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  • Catch of the Day

    There’s no denying that squirrels are one of Mother Nature’s sweetest creations. Whether scampering around on the woodland floor looking for nuts or gracefully winding their way up a tree trunk, they catch the eye and invoke loud “ahhhhs” and now, they can take up a position in your home!

    No, we haven’t gone mad and we aren’t suggesting that you bring wild animals into your property, but if you love nature, enjoy outdoor pursuits and have a rustic vibe in your house, we know you are going to love our whimsical squirrel fishing trophy.

    Just look at this little chap! He’s pleased as punch with his catch and looks ready to head back to the lake to try his luck again, though we could maybe joke that it ran out when he was caught and mounted! Looking just as alert and alive as you would want, the shiny eyes, smooth fur and fun accessories are all testament to our artisans’ hard work to preserve and respect each specimen. Unlike some taxidermy stockists, we don’t skimp on the level of care and attention invested into each mount. We use the finest materials, from the solid wood plinths our creations are mounted on, to the animals themselves and everything in between. We work with the best tanners in the country and guarantee all of our pieces for a lifetime, which makes sense, when you think about it.

    Taxidermy has always been an art form designed to be passed down through generations of a family, with every piece being more loved and enjoyed with each bequeathal. Yes, our little fisherman squirrel might be a bit of fun and designed to inspire a giggle, but for families that love outdoor pursuits and sportsmanship, we can see him becoming a much coveted display piece. 

    We don’t think there is any limit as to where pieces such as this can be displayed. Anywhere in a rustic cabin, lodge or cottage would be a perfect display opportunity, bringing the great outdoors inside, with a good pinch of humor along the way. Though we also think this would work well in a modern home, as a conversation starter and most of all, in a games room. If you’ve ever wondered how to decorate a man cave or games room, quirky taxidermy should be at the top of your wish list. We don’t know about you, but we can see this proud and puffed up little chap sitting nicely next to one of your own fishing mounts!

    We have plenty of other unusual and lighthearted trophies to choose from, so if you like the idea of a sport-specific piece, take a look at some of our other designs and please remember that customizing is never too much work. We don’t expect you to compromise when it comes to decorating your home, so just ask us how we can tailor our designs to be more bespoke!

  • For the Football Fan That Has Everything

    If you have a football fan in your life, you’ll know the pain of trying to think up a unique gift idea that they’ll love, at least twice a year! Look no further, as we have the ultimate in cute, funny and high quality trophies, with this little raccoon guaranteeing you a gift-giving touchdown.

    Our football raccoon trophy is the best of every world. A slice of real America, thanks to the combination of quality taxidermy, the football theme and the nod to sportsmanship that only a mount such as this can make, we know that outdoor enthusiasts will go wild for this little critter. Really, it’s the ideal present for anyone that enjoys both hunting and football, as how else can you combine the two?

    They might be a huge pest when near your home, but you can’t deny that coons are hella cute to look at. Those pretty little masked faces, soft fur and alert ears make for a sweet aesthetic, even if their personalities don’t match! Here, you get all the cute factor with none of the ravaged trash cans and debris. You can even personalize the final design, should you wish to. Gifting this mount to an ardent Patriots fan? Let’s paint the helmet to reflect that! Going the extra mile comes naturally to us, so don’t hesitate to tell us how we can make every item you buy from us that bit more tailored and perfect. 

    Though this might be a novelty item and flirting with the whimsical side of taxidermy design, you can expect and enjoy only the highest quality. We guarantee our display pieces for a lifetime and in the case of these eye-catching mounts we want you to be able to pass them down to multiple generations, as something of a fun heirloom. With this in mind, we only select the finest leather, tanners and artists to work with, in order to deliver you a tactile, durable and lifelike mount that can be placed anywhere.

    Can you picture a football raccoon mount in your rustic lodge, cabin or cottage? What about pride of place next to some football trophies? We don’t even think it would be silly to buy one of these as a gift for any varsity star going off to college! 

    When our critters are in stock and need no customization, we aim to ship to you within just six working days. We know you don’t want to wait for a long time to introduce your new family member! Naturally, bespoke items will take longer to complete and while every animal is different, meaning that each mount is entirely unique, what you can see here is a faithful representation of the styling, proportions and overall stature of the trophy you will receive. 

  • Raiders of the Lost Snack!

