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Enhance Your Dining Area with Log Cabin Furniture

Dining Chairs at their Finest!The atmosphere you choose to create in your dining room depends on its primary uses. Do you sit down to a family dinner with your spouse and kids every night to enjoy some relaxing family time? Are you more likely to have to clean an inch of dust off the table before all of your relatives show up for Thanksgiving? For most people, reality is somewhere in between. Fortunately, rustic decor like the Real Walnut & Rustic Hickory Dining Chair works for formal and everyday styles by adding a rugged look to your dining area.

The legs, lower supports and back supports of the Real Walnut & Rustic Hickory Dining Chair are made from solid hickory wood and logs. Instead of peeling or sanding the wood, the craftsmen who build these chairs leave the bark on. This creates a deep color that is complemented by the walnut wood used in the seat and back rest. All-over clear finish seals and protects the chair from the wear and tear of daily use. Your seasonal guests will never guess that you use these stunning chairs on a regular basis. They'll be too busy admiring the pristine, glossy appearance and natural charm of the wood.

When you look at log furniture, it's hard not to appreciate the individual accents that make each piece unique. Wood continues to be a popular choice for home furnishings not only because it lasts a long time but also due to its singular personality and rustic beauty. From the rounded legs to the smooth lower support beams running from side to side and back to front, the Real Walnut & Rustic Hickory Dining Chair exudes the beauty of a dense forest and brings to mind the many secluded wild places that still exist around the world.

Whether you want to spruce up your dining room with some handmade log cabin furniture or simply need a new set of chairs, you can rely on hickory and walnut wood to enhance your home for many years to come.