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Custom Wooden Furniture Isn’t Only for Rustic Cabins!

Bring the Feel of a Rustic Cabin Into the Rooms of Your Home

you love the look of wood, but you don’t think your home’s decor can
accommodate a custom piece of wood furniture, then you may want to think again.
Of all the materials around used for making furniture and other pieces of home
decor, wood is one that transcends all design styles. This means that you can
incorporate a wood furniture piece into your home’s décor, regardless of what your
home’s dominant style may be.

are some rustic wooden pieces that will look right at home in your house, so
you too can enjoy the warmth and comfortable appeal of natural wood.

Wooden Bookcase

it’s used for your home office, a den, or in the living room, a wooden
makes for the ideal storage solution for all of your books
and collectables. After all, it looks great and it makes more sense to store
your books on a wood piece of furniture instead of on something more
utilitarian and cold looking. For the perfect blend of stability and richness, you
will want to go with a custom bookcase
made from reclaimed wood

A Pool

An all-wood pool table will look great in any game room, no matter how the
space is decorated. You can choose from something more rustic looking, like a Klondike
Log pool table
, or
something more traditional, like a weathered wood Cheyanne
pool table

Solid Wood Desk

The very best desks are typically
made from all-wood materials. Wood makes the desk not only stunningly
beautiful, but it also makes it extremely durable and capable of lasting for
the rest of your life. Wood desks also come in all shapes and sizes, so you can
have yours made as simple or as detailed as you like,
in terms of style.

A Rustic

wood pieces in your bedroom will make the room feel cozier and more comfortable
because wood has a natural warmth to it that can’t be easily replicated by
other materials. Wood beds also come in a wide range of styles and in a variety
of different woods, making the choices endless. For example, with wood, you can
choose the traditional cedar
, a classic barnwood
, or something even more rustic, like an aspen
or hickory

A Sofa
or Entryway Table

An all-wood sofa or entryway
doesn’t have to look like it should only exist in a log cabin. There are
several designs that can add a sophisticated
to your home while still employing the texture, warmth, and feel that
you can only get from wood. For many, this is one of the easiest and most
affordable ways to introduce a wood piece into the design of the home; the same
applies to entry

A Coat

coat rack
is solid and strong, and it can accommodate all your family’s
outerwear. Despite it being made from wood, a rustic coat rack looks perfectly
normal in the entryway of any home, even when it isn’t holding any coats.

Buy Wood Furniture Pieces From Log Furniture Place and Save

Wood looks and feels right at home, no matter what your interior décor looks like. Log Furniture Place specializes in hand-crafting all-wood furniture, just like our forefathers once did. We only use locally sourced materials, including reclaimed wood from barns being torn down.

you want to introduce the beauty of wood into your home, then shop our
inventory online and we think you’ll love the selection and prices for our
natural wood products. We work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction,
and we back up that commitment with a solid warranty. Contact us today if you
have any questions regarding our process and/or customization options.