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Copper Sinks

  • Copper: A Beautiful Way to Help Fight Bacteria on Your Rustic Furniture

    Copper is the perfect accent to your rustic log furniture.It is one of the most frequented rooms in your entire home, yet it is one of the last that one thinks of when planning their design scheme – the bathroom. Many people will go with the standard white ceramic sink, tub, and tiles, but why not choose copper? This design choice will give you a seamless transition from your rustic log bedroom into your rustic bathroom.

    The very first thing you’ll notice when you step into your rustic bathroom and reach for the light switch to turn on your rustic log lighting is the beautiful copper switch plate that you are resting your hand on. A switch plate is not something that people generally focus their attention on in any room, but copper is unusual and will most definitely be noticed.

    Copper outlet covers will also draw the attention of your guests. Instead of going with the standard covers that blend in with the wall, your outlets will be another great detail that will make your rustic bathroom the best it can be.

    When you step inside this exceptional room, you won’t be able to help but notice the distinctive copper tiles on the wall under your rustic log lighting. These are a striking addition to your room that will be the envy of your guests. Your tiles could be hammered, or could feature a star, a grape, or a fleur de lis, and any of these choices will be attention-grabbing.

    One of the most amazing pieces of rustic furniture that you can add to your bathroom is an extraordinary rustic log furniture cabinet outfitted with a copper sink. This is a gorgeous addition to your room that visitors won’t forget. There are so many varieties of copper bathroom sinks available that there is no way you won’t find the perfect one for your rustic bathroom. All of the patterns are elegant on these handmade hammered copper sinks, and each one is equally spectacular.

    Everyone who steps into your rustic bathroom will be in awe when they set their eyes on your magnificent copper bathtub. Sitting beside your rustic log furniture cabinet, this is such a beautiful piece of rustic furniture that will really pull your whole bathroom together. You can have a slipper, single slipper, or double slipper style copper bathtub, and any of these styles will be the envy of your guests. A copper bathtub is the ideal option for a person who wants to show off their distinctive taste and sophisticated style.

    A bonus to including copper in your rustic bathroom’s rustic furniture design scheme is that it is completely eco-friendly. Instead of worrying about sanitizing your bathroom accessories, you can be confident in the ability of your copper accessories to actually fight the bacteria that most sinks, bathtubs, and other frequently contaminated surfaces would normally harbor. Instead of scrubbing your copper bathroom accessories with harsh antibacterial cleansers, all you have to do is wipe them down. Another bonus is that age only improves copper, it does not damage it as often happens with other materials.

    Copper is a beautiful addition to any room in your home, from your living room to your rustic log bedroom, but when you use it in your bathroom, it can transform it into a stunning rustic haven. Instead of feeling like you’re stepping out of your rustic home to enter the bathroom, you will just be continuing your journey through the oasis from the over processed world that is your home.

  • How to Care for Your Copper Sink

    Copper Sinks are Easy to maintain!Are you worried about purchasing a copper sink because you think there will be a lot of work involved in taking care of it?  Don’t worry, so are a lot of other people.  By now you have read my blog on ‘How to Find and Choose a Quality Copper Sink’ so you know how to find and pick out a quality copper sink.  If not I highly suggest that you take a minute and read that blog…. All done?  Great!  Let’s dig in and find out how to care for your quality copper sink.

    How To Maintain Your Quality Copper Sink

    I’m going to start out with a quick statement: I’m going to stop saying quality copper sink now because you know the difference between copper sinks – all references to copper sinks = quality copper sinks.

    You are going to love this next sentence… When it comes to the general maintenance of a copper sink, the less you do to the sink the better.  Copper sinks do not require polishing or scrubbing.  Due to the tempering of the copper to a patina finish, your copper sink will feature an aged, weathered look.  No need to polish the sink because the weathered look is the desired look.  Now there are a few things you can do to keep your copper sink looking its best.

    1. Copper Sink Wax:  Copper sink wax is an easy to use sprayable wax which helps alleviate a lot of the cleaning requirements.  The sprayable waxes you will want to use will spray a natural bee’s wax.  The surface protecting wax will clean, protect, preserve and restore the luster of your copper sink.

    How often should you apply the copper sink wax?  The best way to tell is to watch the sink, whenever water stops beading on the surface it is time to spray it again.

