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Dining Room

  • Use Aspen Furniture to Create a Unique Dining Room

    Aspen Dining Chairs for a Unique SettingTraditional dining sets often feature smooth surfaces and sleek lines that harmonize in the elegant setups seen in furniture commercials and showrooms. These have their own type of beauty but can't match the unique nature of aspen furniture like the Daybreak Light Aspen Log Dining Chair. Every gnarl, burl and knot in this stunning handmade chair echoes the beauty of nature and adds a special touch to your dining room.

    Each Daybreak Light Aspen Log Dining Chair features hand-peeled aspen logs arranged in a sturdy square base. Two short logs make up the front legs while taller logs stretch up on either side of the back to frame a group of four vertical slats with slightly flattened surfaces. These are set at an angle to provide comfort for anyone who sits in the chair. The slab seat sits on top of shorter aspen logs that provide added reinforcement. Kiln drying ensures that the wood won't warp or crack and tenoned joins increase stability.

    You never know quite what you're going to get when you invest in rustic decor. Though pieces are made with the same configurations, the rugged nature of the wood means that there are unique surprises every time. Choose regular aspen logs for your dining chairs to enjoy the simple bumps and checks that appear on the wood or select "extra gnarly" aspen for a look that's truly exceptional. Finish options include clear, which keeps the natural color of the wood intact; and honey, which provides a warmer tone. Both feature low gloss catalyzed lacquer for a smooth look.

    No matter what style you choose for your log furniture, the Daybreak Light Aspen Log Dining Chair will make your dining room stand out. Arrange a collection of standard chairs around a matching dining table, cap off the ends with arm chairs and you'll have an arrangement that invites family members and guests to gather for a shared meal and some quality time together. The result is a scene that looks far better than anything you'll ever see in a furniture commercial.

  • Bring the Family Together with Barnwood Furniture

    Upholstered Long BenchesNow that fall is in the air, it's time to start planning for the holiday season. It may seem like a long way off, but if you're the type who likes to have the whole family home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, you know how much preparation is involved. One thing you want to be sure of is having enough seating in the dining room. Instead of trying to surround the table with a ragged grouping of individual chairs, you could try rustic decor like the Cottage Barnwood Upholstered Bench to seat the coming crowd.

    Barnwood furniture is made with reclaimed boards and planks from old structures. The wood in the Cottage Barnwood Upholstered Log Bench is red oak from tobacco barns that were used in the 1800s, so it has a special character that's unique to weathered wood. With thick planks used for the legs and a full-length supporting beam, this bench is built to last. The upholstered seat is further supported by planks of wood that sit just beneath it and are attached securely to the legs.

    The builders of this beautiful bench preserve its personality using a dull catalyzed lacquer finish. Finishing barnwood seals in the nail hole accents, saw marks, abrasions and weathering patterns so that you can enjoy them for a long time. Barnwood itself is known for longevity given that it's been naturally weathered from spending years being exposed to changing weather conditions. After that, day-to-day wear and even heavy use around the holidays won't cause the appearance of the wood to deteriorate.

    Customize your Cottage Barnwood Upholstered Log Bench with one of the nearly four dozen fabric choices available for the seat. Find one that complements your cabin decor, then choose the length you need to seat all the guests you're expecting for the upcoming holidays. Whether you need a four-, five- or six-foot bench, you get the same stability and beauty you expect from barnwood. Let this eye-catching piece enhance your dining room during the holidays and throughout the rest of the year.

  • Enhance Your Dining Area with Log Cabin Furniture

    Dining Chairs at their Finest!The atmosphere you choose to create in your dining room depends on its primary uses. Do you sit down to a family dinner with your spouse and kids every night to enjoy some relaxing family time? Are you more likely to have to clean an inch of dust off the table before all of your relatives show up for Thanksgiving? For most people, reality is somewhere in between. Fortunately, rustic decor like the Real Walnut & Rustic Hickory Dining Chair works for formal and everyday styles by adding a rugged look to your dining area.

