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Dining Room

  • Serve Meals in Style with Cabin Decor

    Serving Trays are Fun for Large Dinner EventsWhen you cook a meal for your family and friends, you want it to look as good as it tastes. All the time and effort you put into the food is enhanced when you can lay food out on a beautifully arranged dining table. However, serving special dishes such as drinks or a decadent dessert requires something a bit fancier like the rustic decor style of the Butternut Slab Tray with Antler Accents.

    Serving trays have been used for centuries and add a touch of sophistication to even the simplest of meals. Unlike metal dishes, the Butternut Slab Tray with Antler Accents features a rugged appearance that fits right in with log furniture. A 36-inch slab of beautifully cut hardwood is edged with natural bark accents to create a tray that looks as though it came right out of the middle of a tree. Natural whitetail deer antlers line the longer sides, each bringing its own unique beauty to the design. Only shed antlers are used to ensure that the piece is environmentally friendly. If you already have a rustic dining set, this tray makes the perfect addition to your setup.

    Sturdy log handles appear at either end of the tray, making it easy to carry drinks, snacks and more from room to room. You don't have to worry about dropping or spilling anything, and the rustic look will only enhance the dishes you put so much effort into. Guests will appreciate not only the food but also the beauty with which you present it when you add this tray to your dining collection.

    Versatile and beautiful, the Butternut Slab Tray with Antler Accents can be used in any room where you usually have meals or snacks. Sit it on the sideboard in your dining room to add charm to the cabin decor or keep it in the game room for serving your friends as you enjoy a game of pool. Whatever use you put it to, this stunning tray brings woodland beauty to any room in your home.

  • Enjoy Barnwood Furniture Style at Affordable Prices

    Get dining chairs to make room for everyoneEvery home has a unique style that's reflected in its decor. Choosing simple, attractive barnwood furniture for your home gives it the distinct look that only well-aged wood can. With its variable color and eye-catching grain patterns, barnwood makes a beautiful addition to any rustic room design. However, when it comes to affordability, authentic barnwood isn't always a practical option. That's where pieces from the Timberwood collection come in.

    The Timberwood Barnwood Upholstered Dining Chair is built using two inch thick rough-sawn pine boards to re-create the classic appearance of barnwood. The rugged surface and simple design emulate all the traits that you love about reclaimed wood furniture while the use of pine keeps the price low. That way, you can adorn your dining room with beautiful wood pieces even when you're on a budget. Match your chairs up with a dining table from the Timberwood line for a rustic dining setup that you can enjoy for years.

    Like most barnwood pieces, the chairs in the Timberwood collection feature a basic form that looks great with any decor. Square legs and supports create the bottom of the Timberwood Barnwood chair, with the two rear legs extending up to form a frame for the back. Two horizontal boards enclose three vertical slats, creating a simple design that draws the eye without being overwhelming. Dark antique tobacco finish gives the chair the deep color often associated with barnwood, though a lighter honey pine finish is also available. Applied as a penetrating stain and topped with a catalyzed sealer, your chosen finish is then sanded to give the chair a smooth look. Two coats of clear lacquer are sprayed on to complete the process, sealing in the beauty and providing long-lasting moisture resistance.

    There are six attractive fabrics to choose from for the seat of your Timberwood Barnwood Upholstered Dining Chair. Each features an attractive outdoorsy color or pattern to complement the rustic decor of your dining room and give your chair a unique look at a price you can afford.

  • Experience Intimate Dining with Cottage Furniture

    Pub Tables for TwoIf you're looking for an intimate dining experience, you can't go wrong with the compact design of a pub table. Made to fit in home bars, game rooms and breakfast nooks, these attractive tables are just the right size for sharing a beverage or light meal. The Cottage Round Pub Table comes in 32", 36" and 40" diameter models to fit whatever space you have available for country decor.

    Adding rustic furniture to your dining area creates a comfortable atmosphere filled with outdoor charm. The Northern white cedar logs used to craft the Cottage Round Log Pub Table are carefully peeled by hand to bring out each natural accent. You'll see bumps and knots, decorative cracks and different grain textures along the log surfaces. Inner bark membrane left behind during the peeling process adds eye-catching spots of dark contrast to the natural light color of the wood. An overall clear finish is applied to seal in these unique characteristics.

