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Children's Furniture

  • An Office for Momma and the Mini

    Tables Made for ChildrenIt’s an exciting time in our household. We are preparing to make yet another move, this time way down south to the rolling hills of south Georgia. Although we are filled with anticipation of the unknown, this adventure takes us back to some familiar territory.

    We have again chosen to live on Fort Benning, rather than in one of the surrounding communities. There are several good reasons for our choice, but by doing so we suffer the consequence of moving into a house we have never seen. The only premonition we have of our home for the next two years is Google’s satellite view, maps of the installation, and a floor plan that may or may not be accurate for the particular house we’ve been assigned.

    It’s quite an adventure.

    I promised our youngest son that I would set him up with an office in this house. If the floor plan in my possession rings true, the rooms hold plenty of opportunities for his pint-sized workspace. In fact, I may be able to dedicate a space that can hold both his desk and mine. To be truthful, both of our “desks” are really tables equipped with file holders, storage spaces, and pen cups. I especially love that we have matching rough-cut tables, his Homestead Rough Sawn Child's Table being a shorter and smaller version of mine.

    Stay tuned for updates on the workspace for me and my mini entrepreneur.

  • Artoffice

    Unleash Creativity with Kid's TablesWe have an aspiring artist in our family. He creates masterpieces with markers, tape, scissors, paint, and sometimes glue. Our 4-year-old Picasso has quite a gift, even though his canvas often extends to areas beyond the edges of the paper he’s supposed to be using.

    The other day he came to me, teary-eyed, and demanded to know why I had dismantled his office. “Office?” I questioned. I truly had no idea what he was talking about.

    “Yeah, the tape I had put on the coffee table and all the paper that was sitting there. It’s gone. Why did you take it away?”

    His big brown eyes, filled with his tears, melted my heart in that instant. I felt bad for him. He sees me working at my office in the corner of the living room and wants the same. After all, he is extremely serious about his art.

    I promised that I would set him up with a real office, one where he could keep all his art supplies and string all the tape he wants (well, within reason!).

    “Good!” he agreed. “”Cuz I’m going to be an artist and I need an office.”

    Now I have two options. Find a terribly worn-out table whose battered surfaces won’t be bothered with more marker and crayon marks, or bring in a new Glacier Country Child's Log Table that is resistant to such art abuse. I’ve decided to go with the latter option, and purchase a solid wood table with a quality finish. That way, I can wipe off the marker and glue residue and, if needed, sand damage down and re-varnish.

    My little Picasso is about to have himself a really nice artoffice.

  • Treat Kids to Special Barnwood Furniture

    Kid Sized ChairsThough sharing is an important skill for all kids to learn, it's equally important for them to have things to call their own. Being in charge of a favorite toy or other precious possession teaches responsibility and helps kids learn how to take proper care of household items. Giving them a special gift such as a solid piece of wood furniture is a good place to start.

    With the Homestead Barnwood Child's Chair, you not only give your kids a place to sit; you offer them the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of real barnwood furniture at a young age. Each piece of wood used in this stunning little chair is harvested from old barns in the Montana region of the USA. This results in a distinct coloration that is unique to barnwood. Years of sun, rain, wind and snow leave behind patterns of light and dark as well as swirls in the wood grain. Layers of stain and clear lacquer are applied to the finished piece to give it a deep, rustic tone that enhances its natural charm.

    Sized just for kids, this eye-catching chair features a sturdy design that stands the test of time. The legs sit at slight angles to the seat and connect with crosspieces underneath to offer rugged support. Stout rectangular beams stretch between the legs on each side for more strength. On the back, you'll find a traditional design of two horizontal wood pieces supporting three vertical ones between straight side supports. The edges of the smooth seat are slightly rounded for comfort, which serves to soften the otherwise sharp lines of the piece. Every bit as beautiful as an adult chair, this kid-friendly model adds beauty to your home.

    Though kids may not develop an appreciation for rustic decor right away, they will love sitting in the Homestead Barnwood Child's Chair whenever they need a break from playing. Perfect for bedrooms and nurseries, this chair gives kids something special that they can treasure throughout childhood and keep to pass on to future generations.

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