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Dining Room

  • Get Ample Kitchen Storage with Aspen Furniture

    Let Buffets and Hutches Solve Your ProblemIf there’s one thing every country kitchen needs, it’s more storage space. Experienced cooks collect pots, pans and utensils, and homemakers that like to entertain always have plates and glassware reserved for special occasions. The Aspen Lodge 3 Bay Gnarly Buffet & Hutch has room for all of this and more. With its ample drawer and cabinet space and eye-catching appearance, this log furniture boasts just the right combination of form and function.

    Each Aspen Lodge 3 Bay Gnarly Buffet & Hutch is made with aspen logs that live up to its unusual name. Instead of stripping and sanding the logs to a smooth finish, the craftsmen behind this aspen masterpiece peel each log by hand in an effort to preserve its unique personality. These logs are then used as corner accents for the buffet and hutch. Another curved log appears along the top of the hutch, and the sturdy buffet top features natural log edging. Choosing half-log drawer fronts instead of flat adds even more character to the piece.

    The rugged nature of aspen furniture makes it a good choice for storing your best dishes or your favorite cookware. Use the three drawers in the buffet to organize flatware and table settings, and tuck your pots and pans behind the three cabinet doors for easy access. Your best plates and glasses can go in the three display cabinets offered by the hutch. If you need more drawer space for other kitchen and dining necessities, the hutch adds three drawers to complement those in the buffet.

    Since it’s constructed from solid natural wood, you’ll find that this aspen furniture retains its original look for much longer than pieces made with a mix of wood and veneers or man-made wood imitations. Finished with a low-gloss catalyzed lacquer, the Aspen Lodge 3 Bay Gnarly Buffet & Hutch is made to be part of your kitchen or dining area for decades. The styles of plates and types of cookware you store in it may change, but the rustic beauty of the aspen will stand the test of time.

  • Aspen Furniture Makes the Perfect Holiday Centerpiece

    Dining Tables are the Best CenterpieceThe holidays have a way of sneaking up on you while you’re still getting used to fall. Before you know it, you find yourself planning the yearly Thanksgiving feast for your family and wondering once again how you’re going to fit everyone at the table. The Aspen Grizzly 9ft Log Dining Table with Wild Stump Base provides enough room for everyone to sit and enjoy a bountiful meal while adding the charm of cabin decor to your dining room layout.

    This unique log furniture features nine feet of solid aspen wood sitting atop two natural stumps. The stumps are harvested from the Rocky Mountains of the USA and taken only from dead-standing trees to ensure sustainability. After harvesting, the logs are peeled by hand to preserve the natural character that makes aspen special. Mortise and tenon joins are used to affix the stumps to the tabletop, creating a piece that you’ll be able to pass on to your children and grandchildren in the years to come.

    For a smooth look, the Aspen Grizzly 9ft Log Dining Table with Wild Stump Base is sanded by hand and finished with a protective water-based polyurethane coating. This not only seals in the beauty of the wood but also protects it from spills and other potential mishaps. Log edging finishes off the rugged tabletop for a unique look that may include bumps, knots or wavy edging. Every table has its own personality that enhances every meal, and you can add boldness to this personality by choosing dark bronze aspen finish instead of clear.

    As you’re considering making this aspen table the centerpiece for holiday dining, don’t forget about seating. Coordinating captain’s chairs and side chairs are available in sets of two, four, six or eight to accommodate the family, or you can choose benches that range in size from four to six feet. As part of the Aspen Mountain collection, these pieces are made to match the rugged style of the table for a combination that can be enjoyed on Thanksgiving or any day of the year.

  • Dine in Style with Quality Wood Furniture

    Arm Chairs for any Rustic HomeBeing seated at the head of the table has long been considered a place of honor or reverence. Although this tradition doesn’t continue everywhere today, there’s still a special feeling associated with getting to sit right at the end of the table and have a good view of everyone you’re dining with. Sitting in the Rustic Hickory Upholstered Low Back Arm Chair makes the experience even more enjoyable by adding the beauty and comfort of rustic furniture.

    The frame of this solid chair is made from real hickory logs untouched by peeling or sanding. This creates cabin decor with a bold, natural look that complements other wood furniture. When matched with a wood dining table and other chairs with similar designs, the Rustic Hickory Upholstered Low Back Arm Chair really shines. The 40-inch height means that it’s tall enough to provide reliable back support but no so tall that it overshadows other furniture. The comfortable upholstered seat may be finished in any one of several dozen patterned fabrics. Choose from cabin, woodland, lodge, contemporary, Western and Southwestern designs to match your dining room decor. For a more upscale look, try tri-colored brindled leather or mock “croc” leather instead.