    Ask any sportsman and they’ll tell you that there’s only one good kind of raccoon and that’s one that’s been stuffed and displayed in their lodge! We couldn’t agree more, which is why we have designed this amusing centerpiece that immortalizes the pesky critter doing what it does best: raiding your trash for snacks!

    Some people might think raccoons are cute and from an aesthetic point of view we agree, but if you've ever had a coon problem, you’ll know what a pest they are. The annoyingness of them digging through your garbage quickly outweighs how pretty their little masked faces are invest in a fun little stuffed trophy.

    We think we’ve really captured the inherent cheekiness of raccoons with Cracker Jack Raccoon trophy that maximizes the ‘awww’ factor without any of the clean-up that these creatures normally necessitate. It’s the perfect combination. What’s more, we haven’t compromised quality for novelty value either. Yes, this critter has been positioned cradling a Cracker Jack box, like a little prized possession, but he himself has been prepared, stuffed and finished to the highest standards. His fur is silky soft to the touch, his whiskers look almost as though they are still twitching keenly and his eyes are shiny and bright, because he needs to look as nature intended him, even when in your home.

    Can’t you just imagine this naughty little creature being positioned somewhere pertinent in your rustic home? We like to imagine that you all play little games with our trophies, positioning them around your homes to surprise and make other members of your household laugh, or maybe squeal! Us? We might be tempted to place this little piece near an indoor bin, to see if you can fool anybody, before moving him around the house to play more practical jokes. 

    One thing is certain: wherever you place your raccoon taxidermy trophy, he will be well received. We take the time to work with the best tanners and masters of the taxidermy craft. The result is the most lifelike and natural trophy possible, which will last generations to come. In fact, we are so proud of the pieces we offer, we send them to you with a lifetime guarantee, because we know they can withstand regular use, even over decades of display.

    Now then. Let’s talk customization. Is there an in-joke that you’d like to capture within this piece? Maybe you need your coon to be clutching a different snack? We are happy to make you something specific and deeply personal as we know these extra touches make for the most beloved trophies. Think of this design as a template for your perfect taxidermy piece and get in touch today so we can draw up your unique item.

  • All Aboard the Ark

    Don’t choose between your favorite critters when selecting your next iconic piece of taxidermy, as this dream design Noah's Ark Taxidermy features them all!

    Not all home additions are essential, we know that and while we pride ourselves on creating rustic furniture that will last a lifetime and help you to create beautiful memories in your rustic properties, we love a bit of fun too! Don’t believe us? Think we are all business and no party? Then take a look at this amazing centerpiece that takes furry friends and immortalizes them as worthy focal points forever. Or should that be FUR-ever? 

    We all know the biblical story of Noah saving two to seven of every animal on his ark and now, you can display a little homage to that beloved tale, thanks to our Canoeing Quartet trophy design. You might not be able to get two of everything God created in this quaint canoe, but we’ve managed to include a skunk, red fox, badger and a beaver all together and what an eye-catching motley crew they are! As cheeky as they are cute, this gaggle of furry friends look right at home in their bark canoe and we know they will look perfect in your home too. Why? Because they are the perfect rustic accessory and the workmanship of the taxidermy itself is second to none. 

    Mother Nature blesses us with stunning creatures to display in our properties and as such, we think they need to be treated with the utmost care and respect. You don’t want to be left with a threadbare trophy with wonky eyes, after all. You want a faithful representation of the majesty of the animal as they were when alive and scampering through beautiful woodlands and that’s what we bring to you with each of our stuffed taxidermy designs, whether whimsical or more natural.

    We think of taxidermy as similar to furniture creation in that it is a specialist skill requiring dedicated craftsmanship and artistry to perfect. With this in mind, we only work with the best materials and the most laudable tanners in the country, to guarantee you a taxidermy trophy that will last for years to come and bring joy to all that gaze upon it. Given that sports enthusiasts are some of the keenest collectors of taxidermy displays, we have to be aware of our audience and you are a discerning bunch. Rightly so too!

    Thinking about how particular you all are, we know that you might love the concept here but be looking for a different array of critters to be featured. Perhaps you are an ardent collector of squirrel trophies and you’d like to continue that theme, but within a Noah’s Ark setting? We can and will be delighted to accommodate you. You can have your choice of animals, displayed as you wish, so don’t shy away from asking! Our team of creatives will be happy to bring your vision to life if you get in touch to discuss your preferences.

    Shipped for free and within six working days, when in stock, you won’t have to wait long to welcome the newest additions to your family. 

