Country Furniture Expands Seating Options

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7 years ago
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Benches look great anywhere at homeWhen it comes time to settle down for dinner, do you have enough space at the table for family and friends? Adding a Cottage Log Bench with Back and Armrest ensures that you do. Benches provide flexible seating for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you need four, five or six feet of space; this stunning country furniture comes in multiple sizes to meet your needs. Northern white cedar is a beautiful wood with many eye-catching colors. Hand-peeling the logs for the Cottage Log Bench with Back and Armrest brings out as many as possible for a finished bench with a lot of character. When logs are hand-peeled, bits of inner bark stay behind. The resulting spots and speckles along the lengths of the logs makes each bench unique. With a clear finish to seal it all off, this piece offers both beauty and stability. Log furniture should be built with care to ensure that it remains stable for years, and this bench is no exception. The solid cedar slab seat is supported by four stout log legs fixed into log crosspieces on either end. Five logs make up the back, two going vertically for support and three arranged horizontally to create a comfortable seat. Two rugged log armrests complete the design. With bumps, nodules and knots, the logs used in this bench make it both rugged and interesting. You wind up with a piece that’s a great seat as well as a fun conversation starter. Cedar is a great choice for cabins and country homes thanks to its warm tones and unique personality. The Cottage Log Bench with Back and Armrest pairs well with cedar dining tables of all sizes and is perfect for seating crowds around the holidays. Its beauty isn’t restricted to the dining area. You can place one or more around your living room, den or sunroom to add a rugged feel to your country decor. Sturdy and beautiful, this bench is just what you need when serving up a meal for all the people you love.
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