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Cabin Decor Creates a Cozy Feeling

Art Prints of LakesMany people dream of living by a lake, being able to look out their front windows and enjoy the calming sight of water lapping the shore any time of day. If you've ever spent time in a cabin or lodge with a lakeside view, you know just how relaxing it is. It's hard to recapture that feeling when you have to return to your daily routine, but artist Judith Gibson does an amazing job in her Lake View art print. With its restful images and rustic colors, this print adds a touch of lodge decor to any room in your home.

The star of Lake View is the log cabin that appears in the left-hand half of the image. From the half-log siding to the gabled roof, everything about it is iconic. Tall windows on every side reveal a softly lit interior that gives the whole cabin a cozy feeling. In the front, wooden steps descend down from a small porch, ending right at the edge of the lake that makes up most of the other half of the image. A small canoe sits off to the left of the steps, waiting to be taken out for a trip around the tranquil waters. Though greens and browns make up most of the print's color palette, you'll also see splashes of red, blue and yellow that make the print stand out among your log furniture.

A classic woodland setting fills out the rest of the image, contributing to its beauty and charm. Tall, thin fir trees grow in dense groups on either side of the lake while the snowy face of a mountain rises in the background. At the top of the mountain, you'll spot just a bit of sun peeking through a band of clouds. Look closely and you'll see two deer in the distance, stopping by the lake for a drink. The combined effect of these elements creates a beautiful cabin decor piece that can be framed or printed on canvas for a customized finishing touch.