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Cabin Decor

  • These Rustic Antler Chandeliers are Perfect for Any Space

    Deliver an unmatched lighting experience with these rustic antler chandeliers.

    Sometimes it's good to be bold. It feels empowering, and when you add bold to a room it lifts that space up. This can be especially true when it comes to lighting. For instance, chandeliers have played a pivotal role in interior design, some fancier than others of course.

    No Matter What Size Space, We Have a Chandelier For You

    If you’re looking to light an entrance or an adjacent book room, or a small dining area; the Elk Tripod 3 Light Antler Chandelier would be perfect. Offering sufficient light, the 3 light version of the very popular 6 light; offers the classic antler design in which no one antler is the same. Authentic natural shed Elk antlers deliver the best craftsmanship. Transform your space today.

    Illuminate Your Next Dinner Party With Flare

    The Elk Tripod 6 Light will cast a larger radius of light offering the best ambiance possible for your next dinner or hosting event. The light glows and bounces off the beautiful brown tones from the antlers, casting a warm and rich glow. These beauties usually ship within 4-6 weeks.

    This Rustic Antler Chandelier is Destined to Rule Them All

    If you’re looking to create a rustic space that truly transforms the interiors into a mighty destination fit for Davy Crockett, the 30 antler chandelier is for you. Wine and dine in the most exquisite lighting experience; perfect for log cabin homes, lodges, or bigger conference style spaces and entrances. Each antler is picked to display the beauty of mother nature, through the antlers’ vivid lines and the chandeliers 21 lights; bathe and illuminate in what is sure to be the talking piece of the night.

    Design with Ease

    If you’re still not sure which rustic antler chandelier to choose, one of our rustic interior design consultants can help. Contact us today, and let us know your questions and thoughts; or buy online, all of our products are backed by a 1 year warranty and made in the USA.


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  • 15 Budget-Friendly Rustic Makeover Ideas

    Whether you live out in the country or you just want that “rustic” look, it doesn’t mean you have to spend thousands to create that rustic charm.

    No matter what your budget is, here are 15 ideas you may want to consider that are extremely easy to implement.

    #1 Wooden Picture Frames

    Rustic Picture Frames Wooden Picture Frames

    Creating a picture frame is one of the easier tasks where you can enjoy and expose your creativity. You don't need any fancy equipment to succeed. It only takes basic skills and some tools.

    #2 Redone Rustic Cabinet

    Rustic Cabinets Redone Rustic Cabinet

    Find an old cabinet that you don't need any more, along with some wooden planks. Remove the old wood, attach the new pieces together, polish them a bit and make sure the drawers can easily open and enjoy the new look of your private space.

    #3 A Rustic Tin Can

    Tin Can Transformation A Rustic Tin Can

    Believe it or not, but old tin cans can make a living space look rustic, if done right. Mix a few colors, decorate it any way you like and try to make it useful as possible.

    #4 Rustic Ironing Board

    Rustic Ironing Board

    Staining, sanding, and then painting are the only actions you will have to do to turn an old ironing board into an iconic rustic object.

    #5 Wooden Coffee Cup Hanger

    Wooden Coffee Cup Hanger

    Take a smooth piece of wood, preferably old, and buy small hooks to go with your interior design. Attach them together and now decorate your wall with cheap, but beautiful, useful rustic hanger.

    #6 Tree Trunk Coffee Tables

    Rustic Trunk Coffee Tables Tree Trunk Coffee Tables

    Getting a fancy rustic and practical coffee table has never been easier. After you pick up a couple of tree trunks, sand them down and create an even surface by cutting them at the tops. Sand down the surface, followed by a nice polish and people may wonder if you spent hundreds on your new tables.

    #7 Tree Branch Chandelier

    Rustic Chandeliers Tree Branch Chandelier

    The beauty of wood, in general, is that it creates an oldish, classy atmosphere. Add Christmas lights, and you have a wonderful chandelier. Try it out.

    #8 Rustic Headboard

    Rustic Headboard

    This can be a tricky project if your hands can't handle a little weight, but don't worry. After you take care for old barn wood, you just have to nail it together and polish it for that shiny look. Your room will look completely different, in a positive way.

    #9 Pallet Shelves

    Rustic Shelves Pallet Shelves

    Pallet Shelves are one of the best solutions for wall decorations. Practical and good looking, they will be worth of your time. Buy or find some old pallets, prepare the color and adjust it to your interior. It will take you about two and a half hours for each.

    #10 Rope Frame

    Rope Frame

    This can be a perfect birthday present. Just find a frame you don't use anymore and be sure to have a hot glue gun. Use it first and cover the frame entirely. Then, take twine rope and stick it to the glue.

