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Discover the Benefits of Log Furniture

Timeless styling and durability that can last over 100 years - log furniture is a wise buy for your home today.It used to be that it was easy to discern the difference between well made furniture and cheap furniture simply by looking at it. Traditional furniture manufacturing has completely adopted the hidden use of pressboard and thin laminate wood surfaces. You can pay a handsome price for mass manufactured ‘fine’ furniture today and wind up with inferior products that don’t last long at all. The first and obvious benefit of log furniture is that it is hand crafted from 100% solid wood. You can feel confident that you are getting what you paid for when purchasing log furniture.

The finishes used on these handsome pieces of log furniture is there only as a sealer to keep the surface looking great for many years to come. The natural color and beauty of grain shines right through the clear finish. You’ll find it so much easier to coordinate fabric colors of any hue with any of the woods used to create handmade log furniture.

Stains change the entire character of wood and will differ in appearance from one type of wood to another. When purchasing a mass manufactured piece that is stained ‘Country Cedar’ on inexpensive bass wood laminate, it will not really be a cedar color at all. Nor would such a fake finish provide a grain that would match true cedar log furniture. All of this nonsense and misleading decorating issues are completely absent in the honesty of log furniture. Here what you purchase is definitely true to color and true to the expected wood grain pattern.

For decades, using log furniture in your cabin or vacation house has been an expected practice. Today’s more relaxed decorating style opens the doors to outfitting your home with its innate charms and character. Not all rustic furniture is completely made of logs. The use of naturally planed lumber and logs are combined to create lovely pieces for every room and any purpose or utility in the home. Log furniture is also an excellent choice for lounging on the porch and out into the yard as well. Your home can be so much more warm and welcoming with the more relaxed aura that rustic furniture introduces to your rooms.

It really doesn’t matter if your home is decorated in eclectic, traditional or contemporary style; log furniture designs are available that will be perfect for bringing the warmth of natural wood into the room. The simple lines and freshness used in designing these more unusual pieces of rustic furniture make them easy to adapt to so many different tastes and themes. The clear wood tones are completely free of faux coloring. This makes working with the fabric and paint colors you love simple, no matter which type of log furniture wood you choose.

Off white and soft brown of pine or the pale reddish blush of cedar log furniture is wonderful wherever soft tones are called for. The honey and rich browns of aspen and hickory offer a different look and feeling where a little more drama is called for. So much true beauty and artisan handcraftsmanship found in modern rustic furniture will be a welcome breath of fresh air and the best value for your home decorating budget.