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Eco-Friendly Western Furniture Makes Dining Areas Unique

Enjoy Fine Wine and Dining on these Bistro TablesThe eco-friendly movement has spread from general environmental conservation to include recycled paper products, chemical-free home cleaners and even reclaimed wood furniture. Rooted in a desire to reduce waste and preserve the natural state of the world, this conscious effort to use less and save more drives people to find unique ways to recycle things that might once have been considered junk. The results can be seen in eye-catching furniture pieces like the Barrique Bistro Table.

From first glance, you'll see that this table is different. Instead of the sharp lines characteristic of some Western decor or the flowing shapes of modern furniture, this table combines the unique bowed appearance of wine barrel staves and rings with recycled antique lumber to create a one-of-a-kind eating area. Its compact 36"x40"x40" size means that it tucks right into dining room spaces, home bars or even breakfast nooks with ease. Designed to follow the flow of the original barrel, this table brings a comfortable rounded design to any room.

The sturdy top of the Barrique Bistro Table overhangs four barrel stave legs that support two circular shelves. These are perfect for displaying decor items or arranging houseplants to give your dining area a touch of natural beauty. Eight different finish options let you choose a look that complements the inherent design of your home. Bright choices such as Butternut pair well with sunny decor while the deep Noir and bold Rouge catch the eye when placed among darker furniture. Give Pine finish a try if you're in the mood for a splash of woodland color.

Along with matching stools, this unusual rustic furniture makes a fun addition to your home. In a bar area, it's perfect for a few friends to sit and share a drink. In the dining room, it becomes an intimate seating area for two. When you make this kind of distinctive style part of your home, you're not only supporting the recycling that characterizes the eco-friendly movement; you'll also enjoy one-of-a-kind furniture that exudes beauty and style.