    Whatever fabric you decide on will stand out well from the simple construction of the chair frame. The legs and back supports are made from thin hickory logs, and log supports ensure that the chair won’t wobble or rock. Pairs of supports appear on either side, and the front and back have single logs connected to the legs with strong joins. Hickory spindles across the back add a rugged look and feel. The arms are also made from small logs, and the entire piece is finished off with clear catalyzed lacquer to reinforce the natural strength of the wood.

    When wood furniture is this basic and beautiful, it can be used anywhere in your home. Go beyond the dining room and place your Rustic Hickory Upholstered Low Back Arm Chair in the living room or even the sunroom to provide a unique, comfortable place to sit.

  • Keep Treasured Dishes Safe in Style with Rustic Furniture

    Buffets and Hutches will keep those dishes safeYour most treasured dishware deserves a beautiful display space that will preserve its most attractive characteristics for years to come. The Cottage Hickory Log 48-Inch Buffet & Hutch provides a generous amount of storage in the form of an eye-catching piece of handmade log furniture. Crafted using a combination of hickory wood and logs, this sturdy buffet and hutch combination is just what you need to protect your favorite dishes.

    Kiln-dried hickory logs adorn each corner of the Cottage Hickory 48-Inch Buffet & Hutch. The bark is left on the logs to create deep contrast with the hickory boards and planks used in the rest of the piece. Smooth lines and slight differences in color draw the eye while European-style hinges keep the hardware out of sight. Drawers feature a half-inch hickory overlay that matches the fronts of the cabinet doors. Short log drawer pulls and door handles harmonize with the dark log edging around the hutch top and buffet shelf to complete the look.

    When you make this buffet and hutch combination part of your dining area, you get a spacious two-door cabinet along with two dovetailed drawers that slide out on full-extension ball bearing glides. The top portion includes two glass doors that are perfect for showing off your best dishes. If you don’t have anything to display but still need a solid storage space, you can purchase just the buffet section. This gives you the cabinet and the drawers to place your pots and pans, special serving dishes and flatware. The buffet features all the characteristics of the full piece and can double as a sideboard in the dining room.

    Choosing a dark “Espresso” finish for your Cottage Hickory 48-Inch Buffet & Hutch gives it a bold, attractive look stands out among other cabin decor. If you prefer a lighter shade, try either Rustic Maple or Rustic Alder finish. Traditional clear catalyzed lacquer lets the natural beauty of the hickory wood shine through. Add other pieces from the Cottage Hickory collection to your dining room area for an eye-catching setup that’s as beautiful as it is practical.

  • Dine in Style with Beautiful Country Furniture

    Have Enough Dining Chairs for the Member of the FamilyBringing the family to the table is easy when the food is good, spirits are high and the seats are comfortable. Surround your table with Northwoods Upholstered Log Dining Chairs for a beautiful, cozy dining room setup that the whole family will enjoy. These solid wood furniture pieces are built with care to last through years of shared meals.

    Lodgepole pine is the material of choice for the Northwoods Upholstered Log Dining Chair. The legs and the back supports are crafted from sturdy 3-inch logs held together with mortise and tenon joins. It’s a classic construction for country furniture that gives the piece a timeless look. Every joint between the logs is reinforced with glue to ensure longevity. Four rugged log crosspieces serve as supports between the legs while two slightly flattened logs form the frame for the back rest. A pair of smaller logs stretches vertically between them for a comfortable finish.

    Wood pieces are more appealing when they feature upholstered seats. The soft cushion on these dining chairs may be covered with one of seven different fabrics. Choose a solid forest green or go for a mountain, woodland or Southwestern theme. It’s up to you whether to adorn every chair that you buy with the same fabric or mix up the designs for a set that’s unique to your home. No matter what style you decide on, all cushions are removable for easy cleaning. This is a helpful feature when dealing with accidental mealtime spills. Clear and honey finish options are available to protect the rest of the chair.

