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Enjoy Cozy Country Decor in the Living Room

Enjoy Your Living Room on these CouchesA long day at the office calls for a relaxing evening at home. An inviting living room setup that includes American made rustic furniture like the Bay Cliff Curved Comfort Sofa makes it easy to let go of the stress that builds up during work. You’ll feel the cares of the day fade into the background as you sink into this sturdy, comfortable sofa.

Foam core seat cushions and conjugated polyester back cushions create a cozy foundation for the Bay Cliff Curved Comfort Sofa. Combined with an insulated seat deck and metal spring clips, this design not only provides a soft place to sit but also ensures that the rugged springs don’t squeak while you’re trying to relax. The use of hardwood for frame, spring and leg rails creates a strong foundation that provides exceptional support for the life of the piece.

Of course, you want style as well as comfort when you pick out rustic decor for your living room. You’ll find both in this simple yet eye-catching sofa. The Palance Sable fabric makes a bold statement with its deep brown color and slightly shiny surface. If desired, you can add a little Western flair to your sofa with one of three nail head accent options. Standard nail heads highlight the arms of the piece with miniature bronze studs. Shotgun shell accents are larger and draw more attention with a silvery color. To keep things basic, opt for plain arms with standard stitching that creates an attractive inset design.

The slight curve that gives the Bay Cliff Curved Comfort Sofa its name makes the piece just as suitable for country decor as for the living area in a cabin or lodge. The edge of the seat is padded from end to end so you’re assured of comfort no matter where you sit. Add an ottoman to rest your feet and enjoy the most relaxing experience possible. Even the toughest work day won’t be able to bring you down when you have this beautiful, cozy piece to come home to.