    The legs, lower supports and back supports of the Real Walnut & Rustic Hickory Dining Chair are made from solid hickory wood and logs. Instead of peeling or sanding the wood, the craftsmen who build these chairs leave the bark on. This creates a deep color that is complemented by the walnut wood used in the seat and back rest. All-over clear finish seals and protects the chair from the wear and tear of daily use. Your seasonal guests will never guess that you use these stunning chairs on a regular basis. They'll be too busy admiring the pristine, glossy appearance and natural charm of the wood.

    When you look at log furniture, it's hard not to appreciate the individual accents that make each piece unique. Wood continues to be a popular choice for home furnishings not only because it lasts a long time but also due to its singular personality and rustic beauty. From the rounded legs to the smooth lower support beams running from side to side and back to front, the Real Walnut & Rustic Hickory Dining Chair exudes the beauty of a dense forest and brings to mind the many secluded wild places that still exist around the world.

    Whether you want to spruce up your dining room with some handmade log cabin furniture or simply need a new set of chairs, you can rely on hickory and walnut wood to enhance your home for many years to come.

  • Cozy Up to Aspen Furniture

    Consider Getting Aspen Dining TablesPutting together a dining set that looks great in your cabin or lodge means choosing natural log furniture with one-of-a-kind personality. The Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts delivers just that. Rugged, handcrafted components come together in a piece that features bold aspen design along with an eye-catching metal nature scene set into its surface.

    Starting with dead-standing wood, talented craftsmen hand-peel four thick aspen logs to use as legs and include the same detailing around the edge of the tabletop. Make this basic style your own by choosing light aspen, dark aspen or "extra gnarly" aspen depending on the statement that you want your cabin decor to make. Both the clear and honey finish options protect the wood and allow the burls, insect track and elk chew marks to shine through.

    Eighteen different metal inserts are available for this stunning table. Choose from fishing scenes, elk or deer, bear, Western themes and more for a beautiful finish that gives your table added personality. The insert is set into the tabletop behind a sturdy panel of glass so you can enjoy it every time you sit down for a meal.

    Make your Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts part of a complete dining set by adding a chair or bench package. You can choose plain seating made from the same type of aspen as the table or add metal inserts to enhance the style. Get a combination of side chairs and arm chairs or benches in varying sizes to give everyone in the family a sturdy place to sit. Each seating option features the same careful handcrafting as the table and is made to last just as long.

    Table size is another important consideration when purchasing aspen furniture, especially if you tend to host big gatherings on special occasions. The Aspen Dining Table With Metal Inserts comes in lengths ranging from five feet to ten feet so you can gather as big a group as you want to enjoy a meal while relaxing in a cozy cabin atmosphere.

  • Incorporate Barnwood Furniture into Daily Dining

    Have Beautiful Dining Tables in your Dining RoomThe sight of an old barn standing in a farm field brings to mind images of solidity and reliability. You'll find these same characteristics in the Conestoga Barnwood Trestle Table. A classic two-legged trestle base and a solid barnwood top make this table a sturdy, one-of-a-kind addition to the rustic decor in your dining room. Handcrafted from 100 percent reclaimed barnwood, the table features the beautiful accents that develop when structures are left to weather naturally over time.

    Six table sizes from five feet to ten feet are available for you to choose from so you can seat your immediate family or gather a whole group for a special occasion. You can also choose a 42-inch or 48-inch table width to get just the right size. No matter what configuration you settle on, you receive the same quality handcrafting and stunning barnwood furniture appearance. The barnwood boards used for the tabletop feature rough-sawn areas along with hewn marks and the occasional nail hole, all authentic "decorations" from the wood's former life.

    The Conestoga Barnwood Trestle Table is finished with a clear coat to enhance the natural strength of the wood and protect its unique appearance. Daily dining can do a number on tabletops, but the combination of barnwood strength and protective finish preserves the look of this table whether you're dealing with a host of rambunctious kids or just the occasional bump or spill. The dark brown, red-brown and light brown colors will remain beautiful regardless of mishaps.

    The trestle style is part of what makes this stunning cabin furniture so appealing. The tabletop rests on a pair of thick pillars, each featuring a curved design with three "feet." A supporting beam stretches between them to ensure stability. Its arched shape adds a touch of elegance to the otherwise rugged appearance of the table, making it suitable for any kind of home decor from basic country to bold Western designs. Make the Conestoga Barnwood Trestle Table part of your dining room and enjoy its unique beauty at every meal.

