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Create the Perfect Kitchen With Our Log Decor

Accent your rustic log furniture with our log decor.Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and you need to treat it that way. We have everything you need to create the rustic log cabin kitchen of your dreams. You’ll want to be the one doing the cooking, because your kitchen will be too beautiful to walk away from!

Your kitchen’s log decor starts with our North Woods custom kitchen cabinets. We can help you design the perfect kitchen cabinet arrangement, so that you have the log kitchen you desire. You have your choice of regular cabinets, cabinets featuring pull out drawers, sleeves, recycling bins, trash compacters, corner units with a lazy susan, and much more. Your wish is our command! We use hand draw knifed pine to give you the perfect log cabin feel, and your cabinets are built to handle all of the daily use they will undoubtedly get.

Our cabinet hardware comes in many different designs, such as resin, wildlife, leaves and trees, fish, nautical, and western. There is cabinet hardware to suit everyone’s discriminating taste! A matching North Woods kitchen island is a must-have piece of rustic furniture, with all of the same great qualities you cabinets possess. You can even request liquid glass to be applied to the bar countertop of your island. All of our North Woods products can be unfinished or have a clear or medium finish applied.

The style of sink you choose is very important when you are decorating your rustic log cabin kitchen. You can choose from many different styles of sinks, in either copper or granite. There are square sinks, rounded sinks, sinks with aprons, single well sinks, 60/40 sinks, 50/50 sinks, sinks with workstations, you name it, we have it. Our granite sinks are incredibly heat, stain and chip resistant, needing only light cleaning with a dishwashing liquid to remove everyday stains. Our copper sinks are easy to maintain, as they actually fight the bacteria that stainless steel sinks would harbor! We also offer drain and strainer sets for your sink, as well as garbage disposal caps, so all of your sink needs are met.

Every kitchen needs a paper towel holder to go with their rustic furniture. We have a wide variety of free-standing paper towel holders. The designs on our wrought iron paper towel holders are beautiful, and there are so many of them it will definitely be a difficult choice. Our wall-mounted wrought iron paper towel holders also come in too many designs to list, so there is something for everyone.

We also have several free-standing and wall-mounted log paper towel holders for you to choose from. If you want napkin holders, we have many wrought iron styles from you to choose from, as well. The construction of our paper towel and napkin holders is unmatched by anything you could find in a store, just like the rustic log furniture we carry.

If you’ve dreamed of having a pot rack, you’ve come to the right place. We have gorgeous pot racks, with many different rustic scenes to choose from.

All of your kitchen needs are met here! We have everything from your rustic log furniture cabinets and islands to that just right kitchen sink, and more. Now all you need to do is add your appliances, cooking and eating ware to compliment the log decor, and you’re ready to go!