    Do copper wax on hand? No worries, here are a few more tips:

    1. Rinsing:  After you are finished using your copper sink, give it a quick rinse.
    2. Wipe the Copper Sink Out:  Do you live in an area that has a lot of mineral content in the water?  If you have hard harsh water it is a good idea to wipe the sink out.  Hard water, if left to sit on your copper sink’s surface for too long, can cause spots to form.
    3. If you ever need more than a rinse to clean your copper sink just use a soft cloth and a very mild cleaner.  Anything abrasive can scratch the copper sink which isn’t good, but a scratch isn’t the end of the world.

    My Copper Sink Got A Scratch!

    The fact that copper sinks looks more beautiful with age is amazing enough, but the idea that copper sinks can heal themselves is almost unbelievable! It is true though.  If you happen to scratch your copper sink, don’t worry, just sit back and do nothing.

    Due to coppers ‘living finish’, the copper sink will heal itself.  Just maintain your copper sink as we instructed above.  In time the scratches on the sink will fade out and disappear.

    Do Copper Sinks Dull with Age?

    Copper improves with age, unlike many other things which will dull and lose their luster with age.  As time goes by your patina finish, that beautiful weathered look will deepen and become richer.  The more use your copper sink gets, the faster it will age.

    Amazing Fact

    Copper is a natural antibacterial.  Unlike stainless steel sinks, copper sinks actually fight bacteria.  It has recently been proved that bacteria can only live on copper sinks for a few hours.  Bacteria can live on stainless steel for several days!  Your copper sink can be thought of as self cleaning as far as germs go.

    With all of the wonderful qualities that copper sinks possess, it is hard to believe that everyone would not want a copper sink!  Copper sinks require little maintenance, they improve with age, they are antibacterial, and they heal themselves.  Along with adding a beautiful unique look to any bathroom, kitchen or bar copper sinks are the easiest type of sink to maintain.

  • How to Find and Choose A Quality Copper Sink

    Copper Sinks are Easy to MaintainThe other day we talked about how eco-friendly copper sinks are.  Today we are going debunk a myth about copper sinks and talk about what to look for when purchasing a copper sink.  With so many choices available it is very easy to make a mistake depending on what your end result goals are.   Let’s begin by myth busting a common misconception.

    Copper sinks are time consuming to clean and are difficult to take care of.  WRONG!

    Copper sinks, by which we mean quality copper sinks made from 99.7% of copper like you will find on our site, are easy to care for.  A lot of people think of copper pots and pans and how difficult they were to keep clean.  Before the non stick Teflon you had copper in the bottoms of your pans.  These copper pots and copper pans had to be scrubbed and polished regularly.

    That is a lot of work, too much work in today’s fast paced world.  I can only imagine how people look back and remember how difficult and time consuming it was scrubbing and polishing their copper pots and pans and wonder, “why would I want to spend so much time scrubbing and polishing a beautiful copper sink?”.  I wouldn’t and I don’t blame you if you wouldn’t.  But here is some great news – quality copper sinks require little to no maintenance at all!  How is this possible? Well I’m getting a bit off track so we will talk about that on another day.  Today we are talking about finding a quality copper sink.

    Step 1: Finding a Quality Copper Sink

    So how do you know your copper sink is of a good quality?  Make sure your copper sink is made of 99.9% copper.  A lot of cheaper copper sinks are only made of 90% copper and these you will have to scrub and polish.  If in the care description it states that you need to wipe out the copper sink after each use, just keep on looking.  It may be the cheapest bathroom copper sink you have found, but how much is your time worth?  Can you imagine washing your hands, and then having to stop and wipe the bowl dry afterwards?  Can you imagine your family and guests having to do the same thing?  It doesn’t make for a fun time for most people.

    Step 2: Construction of a Quality Copper Sink

    Construction is something you should look at in a copper sink.  “Duhh”, you may think.  But we are not talking about looking something over to make sure there aren’t any holes where there shouldn’t be or any other basic construction aspect.  You need to look a bit deeper at the construction.  Think ahead for when the copper sink will be in use.

