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Creating the Ultimate Game Room with Log Furniture

You need the right log furniture for all of your gaming needs.Every now and then, it’s great to kick back and play a game of foosball, cards or pool. Those precious hours you can set aside for relaxing with friends or spending solid quality time with your kids aren’t doled out in large quantities unfortunately. Losing too many of this time spent driving to the nearest game room or worse yet, worrying about the sort of people gathered there and the example they will set with your children makes a lot of decide we need  a game room at home.

This not only lets you make the most of a stolen hour by spending it having fun with the kids, you are in control of the atmosphere. Pool is a great game, but most pool halls are not the place you want to take your 10-year-old too! Every home needs a place where friends and family can hang out, play around and enjoy themselves. So log furniture makers have designed some great pieces to allow you to do just this.

In the log game rooms section of Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place website, we have lots of great pieces for creating a game room at home. Here you will find we have thought of lots of things that such a space would offer, including log billiards tables, cabin dart boards, log poker tables decor, and yes – even a great looking log foosball table!

Our log game room pieces are constructed with unique design and quality craftsmanship. You'll never have to worry about this furniture falling apart on you. Our rustic and log furniture are made from the sturdiest wood, providing a wonderful balance of unique beauty and functionality. Our log billiards table doesn’t just stand out; they stand up to regular use and remain great looking throughout the years.

Why stop at a log billiards table and cabin dart boards? Make your game room complete with a bar that includes log bar lamps and log barstools. Even for the family that prefers soft drinks and milkshakes over cold beer and cocktails, a log bar can double as the soda fountain too. Whether it’s Bud on tap and margaritas, or ice cold root beer and fruit smoothies… they all taste a heck of a lot more delicious enjoyed on the comfortable log barstools at your private coordinating bar.

Of course, you’ll need to properly illuminate the log bar refreshments center. We have a great lineup of log game lights and log bar lights to compliment the rustic charm of log game rooms.

Shedding some light on the subject definitely makes this relaxing space a lot more enjoyable. You’ll want to plan out the rustic lighting to brighten the playing surfaces and bring out the unique beauty and character or your cabin décor pieces coordinated in your log game room.

You too will soon discover that this room provides just the spot for your whole family and their friends to spend great times. People will love coming over your house, and they will be amazed at the interesting and instantly relaxing array of cabin decor and log furniturein your one of a kind game room. We predict many evenings and weekends full of fun, family, and friends will center around the log game room furniture from Log Furniture Place.