  • Takin' out the Trash

    When you think of racoons, what comes to mind? Annoying little pests that enjoy nothing more than sneaking into tiny gaps, hiding in your lofts and digging through your trash? How many of us have come outside only to find the entire contents of our garbage bins strewn all over our property? Well we’re getting the last laugh because now, you can invite a racoon into your home and display him, clutching a beer can, as a warning to all the others!

    Anyone that hasn’t experienced the destructive nature of racoons might try to make light of what a nuisance they are. Unhygienic, selfish, noisy and annoying, they really are one of nature’s biggest pests but hell, if they aren’t super cute too! What a weird way to design a creature, but who are we to judge? 

    With their soft fur sweet stripes and cheeky little faces, nature’s burglars make for beautiful trophies in any home, but particularly those within a rustic setting and with a natural theme running through them.  Let’s picture a stunning woodland cabin for a minute and you’ll see what we mean.

    Let’s imagine that cabin being a fairly open plan affair, with a sociable kitchen and den and bedrooms off to the side. Log walls keep the atmosphere warm and cozy and you’ve chosen some gorgeous handcrafted furniture as well. Hopefully from us! Now look over at the rustic side table and what can you picture? That’s right: a naughty little racoon clutching his treasure that is a used beer can. What a bit of fun and a hilarious conversation starter! We won’t tell anyone that you didn’t bag the Beer Can Racoon either, so if you want to claim that, you go right ahead!

    Considering buying a racoon trophy as a gift? Why not get personal and ask us to use a favorite brewery can? After all, if your gift receiver is a Coors man, you don’t want to give him a Bud Light! We don’t think you could go wrong buying this for father’s day, Christmas or a birthday for the hunter in your life, and they don't even need a cabin to make good use of it either. If they have a man cave or games room that needs a little decorating, one of these loveable masked rogues will make a brilliant centerpiece.

    Our reputation speaks for itself when it comes to furniture and we wouldn’t jeopardize that by working with anything less than the finest tanners in the United States. By connecting with seasoned taxidermy artists, we are able to bring not only our quirky ideas to life, but these little furry friends as well. Blink and you’ll think they are still going to scurry away, that’s how incredible they are. But don’t just take our word for it. 

    Order your new decorative racoon taxidermy trophy today and enjoy free shipping, as well as a family heirloom that generations to come will love and cherish.

  • The Hunted Becomes the Hunter

    Calling all game room owners! If you’re a self-confessed outdoor pursuits fanatic, you’ll appreciate this very special and unusual Hunter Squirrel trophy mount that brings a little whimsy and humor to the notion of displaying your kills. 

    As we all know, safety comes first when stalking through the undergrowth and while camo might be your best bet for staying hidden from prey, those pesky orange vests serve an important purpose when it comes to making sure you don’t take a pellet yourself. You know who know s and pokes fun at this? Mr squirrel over here!

    Don’t feel too sorry for this scurrying little critter, as he’s spent a lifetime hunting for nuts but little did he know that a shotgun and hi-viz vest was all he really needed. Well now, he has both! From racing up and down tree trunks to sitting proudly on a shelf in your home, things have come full circle for this chirpy little predator. 

    Thanks to Mother Nature seeing fit to make no two animals the same, the image we are displaying is representative of our overall design and the quality standards that we aspire to with each and every creation. Though the overall dimensions might be a little different, with shorter or longer tails and maybe even significantly bigger squirrels themselves, the finished theme will be the same: the hunted becoming the hunters. 

    The fur that looks so soft you just can’t resist stroking it? We always look for that during our quality control process. A big bushy tail that defines the breed? Always sought after and moreover, we love to create little trophies that look so unadulterated that you might think they are still alive. Yes, we know this one is a little different, thanks to the little shotgun and vest, but other than those, we think our glossy-eyed squirrel mounts are exceptionally natural and beautiful.

    Few things are worse than badly executed taxidermy and we avoid the pitfalls of sloppy work by only collaborating with exemplary professionals. We use the best materials, the most experienced and passionate professionals and bring to life some of the most fun and unique ideas, all to guarantee you an incredible new decorative focal point for your home. 

    We don’t want to give you any ideas, but can’t you picture this little chap sat on your mantle at Christmas, wearing a homemade Santa hat? Or maybe posing alongside another piece, as if it is HIS trophy? Just be careful, as one trophy is never enough. Being as cute as these are, you’ll soon find that you have a few dotted around your home, getting up to mischief wherever they are!

  • This Little Fella ain't From Around These Parts!