    Hand-rolled Corners and Edges

    A good quality copper sink will feature hand rolled corners and seams.  Why is this important?  Well picture a copper sink (or look at the image below) that does not have a rolled corner and seam.  Imagine how much dirt, grime, food, etc. would get stuck in the small, tight corners and seams.  With a rolled seam and rolled corners you will not have this problem.  There are no tight corners for the dirt and grime to get stuck in.  The hand rolled corners and seam feature promotes proper drainage and easy cleaning.  Simply rinse the sink and walk away.

    Reinforcements and Supports

    A good quality large kitchen sink will also have hidden reinforced corners under the sink.  Look at the image below.

    Notice the difference?  On the left is a good quality Premier Copper Product single bowl farmhouse apron kitchen copper sink.   On the right is a low cost, low quality “similar” product.  The sink on the left has three 14 gauge supports that provide stability in the middle of the apron and at the corners.  This feature will keep the apron straight for the lifetime of the product.  Since copper is a soft metal, a straight apron that remains straight over time is a difficult task that is only accomplished by a skilled artisan and maintained by proper support.


    Quality copper kitchen sinks will also be troughed to provide proper drainage to the drain.  A copper sink with a flat bottom (like the cheaper sink on the right) will have to be wiped dry after each use to keep the cheaper 90% copper sink from rusting.

    Step 3: Considering the Gauge of your Copper Sink

    The gauge of the copper used in the construction of a copper sink is an important consideration.  A thicker gauge will hold up better during regular use and will be less susceptible to dents or scratches.  You do not want a cheaper copper sink that is constructed by cutting corners using thinner materials for the sinks and supports.

    Step 4: Tempered Patinas

    The natural rich look you will find on quality copper sinks is achieved by heat-setting, or tempering, the copper to a patina finish.  The patina is a living finish that will endlessly regenerate throughout the life of the product with regular use and simple maintenance.  Poorly manufactured copper sinks achieve color with chemical treatments and sealants that are not easily maintained over time.

    Step 5:  The Last Consideration

    The term “handmade” can mean many things.  Most of the companies making lesser quality copper sinks will promote the term “handmade” to disguise poor or inconsistent manufacturing techniques.  Purchasing acopper sink that is manufactured by a known and trusted copper sink manufacturer may cost a bit more up front, but will save you time, trouble, and more than likely more money in the end.

    As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.  In the area of copper sinks this is very true.  However, just because a sink may be priced a few hundred dollars more than another does not necessarily make it better.  Some may try to disguise their poor construction and cheaper materials by raising the price to portray the thought “You are spending so much more on this copper sink, it must be the best”.  Look at the sink and compare it to our steps above.  If it has everything mentioned in the steps above then it will be a great quality copper sink and you will enjoy not only a lifetime of use out of it, but a lifetime of comments from friends and family about how beautiful your copper sink is.

  • Go Green with Copper and JHE's

    Go Green with Copper SinksGreen building and furnishing solutions is not just a hot topic, it is an important benchmark in our society’s commitment to protect the environment for future generations.  Green Building is a positive trend in consumer thinking, to which Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place embraces seriously by providing eco-friendly log furniture and rustic barn wood furniture solutions.  We have also expanded our green offerings by including handmade hammered copper products like copper sinks, copper bathtubs and copper switch plates.

    Quality hammered copper sinks will endure for generations.  Copper is a uniquely durable metal with literally endless ability to regenerate its protective patina.  This patina is what gives copper its legendary antibacterial and antimicrobial properties along with its natural beauty.  Having these protective properties will allow consumers to reduce the need for harsh chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment.

    You should take great care though in choosing the perfect copper sink.  Some of the cheaper varieties of copper sinks available in the market are made from recycled copper that is only 90% pure.  These sinks will not age well, they will lose their shape and/or they will turn rusty.

    Copper is one of the most abundant and valued recyclable materials on the planet.  The handmade hammered copper sinks found at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place are made by SCI and Premier Copper Products.  They are manufactured using 99.7% pure grade A copper wire that has been reclaimed and recycled into copper blanks which are then hammered into the elegant yet rustic copper products you will find on our site.  Endlessly recyclable, your copper sink will never take up valuable space in a landfill like other stone, concrete, stainless steel or ceramic sinks.  All copper products can continue to be recycled into new products without limit.

    Contact us with any questions you may have regarding log furniture, rustic furniture or copper products.  We are more than happy to help!

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