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Enjoy Cozy Aspen Furniture in the Dining Room

Dining Chairs with a Honey Glazed FinishSitting down to a meal with the people you love is one of the best ways to relax at the end of the day. After spending hours rushing around or driving here and there, this is the time to take it easy. Choosing aspen furniture for your dining room helps to ensure leisurely, comfortable mealtimes every day. It's not just the look of the aspen but the overall feeling that its rustic nature adds to your home that makes pieces like the Silver Creek Aspen Log Captain's Chair so inviting.

Not all log cabin furniture has the same quality. When shopping for just the right dining room set, you want to look for handcrafted chairs that use solid wood and are put together with care. The Silver Creek Aspen Log Captain's Chair is a beautiful example. Every log has its own personality that developed over time. Hand-peeling strips the outer bark while allowing some of the inner membrane to remain, creating unique alternating areas of light and dark. Within these patterns, you may spot other eye-catching natural decorations like knots or beetle tracks. Upgrade the chair to "extra character" aspen and enjoy even more of these beautiful accents.

A basic frame forms the basis of this chair, but the unique design of the back sets it apart. Instead of a standard ladder back design, you'll find three vertical logs, each slightly flattened to create a comfortable complement to the slab seat. A single log crosspiece stretches over the top, connecting the back to the solid log legs. Smaller logs form a strong base under the seat and support the log arms that give this chair its classic appearance.

Your choice of clear catalyzed lacquer or honey glaze to finish the Silver Creek Aspen Log Captain's Chair allows you to match it to other cabin decor in your dining room. Include it as part of your existing dining set or pair it with a Silver Creek table to create a stunning yet cozy setup for all your family meals.