat drawer fronts, log handles and glued edge panels. The draw knife technique used on the logs results in dark spots of contrasting inner bark that contribute to the overall attractive look of the piece.

    You can store just about anything in the Montana Log Armoire. Two large doors with raised panel accents conceal a hanging space complete with a removable dowel for all of your delicate dress clothes. The same space can also be used to organize shoes. Easy glide slides on each of the lower drawers offer smooth operation and quick access to things like jeans, t-shirts and sweaters. Whatever doesn’t fit in your closet can be placed in the armoire instead of in storage bins, or worse, over the backs of chairs.

    Even if you have plenty of room in your closet, an armoire can make a useful addition to country decor. Use it as an entertainment cabinet to hold your TV and other electronics or organize favorite media and games. Wood furniture looks great in many different home styles, so no matter how you use it, the Montana Armoire will bring beauty to your bedroom.

    Get the Montana Log Armoire with a natural wood finish for only $959.97. Check out the other options available with your purchase at the product's main site.

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