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Bringing the Beauty of the Outdoors Inside

We’re not a company to shy away from taking a few design chances and when our talented designers dreamt up the ultimate in beautiful hand carved rustic bed styles, we knew that we had to make it a reality! Seriously, you need to take a seat and prepare to drink in some amazing details here.

We are always looking to create pieces of furniture that satisfy the widest scope of rustic tastes possible and with this timber frame carved bed, we think we have hit the jackpot. Combining our unrivaled talent for wood craftsmanship with next level artistry has led to our nature scene bed that you didn’t know you needed, until now!

We’ve taken a solid and sturdy pine timber frame bed and distressed it just enough to give it some character. From there, things get really interesting with a hand carved headboard that adds some much-needed curve and texture to the overall look and then, out comes the paint box!

It’s one thing to include a hand carved headboard in a rustic bed design but adding a hand painted nature scene turns a stunning piece of bedroom furniture into something that you’ll want to hand down to multiple generations of your family. You can even choose to add a matching footboard, but that’s just one of the many customization options.

You’ll need to decide whether you want a queen or king-size bed frame to start with and from there, prepare to be spoiled for choice! With a staggering 17 motifs to admire, you’ll have a hard decision on your hands in terms of what you want on your headboard, not to mention if you want a matching footboard! Don’t worry, if you prefer to keep things slightly more low-key, you can select our elegant low-profile plain footboard and focus your attention on choosing your ideal finish color instead. We did warn you that we give you as much choice as possible!

We know that this isn’t what you’d call a standard piece of rustic bedroom furniture and as with any investment item, you might be concerned about the price, but we’ve taken that into consideration. We always price fairly, despite injecting hours of artisanal quality and talent into every build and just to take the pressure off even more, we have partnered with Bread to offer you and easy and transparent financing option. Just as with our ordering process, there are no hidden fees or upgrades and you can even pay off your agreement early without incurring a penalty.

As standard, you’ll get your frame, side rails, support slats and your choice of head and footboards in your delivery and we include something extra special with your purchase as well – peace of mind for 20 years. Our two-decade-long warranty tells you more than we ever could about how well made our furniture is, but if you need some extra convincing, just take a look at our reviews, all of which come from verified buyers. We’re not happy unless you’re happy and that’s why we are always striving for perfection.