    #11 Twig Candle Holder

    Twig Candle Holder

    A twig candle holder is yet another great addition to your living room. Again, you will need a hot glue, but this time get a few (30, 40) small branches, and set them around a glass or anything round. Glue them and then decorate however you like.

    #12 Wooden Mail Sorter

    Wooden Mail Sorter

    All you need is little wood and tiny coat hooks. Nail a few pieces together and have an organized nook of your apartment where you will keep mail and keys on hooks. When painting it, use any color you want but make sure it fits your interior. This wooden mail sorter is the definition of rustic and functional.

    #13 Rustic Porch Bench

    Rustic Porch Bench

    Nice benches are always so expensive when buying in store, but you can make your own for about $25. After you find the preferable wood, all you need is to connect all the pieces. As you can see, the wood can be of different types, and if you want, you can even paint it. It is always fulfilling to make something that's going to be of big use.

    #14 Step Ladder Side Table

    Step Ladder Side Table

    When making a side table for the bedroom, make sure to pick the right boards for the project. After that, you will have to cut them so that you can assemble them together to make a ladder. Attach supports, and let the imagination do its part when decorating. Don't worry about the perfection in this procedure, just do your best and have fun with it.

    #15 Mirror with Wood Slices

    Mirror with Wood Slices

    Take any old mirror you have, or buy a new one and cover the endings with foil. Cover the foil with glue and place the wood slices on the sticky part of the mirror. Wait at least an hour, and you have a new piece of furniture of your taste.

    Content was provided by Stephanie Lynch, the co-founder of the cost-helping database, Her database was designed to help consumers find out what things cost in life.

  • Small Touches Complete The Perfect Log Cabin Décor

    WThat's what makes your log cabin decor design completehen furnishing your home or get-away place with this charming style, it’s important to remember that small finishing touches can make or break your overall design. Taking the time to decorate each room involves more than just choosing large furniture pieces. Rustic decorating involves attention to detail and an eye for which accents work best to bring the layout of a room together.

    In the living room, wall decorations are key. Log shelves can hold everything from books and magazines to clocks and framed photographs. Be sure to choose shelf brackets that complement the overall rustic décor of the room. For the perfect finishing touch, add matching curtain brackets in a variety of woodsy themes. More prominent living room decorations include themed fireplace screens and votive candle holders that add a beautiful accent to any tabletop or mantle.

    Log cabin décor in the bedroom is easy to finish. Mirrors with log frames draw the eye and lend a sense of space. Rustic clocks and portraits liven up bare walls, and the same attractive curtain brackets used in the living room can be used for bedroom windows as well. Small as they may be, these kinds of details help harmonize the look of each room in your home.

    Even bathrooms with rustic decorating need a little extra attention. Holders for towels, paper towels, and toilet paper with fun cabinesque themes can all be incorporated into your bathroom design. Whether you choose a classic log look or something with an outdoor theme, remembering the little things will help make your bathroom look attractive and balanced.

    Last but not least, don’t forget to accessorize the log cabin furniture in your front hallway. This area gives visitors their first impression of your home, and taking the time to add a small log accent table or rustic coat rack can change the whole look of the space, making it more inviting.

  • Cabin Style Accessories Make a Bathroom Unique

    FDon't forget to get log furniture for your bathroom!or people who love home decorating, even the smallest details are important and can be a lot of fun to coordinate. Creating a log cabin décor for your home includes the obvious things like log furniture for the living room, log beds, and log dining furniture, but you don’t want to forget the bathroom. Everything from faucets to vanities to towel sets can work to transform an otherwise routine room into a stylish, woodsy space.

    Next to the bathtub or shower, the vanity area is the part of the bathroom that gets the most use. Log vanities and mirrors along with rustic lighting harmonize to create a unique country décor that is a far cry from the standard porcelain bathroom. The shapes of log vanities vary from rounded accents that resemble trees to smooth paneling swirled with the natural variations of wood. Choose from deep brown, light wood tones, or white finish for just the right look for your bathroom. Add a mirror framed in logs of a similar color and a set of attractive track lighting to bring the whole vanity area together.

    Coordinating matching accessories is another enjoyable aspect of decorating. Choosing the right look for your soap dish, toothbrush holder, wastebasket, and other incidentals is important if you want the layout of the room to appear balanced. Even small things like towel bars and toilet paper holders can contribute to the rustic décor of your bathroom. Rounding everything out is as simple as adding country-themed towel sets and shower curtains. The many beautiful styles available cater to all tastes in log cabin décor, from bright colors to subdued woodland scenes.

    You don’t have to settle for the ordinary when designing your bathroom. With log furniture and accessories, you can put together a rustic décor that is interesting to look at and fun to be around, even during your daily routine.

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