Enhance Living Room Style with Versatile Rustic Decor

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8 years ago
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These benches are as versatile as they getThe type of seating you choose for your dining room depends on how you'll use it. A basic collection of chairs works well for daily meals with a small family, but when you entertain crowds or have extended family over on a regular basis, the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench is a more practical solution. Instead of trying to crowd a whole collection of chairs around the dining table, you can choose benches ranging from four feet to seven feet to provide just the right amount of space while enhancing your rustic decor. What makes this bench different from other log furniture? The solid aspen slab seat is just the beginning. The thick piece of wood features natural log edging with deep coloration that contrasts with the smooth, bright top. Clear finish enhances the beauty of the aspen by bringing out the many undertones present in the wood. Underneath this sturdy seat, four rugged metal legs act as the frame for a hand-cut metal scene featuring your choice of woodland accents. Choose one of the fifteen available designs including bears, elk, whitetail faces, moose, deer and ducks and enjoy its distinctive rugged charm. Benches make great additions to the living room as well. Place the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench by the wall or make it part of a seating area around the fireplace for a unique accent that offers both comfort and style. You may also wish to use it as an entry bench so that you have a place to sit and take your shoes off when you come home each day. Its rugged appearance gives guests a warm greeting and provides a preview of the style to be found in the rest of your home. This versatility is just one of the hallmarks of good rustic decorating. By combining the unique character of aspen wood with the warm, coppery bronze tone of hand-cut metal, the Aspen With Metal Scene Dining Bench provides beauty, charm and warmth to your home no matter where you place it.
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