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Cabin Decor Brings the Deep Woods Home

Sturdy Lamp Sets with a Nice Bronze FinishPicture yourself standing in the deep woods, surrounded by towering pines with the sounds of the forest around you. Wouldn't it be nice to take the peace you find in that place and bring it home? While having the Autumn's Light Accent Lamp Set as part of your rustic decor isn't the same as taking a hike along your favorite woodland paths, the unique design can serve as a reminder of the quietness you find there. The decor of any living room or den can benefit from the subdued colors and intricate design of this lamp set.

Each Autumn's Light Accent Lamp rests on a sturdy base with round tiered accents and an amber bronze finish. The deep color is contrasted by the light amber glass that surrounds the bulb socket. All around the glass, detailing is used to depict flowing images of pine branches, cones and needles with the resulting impression that a tree is growing up from the base of each lamp. Metal rings cap the lamps off and support metal pine cone accents. The balance between dark and light creates a lamp that's pleasing to the eye and just right for cabin decor.

With the light from a 25-watt type B bulb, these lamps take on a subtle glow that lights up the pine cone and branch accents from the inside. It's hard not to sit mesmerized by the look of these finely crafted pieces. You can place them side by side for a two-level lighting effect or have one at either end of a table for an interesting visual arrangement.

The Autumn's Light Accent Lamp Set includes two lamps: one that's 21.5 inches tall with a 6.5-inch base and another that stands 18 inches tall on a 5.5-inch base. Together with wood furniture and other rustic accents, these attractive lamps transport you to that peaceful place in the forest that's far away from daily stressors and concerns. With their fine craftsmanship and soft lighting, these lamps are the perfect touch for your rustic home.