  • Enhance Living Room Style with Versatile Rustic Decor

    These benches are as versatile as they getThe type of seating you choose for your dining room depends on how you'll use it. A basic collection of chairs works well for daily meals with a small family, but when you entertain crowds or have extended family over on a regular basis, the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench is a more practical solution. Instead of trying to crowd a whole collection of chairs around the dining table, you can choose benches ranging from four feet to seven feet to provide just the right amount of space while enhancing your rustic decor.

    What makes this bench different from other log furniture? The solid aspen slab seat is just the beginning. The thick piece of wood features natural log edging with deep coloration that contrasts with the smooth, bright top. Clear finish enhances the beauty of the aspen by bringing out the many undertones present in the wood. Underneath this sturdy seat, four rugged metal legs act as the frame for a hand-cut metal scene featuring your choice of woodland accents. Choose one of the fifteen available designs including bears, elk, whitetail faces, moose, deer and ducks and enjoy its distinctive rugged charm.

    Benches make great additions to the living room as well. Place the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench by the wall or make it part of a seating area around the fireplace for a unique accent that offers both comfort and style. You may also wish to use it as an entry bench so that you have a place to sit and take your shoes off when you come home each day. Its rugged appearance gives guests a warm greeting and provides a preview of the style to be found in the rest of your home.

    This versatility is just one of the hallmarks of good rustic decorating. By combining the unique character of aspen wood with the warm, coppery bronze tone of hand-cut metal, the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench provides beauty, charm and warmth to your home no matter where you place it.

  • Eco-Friendly Western Furniture Makes Dining Areas Unique

    Enjoy Fine Wine and Dining on these Bistro TablesThe eco-friendly movement has spread from general environmental conservation to include recycled paper products, chemical-free home cleaners and even reclaimed wood furniture. Rooted in a desire to reduce waste and preserve the natural state of the world, this conscious effort to use less and save more drives people to find unique ways to recycle things that might once have been considered junk. The results can be seen in eye-catching furniture pieces like the Barrique Bistro Table.

    From first glance, you'll see that this table is different. Instead of the sharp lines characteristic of some Western decor or the flowing shapes of modern furniture, this table combines the unique bowed appearance of wine barrel staves and rings with recycled antique lumber to create a one-of-a-kind eating area. Its compact 36"x40"x40" size means that it tucks right into dining room spaces, home bars or even breakfast nooks with ease. Designed to follow the flow of the original barrel, this table brings a comfortable rounded design to any room.

    The sturdy top of the Barrique Bistro Table overhangs four barrel stave legs that support two circular shelves. These are perfect for displaying decor items or arranging houseplants to give your dining area a touch of natural beauty. Eight different finish options let you choose a look that complements the inherent design of your home. Bright choices such as Butternut pair well with sunny decor while the deep Noir and bold Rouge catch the eye when placed among darker furniture. Give Pine finish a try if you're in the mood for a splash of woodland color.

    Along with matching stools, this unusual rustic furniture makes a fun addition to your home. In a bar area, it's perfect for a few friends to sit and share a drink. In the dining room, it becomes an intimate seating area for two. When you make this kind of distinctive style part of your home, you're not only supporting the recycling that characterizes the eco-friendly movement; you'll also enjoy one-of-a-kind furniture that exudes beauty and style.

  • Choose Aspen Furniture for a Unique Dining Room Personality

    Each Dining Chair has a Unique PersonalityDoes your dining room have personality? The feeling you get when you gather at the table with your family is influenced by the layout and design of the room as much as by the food you share. Incorporating attractive country furniture such as the Aspen Log Dining Chair into your decor brings the beauty of the outdoors to your home and enhances your dining experience. Unlike mass-produced furniture, pieces made from aspen have their own special character that can change the whole feeling of a room.

    Whether crafted with standard aspen logs or customized to include eye-catching wood with extra character, the Aspen Log Dining Chair imparts a sense of rugged strength and beauty. Hand-peeling the logs preserves every individual variation of the color and texture of the wood. Aspen develops unique features such as knots, checks and twists as it grows in the wild, and each of these characteristics adds a distinctive touch to your dining area.