    Well howdy partner! This gun-toting squirrel makes a fun little addition to any home, but partner him with another and suddenly, you have dueling varmints (or should that be vermin?) that create a beautiful focal point.

    What a bit of fun. We’ve often looked at squirrels and thought that they looked like they were up to no good and now, they are dressed for mischief and rustling! With fluffy tail, bright eyes and bristling whiskers all in place, the addition of a cute little holster and cowboy hat, made specifically for each squirrel, creates a western themed display to rival all others. 

    We joke that these little chaps are quick on the draw, but maybe too slow to get away, which is why they’ll end up in your home, but it’s all light hearted humor. We treat the animals with the utmost respect and give them endless life as beautiful trophies but where’s the harm in adding a little creativity and fun too? 

    Picture your rustic retreat. Whether it’s a cabin, lodge or second home in the woods, we are willing to bet that it’s furnished and decorated with authentic pieces that come together to create a harmonious theme. Now let’s assume that you have a good sense of humor and an appreciation for the finer and more unique things in life. That’s where a striking piece of expertly crafted taxidermy can add extra style to your home.

    Not all taxidermy is created equal. There’s no point in denying it, because as soon as you see our gunslinger squirrel, you’ll be able to see how much time and expertise has gone into his creation. While other lesser ‘artists’ would be happy with second grade leather, ratty furs and unimaginative diorama themes, we give our creative geniuses more freedom. We only accept the finest materials, the cutest ideas and the best final pieces, because we want them to last a lifetime and bring joy forever. We back this up with a lifetime guarantee as well.

    If you’re an outdoors enthusiast and a crack shot, we know you’ll appreciate these trophies and will see the good natured humor in them. We bet you might even buy more than one, to position them in funny places around your home. As you can see in our pictures, we rather like the way that two gunslingers look as if they are about to have a showdown, but nothing’s stopping you from creating an entire corral! 

    Packaged with care and shipped for free, our little pistol wielding squirrels are ready for their new homes but don't be shy about talking about a custom idea. Just as with our log furniture pieces, we are always looking for ways to create something new and fresh and specifically for you. Our craftspeople are ready to make your display dreams come true, so why not get in touch and tell us what you’re picturing?

  • The Ultimate Cabin Buddies

    Let’s take a minute to leave the beautiful furniture that we craft to one side while we talk about accessories for your rustic home. No, we’re not just referencing lampshades and coordinating mirrors, but more unusual, artistic and eye-catching centerpieces that add a little whimsy back into your wilderness retreat.

    If we simply tried to describe our canoeing racoon taxidermy display, we would have a tough task on our hands. Fortunately, the finished piece really speaks for itself. Fun, unusual and a really creative way to make more of an empty sideboard or table, these cheeky little chaps will forever be a happy display that starts some rather amusing conversations.

    Absolutely everybody decorates their cabins, lodges and woodland homes with steer horns and hide rugs, but who wants to simply follow the herd? Not us and not our beloved customers either, which is why we are always striving to think of new and original ideas. That’s why we shied away from simply stuffing your coon trophy in a ‘regular’ position and instead, partnered a couple and gave them their very own bark canoe to sail into your lives with. Just a word of caution though: thanks to the sturdy base that we’ve mounted these charming critters to, they will not float. If you have a creek nearby and inquisitive kids, you might want to keep an eye on the piece!

    Taxidermy is up there with the skills that we hold in such high esteem. Similar to our master carpenters, taxidermists need to commit to years of intensive training, practice and focus and even then, not all have the eye for creating truly exquisite items. As you all know, our workshop is filled with artisans and we have extended our particular brand of choosiness to who we trust to complete our taxidermy work for us. The result is a trophy that will last a lifetime and beyond.

    Just as with our wood furniture, we use only the best materials for our stuffed animal displays, coming from the most premium tanners available. The leather that we craft with, coupled with our respect for the animals themselves, as well as the home that they will be going to is the perfect trifecta that concludes with treasured pieces that families love (and probably name!) for generations to come.

    Please note that no two finished displays can ever be identical, thanks to no two animals being the same. We think this lends an extra note of exclusivity to your canoeing coons. 

    When in stock, we will ship your trophy within 3-6 working days and free of charge as a courtesy. We take every precaution to ensure that your cheeky new friends will arrive in perfect condition and recommend that they be placed in a well ventilated space upon arrival, to acclimatize naturally.

    Quirky and perfect for any rustic home, these are little coons that you’ll never find going through your garbage!

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