    All logs used in the Northwoods Upholstered Log Dining Chair are peeled by hand using a draw knife. This technique gives every piece of country decor its own personality. If you invest in a set, you’ll notice that no two are exactly the same. Create a distinctive dining room design with other Northwoods furniture such as a log bench, a dining table or a buffet and hutch set. The attractive color of the lodgepole pine will brighten up your home and make every family meal that much more special.

  • Bring Beautiful Rustic Decor to the Dining Table

    Entertain Guests with DinnerwareSetting the table with “special” dinnerware makes you feel like you’re enjoying your meal in a fancy restaurant. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that way every night instead of just on holidays? You can with beautiful place settings like the Misty Forest Dinnerware Set. This stunning collection brings the beauty of nature to your table with colors and images that match perfectly with rustic log furniture and country designs.

    Beautiful porcelain gives the Misty Forest Dinnerware Set the delicate appearance characteristic of “fancy” dishes. However, the set is sturdy enough to be used in the microwave and cleaned in the dishwasher. You can serve meals on it every day and not worry about breakage, wear and tear or fading of the design. The rugged motif pairs just as well with holiday centerpieces and decorations as with rustic decor, so you don’t have to maintain a separate set of dishes to use when company comes. In fact, the quality of the set is such that guests will think you brought out the “good” dishes just for them.

    Each forest-themed dinnerware set comes with everything you need to lay out an eye-catching table for four. You get a 10.5-inch dinner plate, an 8-inch salad plate, an 8-inch diameter bowl and a 10-ounce mug for each setting. Add attractive Hammered Copper Flatware or Antique Copper Twig Flatware for a stunning woodland backdrop that complements all of your favorite meals.

    The plates, bowls and mugs in the Misty Forest Dinnerware Set all feature a rustic forest motif. A cluster of deep green fir trees appears on the lower right side of the plates and bowls as well as the side of the mug to create a balanced theme. Both the mugs and dinner plates also sport a light brown border with dark brown edging. The same edging appears around the lips of the salad plates and bowls. These subtle colors look stunning with both rustic and country decor themes. Choose place mats with similar shades along with a rustic table runner and you’ll feel that restaurant atmosphere every time you enjoy a meal.

  • Country Furniture Expands Seating Options

    Benches look great anywhere at homeWhen it comes time to settle down for dinner, do you have enough space at the table for family and friends? Adding a Cottage Log Bench with Back and Armrest ensures that you do. Benches provide flexible seating for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you need four, five or six feet of space; this stunning country furniture comes in multiple sizes to meet your needs.

    Northern white cedar is a beautiful wood with many eye-catching colors. Hand-peeling the logs for the Cottage Log Bench with Back and Armrest brings out as many as possible for a finished bench with a lot of character. When logs are hand-peeled, bits of inner bark stay behind. The resulting spots and speckles along the lengths of the logs makes each bench unique. With a clear finish to seal it all off, this piece offers both beauty and stability.

    Log furniture should be built with care to ensure that it remains stable for years, and this bench is no exception. The solid cedar slab seat is supported by four stout log legs fixed into log crosspieces on either end. Five logs make up the back, two going vertically for support and three arranged horizontally to create a comfortable seat. Two rugged log armrests complete the design. With bumps, nodules and knots, the logs used in this bench make it both rugged and interesting. You wind up with a piece that’s a great seat as well as a fun conversation starter.

    Cedar is a great choice for cabins and country homes thanks to its warm tones and unique personality. The Cottage Log Bench with Back and Armrest pairs well with cedar dining tables of all sizes and is perfect for seating crowds around the holidays. Its beauty isn’t restricted to the dining area. You can place one or more around your living room, den or sunroom to add a rugged feel to your country decor. Sturdy and beautiful, this bench is just what you need when serving up a meal for all the people you love.

  • Barnwood Furniture Sets Make Dining Design a Breeze

    Dining Sets Make Life EasierThe dining room should be a place where family and friends can gather to relax and share a good meal whether it’s a weeknight or a special occasion. The Azul Barnwood Table & Chairs with Bench Package helps you create an inviting space with a cozy, rustic atmosphere that makes everyone feel at home. Solid barnwood construction and eye-catching turquoise accents make this rustic decor a unique addition to any home.

    Investing in a dining package is an easy way to coordinate your dining room setup without having to spend a lot of time shopping for furniture. With the Azul Barnwood Table & Chairs with Bench Package, you’ll be all set to seat the entire family plus a few guests. All together, the package includes a 36-inch dining table, four chairs and a dining bench. Each features the beauty of barnwood furniture including light and dark brown colors, rough-sawn surfaces and distinctive weathered accents. Clear lacquer finish seals it all in, preserving the look for years to come.