    A simple construction with or without arms allows the best qualities of this aspen furniture to stand out. Stout log legs with crosspieces support a slab seat with a sturdy back made from five vertical logs. Another log stretches over the top of these, creating a comfortable back rest. Arm chairs include rugged log arms on either side and are perfect for placing at either end of a rustic dining table. Choose from clear or honey finish to complement the decor of your dining area and enjoy the natural beauty of each chair's style.

    Not only is every log used in the Aspen Log Dining Chair peeled by hand to preserve its natural character and charm; the pieces are also kiln-dried to ensure stability that lasts a lifetime. That means none of the wobbling, cracking or warping that can happen with lower quality furniture. You can rely on this rustic decor to retain its strength and beauty through years of shared family meals. Making aspen part of your dining room ensures a comfortable eating area that never goes out of style.

  • Enjoy Cozy Aspen Furniture in the Dining Room

    Dining Chairs with a Honey Glazed FinishSitting down to a meal with the people you love is one of the best ways to relax at the end of the day. After spending hours rushing around or driving here and there, this is the time to take it easy. Choosing aspen furniture for your dining room helps to ensure leisurely, comfortable mealtimes every day. It's not just the look of the aspen but the overall feeling that its rustic nature adds to your home that makes pieces like the Silver Creek Aspen Log Captain's Chair so inviting.

    Not all log cabin furniture has the same quality. When shopping for just the right dining room set, you want to look for handcrafted chairs that use solid wood and are put together with care. The Silver Creek Aspen Log Captain's Chair is a beautiful example. Every log has its own personality that developed over time. Hand-peeling strips the outer bark while allowing some of the inner membrane to remain, creating unique alternating areas of light and dark. Within these patterns, you may spot other eye-catching natural decorations like knots or beetle tracks. Upgrade the chair to "extra character" aspen and enjoy even more of these beautiful accents.

    A basic frame forms the basis of this chair, but the unique design of the back sets it apart. Instead of a standard ladder back design, you'll find three vertical logs, each slightly flattened to create a comfortable complement to the slab seat. A single log crosspiece stretches over the top, connecting the back to the solid log legs. Smaller logs form a strong base under the seat and support the log arms that give this chair its classic appearance.

    Your choice of clear catalyzed lacquer or honey glaze to finish the Silver Creek Aspen Log Captain's Chair allows you to match it to other cabin decor in your dining room. Include it as part of your existing dining set or pair it with a Silver Creek table to create a stunning yet cozy setup for all your family meals.

  • Serve Meals in Style with Cabin Decor

    Serving Trays are Fun for Large Dinner EventsWhen you cook a meal for your family and friends, you want it to look as good as it tastes. All the time and effort you put into the food is enhanced when you can lay food out on a beautifully arranged dining table. However, serving special dishes such as drinks or a decadent dessert requires something a bit fancier like the rustic decor style of the Butternut Slab Tray with Antler Accents.

    Serving trays have been used for centuries and add a touch of sophistication to even the simplest of meals. Unlike metal dishes, the Butternut Slab Tray with Antler Accents features a rugged appearance that fits right in with log furniture. A 36-inch slab of beautifully cut hardwood is edged with natural bark accents to create a tray that looks as though it came right out of the middle of a tree. Natural whitetail deer antlers line the longer sides, each bringing its own unique beauty to the design. Only shed antlers are used to ensure that the piece is environmentally friendly. If you already have a rustic dining set, this tray makes the perfect addition to your setup.

    Sturdy log handles appear at either end of the tray, making it easy to carry drinks, snacks and more from room to room. You don't have to worry about dropping or spilling anything, and the rustic look will only enhance the dishes you put so much effort into. Guests will appreciate not only the food but also the beauty with which you present it when you add this tray to your dining collection.

    Versatile and beautiful, the Butternut Slab Tray with Antler Accents can be used in any room where you usually have meals or snacks. Sit it on the sideboard in your dining room to add charm to the cabin decor or keep it in the game room for serving your friends as you enjoy a game of pool. Whatever use you put it to, this stunning tray brings woodland beauty to any room in your home.

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