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Bring Vintage Country Decor to Your Kitchen

Vintage Art PrintsWhen the kitchen is the center of activity in your home, it creates a warm, inviting bustle of activity that draws family together. This is especially noticeable around the holidays when you begin cooking more elaborate meals and baking up seasonal treats. You might not think of the kitchen as a great place to hang artwork, but by choosing unique and interesting prints to enhance your rustic decor, you can make your kitchen even more welcoming.

Nutmeg by Pamela Gladding is a vintage-style kitchen art print with deep and mysterious appeal. Rendered in shades of brown, tan, gray and green, this unusual print is perfect for hanging by your spice rack or beside the sink. Bold lettering and a distinctive antique design set this print apart from the traditional, folksy artwork found in many kitchens. Its dark coloration looks best in contrast with cream or tan kitchen color schemes and light wood furniture such as cedar or pine.

Looking deep into the layers of imagery in Nutmeg brings to mind visions of the distant lands that explorers once coveted as sources for exotic herbs and spices. Misty mountains rise inside a central circle adorned with a flowing banner that proclaims "Fair Isle" in bold letters. Over to the left, a curious monkey stands as a symbol of uncharted territory. Fronds of palm trees and other foreign plants adorn the rest of the picture.

Well-placed words and lettering bring the look of the Nutmeg print together. A large bar of black with copper-colored leaf designs spans the bottom of the image, serving as a backdrop for the name of the title spice. An old-fashioned brand name appears near the top along with the designation of "imported select spices." The overall look is that of an antiquated spice label and is perfect for drawing attention whether you have it framed when you buy it or choose a frame of your own later on. Adorn your kitchen with this and other unique country decor to enhance its beauty and charm.