    The furniture you choose to decorate your home should be sturdy as well as beautiful. Since every piece is built by hand, you know you're getting reliable quality when you purchase the Cottage Round Log Pub Table. Four sturdy log legs elevate the round slab top to a 42" height, giving you a dining experience that's unique from those offered by standard tables. Add a liquid glass finish to the tabletop and enjoy the extra shine that it provides. This solid finish also protects the table surface from the bumps and spills that are a part of daily dining.

    If you want more cottage furniture in your dining area, the Round Cedar Log Pub Table is a great place to start. Pair it up with other Cottage pieces such as a slab stool or a stool with armrests to create a full bar-style dining set. Crafted with the same care and attention as the table, these seating options allow you to customize your dining area to match the decor of your home and create the atmosphere you've been looking for.

  • Make Versatile Cabin Decor Part of the Dining Room

    Benches with rustic accentsPutting together a rustic dining area is easy with all of the cabin furniture options available. While a solid log table is a perfect place to start, you'll also need to invest in attractive, comfortable seating for your family and any guests you invite to share meals. Instead of having to guess at how many chairs you'll need for your next gathering, try adding the North Woods Half Log Bench. With four sizes to choose from, this beautiful handcrafted bench is just what you need to round out your dining room style.

    Eye-catching knotty pine logs are hand-peeled before being assembled into the North Woods Half Log Bench. This leaves dark streaks and spots on the cream-colored wood, creating a one-of-a-kind look for your cabin decor. Knots and bumps in the logs are carefully preserved during the making of the bench for added character and charm. Pine wood has a smooth, attractive grain that can be seen along the flat top of the seat and throughout the bench legs.

    Not only does this bench sport a solid half-log seat, but its four log legs are also attached at an angle with mortise and tenon joins. Using this traditional method ensures strength and stability for the life of the piece. Your bench will last as long as the other rustic accents in your dining room, bringing natural beauty to your decor for decades to come. Choose a clear finish for a smooth style or leave the bench in its natural state to enjoy the look and feel of unfinished pine wood.

    This versatile bench isn't limited to use in the dining room. Place one in the hallway as an entry bench for guests to sit and remove their boots and shoes when they arrive and tuck another at the end of your bed for extra seating in the bedroom. Log furniture also looks beautiful as part of your rustic living room design. Enjoy a North Woods Half Log Bench or two wherever you want a little rustic style in your home.

  • Country Decor Seats Family and Friends for Shared Meals

    Good quality benches for the country homeThe dining room should be a comfortable gathering place that you can enjoy on special occasions as well as for daily meals. Choosing solid log furniture to decorate it creates just the right balance of beauty and utility. With its simple construction and classic wood appearance, the Rustic Natural Cedar Log Dining Bench is a lovely choice for your rustic home.

    Smooth and attractive, hand-sanded cedar logs make a beautiful addition to any country decor. When combined with solid cedar planks as in the Rustic Natural Cedar Dining Bench, these rugged logs form a sturdy, comfortable piece of furniture that you can rely on for years of use. Pairs of log legs rise from horizontal log "feet" at either end to support the double-plank seat. Small blocks of wood hold the planks in place. Two more sets of stout logs sit at angles to the legs right under the bench, forming strong triangular supports. This ensures that the entire bench is sturdy and comfortable.

    Since they offer more seating than chairs in the same amount of space, benches can easily accommodate your whole family as well as a few friends. The generous 68" length of the Rustic Natural Cedar Dining Bench gives you plenty of room for anyone who wants to stop by for dinner. Invite the whole family for a holiday or reunion or have the neighbors over for an old-fashioned sit-down dinner. Whatever kind of entertaining you like to do, this attractive wood bench provides more than enough seating for everyone.

    Rustic decorating has a way of making your home feel quaint and inviting, not unlike an old-fashioned log cabin. Including the Rustic Natural Cedar Dining Bench in your dining area brings this feeling to every meal. Purchasing the bench with a clear finish seals in the knots and wood grain accents, preserving them for years to come. If you prefer to finish the bench with a different kind of stain, choose unfinished wood and add the color that best suits the beautiful decor of your dining room.

