Complete the Game Room with Country Decor

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2012-08-23 10:00:19
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Keep everything in place with cue racksA game room is like a little vacation spot right in your own home. As the pace of life grows more and more hectic, having a space where you can relax and spend time with friends becomes essential. Whether you’ve dedicated an entire room to your favorite games or set up a few things in your basement so you can play on weekends, a little rustic decor can help make it feel even more inviting. Pool tables are, of course, a traditional fixture of home game rooms. The impressive size and commanding presence tends to make these tables the central focus of the room, but you also need to have the right accessories. After all, when you’re not playing a game, it’s a good idea to have a safe place to store your cues and billiard balls. The Pine Log Cue Rack gives you just that with a beautiful piece of log furniture that’s made to last. Built by hand from knotty pine logs and wood slabs, this cue rack coordinates perfectly with other pine game room furniture. With space for up to seven cue sticks and storage for a full set of billiard balls, this rack makes the perfect addition to home game rooms of any size. It also features four cup holders with cork inserts, allowing you and your friends to keep your favorite beverages close by when you get together for a game night. Four sturdy knotty pine logs support the upper and lower shelves of the Pine Log Cue Rack. Hand draw knifing creates a unique rugged texture on each log and helps to accent the natural knots. Clear finish gives the entire piece a light, shiny look that brightens up your game room and complements country decor. If you prefer darker wood colors for your rustic decorating, choose honey pine finish to deepen the overall shade of the rack and make it look even more rugged. Add charm to your game room and keep all of your billiard accessories safe using this attractive rack. Only $279.00. Choose the indoor finish of your choice for the Pine Log Cue Rack.
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