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Discover the Versatility of Log Daybeds

This piece of log furniture would be perfect for your home.When was the last time you felt confident about the results of using outdoor wooden furniture inside? Better yet, it probably never occurred to you to use indoor furniture on the patio or your porch.  With the right construction, log daybeds can be used anywhere you find them useful.

The first thing you need to look for in log daybeds that will work for sipping iced tea on the shaded porch or napping in the den is that it is constructed of all logs. Now we carry a variety of great looking daybeds in our log furniture collection that offer you sleeping arrangements on the jiffy that feature pull out mattress frames or space saving beds for kids with trundles. These would only have a long and  uneventful life in your enclosed porch or three-season room. All that metal mattress framing and support wouldn’t hold up long term exposed to the rain and constant humidity outdoors. Now these types of log furniture are great anywhere else in your house or cabin where they fit the utility of cushioned seating.
Log daybeds are the perfect addition to your log furniture collection

Daybeds are particularly handy at your weekend cabin or cottage for providing extra guests with a comfy place to sleep. Naturally their rustic furniturelines and appeal are right at home at your middle of nowhere escape. No other cot sized bed ever looked this good in your lakeside or mountain retreat living area! Log daybeds are perfect for stretching out in front of the fire after a long day tromping through the woods or skiing and ice skating.

Yet when you consider the versatile nature of our solid log furniture construction of the Old Adirondack Cumberland Bay, you are sure to be pleased with its many applications at home or the weekend place.  This log daybed is crafted from 100% Northern White Cedar which gives you straight logs that will work in any ski lodge, beachside cottage or hunting cabin whether the design and décor is thoroughly modern or rugged and 100 years old. Unlike a lot of your more rustic furniture choices, this clean and simple daybed will look at home in any surroundings and way you decide to dress it.
Log daybeds are versatile pieces of log furniture.

Cedar log furniture is the best for using on your patio or porch. This outdoor wooden furniture naturally repels insects and rot, making it the perfect thing for lounging or sitting in the fresh air. If you remember the old time sleeping porch where everyone headed during the dog days of summer, you’ll be excited with the prospect of using this log daybed to escape the heat of the house on those sultry August nights. That is if you have a screened in porch to protect you from insect bites. We doubt you’ll feel much rested battling blood thirsty mosquitoes until dawn, no matter how refreshing that late night breeze may be.
This piece of log furniture would be perfect for any rustic home.

This gleaming light wood design from the Old Adirondack collection can be purchased without a finish, or with natural or medium colored wood sealants. For outdoor wooden furniture use, you’ll no doubt what to select a finished version of this wonderfully useful log daybed. As you can see depending on where you place it this great piece of log furniture can be inviting any time. It’s just as at home in the den for watching TV as it is on the back porch, though we recommend when using it outside to be sure all the pillows and it’s mattress selection are made from weatherproof materials.

You’ll find we also carry a great selection of other cedar log furniture that you can add to create a wonderful looking ensemble for a welcoming space outdoors or inside. It will also sound like the best thing to use when you understand how many years of use this purchase will give you. Solid wood – it’s the only way to go to make your money stretch the farthest. The Cedar Log Daybed doesn’t even have a standard décor style. Look at how easily this solid wood design changes its attitude and still comes off as a perfect natural.

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