  • Create Authentic Cabin Style with Aspen Furniture

    These pub tables fit right into the cabin homeThe trick to achieving authentic cabin decor is to choose furniture pieces that combine traditional style with rugged personality. Simply throwing together a collection of chairs, tables and accent pieces made from logs won't give you the comfortable rustic atmosphere you're looking for. A classic cabin setting requires a bit of thought and planning as well as unique furniture to bring natural character to every room in your home.

    The Aspen Ridge Free Form Pub Table uses distinctive aspen logs to create a one-of-a-kind base that supports a round wooden tabletop. Instead of a basic pole or carved wooden base, this eye-catching table showcases the knots, burls, twists and gnarls that naturally occur in aspen wood. Stretching upward from a round bottom piece, aspen logs twine around and through each other in a free-form pattern that is never replicated from table to table. When you purchase this aspen furniture, you get a work of art that looks beautiful in your dining room or eat-in kitchen.

    Pub tables make great accents for home bars as well. Match the Aspen Ridge Free Form Pub Table with a few swivel stools and you'll have the perfect place for friends to gather any time you want to get together. Enjoy a favorite beverage or watch others play pool and darts for an enjoyable evening right in your own cabin decor home. You can also relax at the table by yourself and enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book when you need a little personal downtime.

    You'll love the way aspen wood complements other cabin furniture. The natural look of the logs in the Aspen Ridge Free Form Pub Table is balanced by the smooth tabletop, finished with several layers of clear polyurethane. A beeswax and linseed oil finish is rubbed into the rest of the table by hand, bringing out the natural colors of the aspen wood and giving the table a warm glow. Incorporating unique wood pieces into your home gives you an authentic cabin style that lasts and lasts.

  • Aspen Furniture Improves Special Dining Areas

    You can add swivels to these bar stoolsWhen you have a bar or breakfast nook area in your dining area, you want to make the most of it. Countertop eating spaces are perfect for grabbing a cup of coffee, a snack or a light meal any time of the day, but in order to fully enjoy the experience, you need a comfortable place to sit. Instead of pulling up a regular dining chair, which isn’t likely to be the right height, why not try an Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Bar Stool?

    All log furniture in the Aspen Estate line features beautiful, unique aspen wood. Dark aspen is especially attractive with its deep color and unique natural characteristics. Hand-peeling enhances the bold qualities of the logs in the Dark Aspen Log Bar Stool, creating an individual piece of cabin decor that brings the beauty of the outdoors to your eating area. With its four sturdy log legs, log cross supports and flat seat, this stool is perfect for any rugged kitchen or dining room. Choose from 24” counter height or 30” bar height to get just the right fit for your home.

    Due to the unique nature of aspen furniture, you can get a whole set of Aspen Estate stools for your bar or eat-in kitchen and see beautiful variations in each one. No two will have the same curves, checks, warps or insect tracks. This individual style is sealed in with a clear catalyzed lacquer finish to ensure longevity and protect your stools from accidental damage. Hand-hewn look joins keep the piece stable over time so you can continue to enjoy your stools for many years.

    If you prefer a seat with a back, you can turn your $239.00 Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Bar Stool into an attractive chair with the addition of a swivel seat. This allows you to rest your back or move from side to side with ease as you sit and enjoy a little time to yourself. Whatever option you choose, you can count on aspen to bring something special to your rustic cabin decor.


  • Log Furniture Makes Dining Rooms Comfortable

    Adorn your dining room with arm beautiful arm chairsIf your house is the go-to place for holiday parties all year, you know how important it is to have enough room around the table to seat your guests. Not only that, the seating also needs to be both reliable and attractive. You don’t want chairs that will fold up or fall apart without warning. Log furniture helps to ensure that everyone has a comfortable, sturdy place to sit and adds charm to the decor of your dining area.

    Aspen Ridge Log Arm Chairs can be placed at the head of any rustic dining table. Made using hand-peeled aspen logs, these simple yet stunning chairs are perfect for dining rooms in cabins, lodges, cottages and even country homes. Hand peeling gives each log its own character by preserving natural accents in the wood and leaving behind bits of inner bark that provide contrasting accents. Each round log leg features a log crosspiece that helps to keep the chair together and supports the solid slab seat. Two more aspen logs create the arms and four vertical log accents are held in place between horizontal logs to make a comfortable back rest. Though the design is basic, the result is a unique, beautiful piece of rustic log furniture that brings woodland style to your dining room.