    What makes this dining package truly unique is the distressed turquoise finish that appears around the edge of the table, around the seat of the bench and on the backs of the chairs. It adds to the natural rugged look of the barnwood while bringing a hint of Southwestern style to the whole package. The brightness of the turquoise stands out against the darker shades of the wood, catching the eye and drawing comments from visiting friends. Rounded nail head accents are the perfect finishing touch with their deep copper tones that add a hint of shine.

    When you make the Barnwood Table & Chairs part of your lodge decor, you transform your dining room into a rustic getaway. Each sturdy barnwood beam, board and plank exudes a feeling of timelessness that will always be in style. The set is designed with simple shapes and lines that allow it to harmonize with other barnwood pieces so that you can create a balanced dining room setup that’s perfect for any occasion.

  • Make Western Decor Part of Your Dining Experience

    Complete the Western Dining Room with DinnerwareWhen you've spent time outfitting your dining room with Western-style pieces including a barnwood table, rustic chairs and a rugged buffet, the design needs an appropriate finishing touch. Serving your meals on Azulscape Pottery Dinnerware provides the perfect accent to an already beautiful setup. This solid handmade stoneware sports attractive colors and a simple style that complements rustic furniture.

    With a dinner plate, salad plate and bowl along with your choice of a mug or tumbler, the Azulscape Pottery Dinnerware set makes a stunning place setting. Get one for yourself or several to serve the whole family. Made in the USA, this stoneware is lead-free and can be used in the microwave, oven and dishwasher. Stoneware is known for being sturdy and long-lasting. When properly treated and cared for, it should last for many years.

    This unique Western decor brings a wealth of color to your table. While the design doesn't depict any particular scene, it suggests a desert at sunrise or dusk and makes you think of sleeping under the stars. The base of each piece features a rich terracotta hue beneath a sapphire "sky" with bands of red, yellow, green and even a bit of purple stretching in between. This dishware is beautiful enough to put on display in your hutch and yet rugged enough to stand up to daily use.

    Serving your favorite meals on Azulscape Pottery Dinnerware makes them even more enjoyable. As you eat, you'll uncover the gorgeous array of colors that gives this set its unique look. The artisans who create this dinnerware put a great deal of care into the design to ensure that every set is flawless and stunning. This attention to color combination and detail adds something special to any dish you serve.

    Combining attractive dishware with other lodge decor in your dining room creates a balanced style with timeless beauty. Whether your home decor leans towards the bold or the simple, the Azulscape Pottery Dinnerware set will make your table look wonderful every time you set it for a meal.

  • Spice Up the Dining Room with Barnwood Furniture

    FeeGather Around these Round Dining TablesEvery dining table design has something different to offer. Long, slim tables create an elegant setup for holidays while bistro tables offer an intimate dining experience. The Arthurian Round Table combines authentic reclaimed barnwood with a circular design that exudes charm and makes your dining room feel cozy the way only rustic furniture can.

    Round dining tables echo the feel of bistro styles but seat more people, an important consideration if you're planning to entertain guests. The design of the Arthurian Round Table is particularly flexible in that it allows you to choose from standard, counter and bar heights as well as six different diameters that range from 30 inches to 60 inches. With these options, you can get a table that's a perfect fit for the size of your family as well as you dining room space.

    This sturdy barnwood furniture features the same attractive construction regardless of configuration. Solid planks make up the top and are held in place with an octagonal border. One thick beam is used to create the pedestal-style support and rests on a pair of crossed boards for added stability. Curved accents decorate each join at the bottom and top of the support beam, a feature that softens the otherwise stark design of the table. The natural accents found in barnwood add to the look as well, with everything from nail holes to saw marks making an appearance somewhere in the piece.

    You can't go wrong when you include a bit of barnwood in your rustic decor. When used in the dining room, the Arthurian Round Table imparts the special beauty of naturally aged wood. Skilled craftsmen make sure that each piece is used in a way that shows off the full impact of its inherent beauty. Topped off with a clear finish, this rugged dining table makes the perfect centerpiece for daily dining, holidays and other special occasions. Surround it with chairs made from barnwood to create a truly stunning effect that impresses guests and makes you family feel right at home.

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