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Dining Out on Designer Chic

Dining tables are more than pieces of furniture for enjoying a meal; they are the heart and hub of any home. A central meeting point where everybody knows they can convene, converse and enjoy quality time together, a main table is a thing of joy and, when you choose our reclaimed wood dining table, it can also be a thing of extreme beauty and character.

Simple but not basic

Let's not be falsely modest - not everybody knows the difference between basic and simple, but discerning customers do. That's why we've mastered the art of designing understated pieces of furniture that serve a purpose, look phenomenal and will fit into a myriad of different homes with numerous interior design styles. Our Mossy Oak Royal Mission Reclaimed Dining Table is a perfect example of this ethos in practice.

A collaborative design from both us and our friends at Mossy Oak, the reclaimed barn wood table is as rustic as it is chic, with chunky proportions, a solid feel and perfectly weathered timber all coming together to create one of our most stunning designs to date. A simple frame, topped with a thick antique wood top, the finished result is a piece of furniture that exudes warmth and character, not to mention charm and you can choose your perfect size too.

Four lengths are on offer for the Mossy Oak dining table, though we don't shy away from custom orders. In fact, we relish the opportunity to take a design that you love and make it to exacting specifications to ensure that it is as perfect for your home as a totally bespoke and one-off item can be. And don't forget that our use of reclaimed wood means that nobody will ever have a table identical to yours!

A material that makes all the difference

We think the pictures of our barn wood dining table all but speak for themselves. You can see that the design is timeless, rustic and as inviting as you could ever hope a family dining table would be, but what about that reclaimed wood?

We take our time sourcing the right timber as it has to be at least 100 years old and salvaged from old barns, right here in the USA. Why? Because we know that you'll take a huge amount of pride in owning a piece of American history. Every piece of timber comes complete with genuine age marks and a gorgeous patina that can't be faked, though competitors do try! If you want the look, feel and grandeur of a barnwood table, you need to buy one that is built from verifiable reclaimed timber, which is why we endeavor to create designs that you'll love, for prices you can afford

We know that handcrafted rustic furniture costs more than bog standard pieces, but we like to think that you see our designs as investment pieces. With that in mind, we do everything we can to make them easier to order, with free delivery included as standard and an easy way to finance, through our trusted partner, Bread.

With everything taken care of, all you need to think about is what you'll cook for your first celebratory meal at your new rustic table!