    Since every log in these Aspen Ridge Log Arm Chairs is taken from a dead-standing tree, you can rest assured that your new furniture has a low environmental impact. Plus you get the benefit of the natural knots, twists and burls that form in the wood over the lifetime of an aspen tree. These become an integral part of the finished $395.00 piece, adding a unique beauty that other woods don’t have. This beauty is preserved with a hand-rubbed beeswax and linseed oil finish that freshens and protects the wood. Clear urethane coating keeps the seat in good condition through daily use and the higher traffic of summer and winter holidays. Adorning your dining room with aspen makes it beautiful and welcoming for family and friends alike.

  • Log Furniture Brings Stability to the Dining Room

    Incredibly Durable Benches for the Dining RoomFor holiday dining, everyday seating or simple home design, benches are versatile pieces that bring charm and functionality to your cabin decor. You can’t go wrong with a good, sturdy bench in the dining room, living room or entryway. Benches convey a sense of solidity and strength, inviting visitors to sit and relax when they arrive at your home for the coming holidays or any day of the year.

    The Nordic Hickory Log Bench is perfect for all of your rustic seating needs. Crafted with care from hickory logs measuring 1.25” and 2”, this bench features the beauty of handmade log furniture along with the rugged stiffness that hickory is known for. The bark is left on each of the sturdy log legs and the log crosspiece that supports the bench seat for a unique dark look that accentuates cabin decor. Clear catalyzed lacquer finish enhances the rugged nature of the piece, ensuring stability and protecting the natural beauty.

    Hickory is an attractive wood with a slight reddish tinge to its natural brown color and a straight grain that shows in the solid slab top of the Nordic Hickory bench. The 48” length allows you to seat several guests comfortably. Using benches instead of chairs around your dining table makes for a cozy atmosphere and can help when you’re trying to accommodate a crowd. Whether you coordinate your Nordic Hickory bench with a matching dining table or use it to complement other rustic furniture, you’ll be sure to enjoy the rugged beauty of hickory.

    If your dining room is already looking just right, you can try placing the Nordic Hickory bench in the living room to provide unique seating and a touch of rustic style. It can also be used in the bedroom as extra seating at the end of your bed. Put one in the entryway to provide a place for visitors to sit and remove boots or shoes when they arrive. Wherever you place your new hickory bench, it will add beauty and charm to your home decor.

    You can in fact put one in many parts of your home, since they're only $549.00 each. That's how much you can benefit from the Nordic Hickory Log Bench.

  • Cabin Decor Gets Dining Rooms Ready for the Holidays

    Get into the season with new arm chairs!Are you looking for ways to dress up your dining room this Thanksgiving? With all the preparation that goes into the meal, choosing decor can sometimes fall by the wayside. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful to get your dining area ready for friends and family to enjoy. A new tablecloth, some decorative candles and a solid set of rustic furniture can take your dining room from everyday to holiday in no time.

    Aspen furniture is a particularly attractive choice for rustic homes. The deep bark and light inner wood offer an attractive contrast in pieces like the Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Arm Chair. Made to be placed at either end of a long table, this eye-catching dining chair is a beautiful addition to your holiday setup. Each hand-peeled log features slight differences in color along its length, a characteristic that helps give aspen wood its unique personality. Hand-hewn look joins offer a classic tenoned appearance while ensuring stability. The back is set at a slight angle to the seat, creating a comfortable slanted design.

    You’ll love the way aspen looks as part of the cabin decor in your dining room. Whether you’re introducing new furniture specifically for Thanksgiving or are looking for a style that will endure for years, aspen wood is a beautiful choice. In the Aspen Estate chair, you’ll find a frame of dark aspen logs supporting a seat made from lighter-colored boards. The angled back slats and top crosspiece are made from light wood as well, all the better to showcase the knots, warps and insect tracks naturally found in aspen logs. These little accents give each chair a unique look without affecting the strength of the wood.

    Aspen Estate chairs come finished with a clear catalyzed lacquer that seals in the beauty of the wood. Having a protective coating for your aspen furniture means that you don’t have to worry about spills or other accidental damage. You can relax and enjoy the Thanksgiving meal and your new furniture without hassle.

    Add this $406.00 piece to your shopping list for the holidays! For more descriptions, reviews, images, and specifications, you may want to visit the main page of the Aspen Estate Dark Aspen Log Arm Chair.

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