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Dining Room

  • Log Furniture Enhances Holiday Entertaining

    Make sure you pick the right dining chairs for a complete look.With holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, you may find yourself focusing more and more on family gatherings, parties and what to serve to relatives and guests when they come to visit. Attractive presentation is a big part of holiday meals, so in addition to planning the menu, it’s important to set aside a little time to spruce up your country décor.

    Many dining rooms see more activity during the holidays than any other time of year. People come from out of town to visit, catch up and generally enjoy each other’s company, but they also come to eat. When everyone is gathered together, you want to make sure that they all have a comfortable place to sit. The Cottage High Back Upholstered Arm Chair brings an elegant touch to rustic décor while providing attractive seating for family and friends alike. Each Northern White Cedar log in these handcrafted chairs is hand-peeled, leaving bold strips of inner bark on the otherwise light-colored wood. This unique patterning, combined with natural accents like twists and knots, serves to create an eye-catching finished piece that looks lovely in any country home, cabin or rustic lodge.

    Sturdy and reliable with a natural resistance to damage, Northern White Cedar makes a great choice for furniture that’s going to see a lot of use. The Cottage High Back chair will stand up to meal after meal and party after party not just this holiday season, but for many years to come. A clear catalyzed lacquer finish gives each chair added protection and helps to preserve the natural beauty of the logs. Year after year, you can treat your guests to the beauty of log furniture at your holiday table.

    Of course, you want your dining room to match the festive look of the rest of your home, so be sure to choose a cushion fabric that complements the rest of your holiday decorating. With this added accent, you can enjoy beautiful country décor for the holidays and on into the new year.

  • A Groovy Place to Sit and Eat

    Enjoy your meals with these dining chairsIf you and your family are still sitting down to dinner in the same old dining chairs, maybe it’s time for a change. An updated style of chair won’t change dinnertime itself, but there’s something about new furniture that has a way of brightening up a room and bringing a sense of renewal to your home. Plus small pieces like chairs are a great way to try out something fresh in the way of country décor.

    Nothing catches the eye like a good, solid piece of wood furniture. Even if you’re already used to decorating with wood, you probably haven’t seen a chair quite like the GroovyStuff Teak Guadeloupe Chair. True to its name, this chair is a groovy change from “the norm” in furniture. It’s a departure from the classic style of dining chairs both in shape and form, incorporating a triangular lower support and two dramatically curved accents at the side of the seat.

    Teak has several properties that make it a great wood for use in rustic décor. The first and most notable is its color, a deep red-brown that surpasses other wood furniture in richness and beauty. Secondly, teak has a unique aroma that may put you in mind of the deep woods, though some say it’s a smell closer to that of leather. Regardless, the scent of teak adds an extra dimension to your dining room when you include pieces like the Guadeloupe Chair. And when you invest in teak, you know your furniture will last due to oils present in the wood that help it resist decay and protect it from warping.

    Since the Guadeloupe Chair is so unique, you might not want to restrict its function to indoor dining. Teak wood is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so you can grab this eye-catching chair and use it as part of your patio or lawn setup for the summer. A quick coating of Briwax refreshes the wood at the end of the season and gets it ready for dining room use once again.

  • Seated in Rustic Style

    It never hurts to have extra seating in the house. A solid bench adds character and beauty to a room and offers a place for friends and family to relax together any time. Benches also make great seating for the dining room, especially if you like to entertain and find yourself needing to seat a lot of people around a big table. Choosing log furniture goes one step further to add an extra dimension of character to your home.

    The Cedar Lake The Morgans Log Bench is a versatile, customizable bench that has this particular charm. Four-, five-, and six-foot lengths are available so you can place it anywhere and be able to accommodate as many people as necessary. Add optional arms and you have an attractive wooden chair that’s perfect for a den or porch. Arranging a few around the living room fireplace creates a lovely setting for cozy evenings with friends. You know how you want your home to look; log furniture can help you make it happen.

    All of the logs used in the Cedar Lake furniture collection are hand-picked and subsequently peeled by hand, so each bench is a unique work of art. Variations in color are normal, as are small knots and beetle tracks. These natural touches make The Morgans Bench interesting as well as beautiful. Left unfinished or purchased with a clear finish, the bench will match with other cedar furniture or any wood furniture you have in your home. Honey-colored finish is also available for a slightly deeper tone.

    Benches are a great addition to rustic décor. Sitting on a bench in the afternoon sun or around the table with family has an old-style feeling to it, one of cozy comfort that speaks of a simpler time. You can also pair log furniture with other wood pieces to change the look, adding personal flair with a touch of simplicity. Whether you want your home to feel like a log cabin getaway in the deep woods or a rustic mountain retreat, a log bench or two will fit right in with your decorating vision.

  • Enjoying Stylish, Rugged Dish Storage With a Barnwood Hutch

    Other Barnwood Furniture have the same effect as wellWhen modern kitchens are pictured on television or in magazines, often what you see is a streamlined, high-gloss room full of gleaming stainless steel appliances and spotless countertops. Often it doesn’t look as if anyone ever has or ever will cook in such a kitchen. But once upon a time, kitchens and dining areas were hubs of activity where friends and family would gather to share meals, swap stories, and generally have a good time together.

    The spirit of these days gone by can be recaptured with pieces like the Wyoming Reclaimed Barnwood Buffet and Hutch. Its rugged, commanding presence sets the stage for classic kitchen or dining room décor. Barnwood furniture stands in stark contrast to the antiseptic look sported by many of today’s kitchens. The design of this hutch combines boards from barns in the plains of Wyoming with regional wood to create a look that is a fusion of old and new. Having spent ten or more years out in the elements, the barnwood boards are attractively weathered. Exposure to weather and temperature changes gives the wood an attractive patina and unique color variations.

    Taking advantage of the beauty of barnwood can make for particularly lovely rustic décor in one of the most important areas of your home. Whether you start your redecorating project with a hutch or add one later on, you wind up with a piece that is both attractive and interesting. The rugged outdoor beauty can be incorporated into formal dining rooms or eat-in kitchens. Pairing a hutch with similar furniture creates an inviting eating area that’s perfect for entertaining.

    And when it comes to functionality, you can rely on the durability of barnwood. Furniture that uses reclaimed boards doesn’t have to go through a natural settling or shifting process. The wood has already been through stretching and shrinking while it was still part of a barn. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about bowing, cracking, or other potential damage from the subtle atmospheric changes that occur indoors throughout the year. Your best dishes remain safe and sound when surrounded by rugged barnwood.

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