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The Evolution of Hickory Furniture: From Pioneer Days to Today

Hickory is a must-have for the log furniture lover.In the early 1800’s there were many discoveries made in the Midwest. One of the most important discoveries related to the future of rustic furniture and home production for the pioneers travelling through and settling down. This discovery was that of the hickory sapling. These trees were very small in diameter, staying between 2 to 3 inches even after 20 or 30 years, and grew in groups of 20 or 30. These saplings were very resilient. They grew up tall and straight, reaching towards the bright sunlight overhead.

Because of the size and shape of these strong little trees, the pioneers realized that they were the perfect material to make chairs and table frames from. When they were soaked in boiling water, they became very malleable, so they could be shaped many different ways. They could be made into hoops or even woven together. Another important detail about these trees is that new trees would sprout from the same stump every time the wood was harvested. Because of the knowledge gained through studying the hickory sapling and using it in the production of hickory furniture, the pioneers also used it in early home-building, as well.

Through the years, the evolution of the production of hickory furniture has evolved, and the results are amazing. The rustic furniture craftsmen working with hickory create visually stunning pieces. Leaving the natural bark on the logs we use in our furniture allows us to show off the beautiful details of the hickory trees we use. The logs are kiln-dried, which preserves the innate beauty of the hickory tree. After the drying process, a clear coat of catalyzed lacquer finish is applied to seal the wood. It is then ready to be turned into one of many unique pieces of rustic log furniture perfect for someone’s rustic home.

Rustic log furniture works so nicely in every room in your home. You may choose to decorate your bedroom with a rustic hickory armoire in the corner of your room, with a hickory blanket chest at the foot of your log bed. Selecting an entire ensemble adding a hickory dresser on one wall under a hickory mirror and hickory nightstands are available too.

Living room selections include a hickory sofa and adjoining loveseat, a hickory lounge chair and ottoman, a hickory coffee table and end tables, a hickory television stand, and even a hickory gun cabinet for the hunters out there. You can beautify your dining room or bar with a stunning hickory hutch, and any of our wide variety of tables, chairs, stools or benches. There are also desks, filing cabinets, bookshelves, and executive chairs for your home office. The bathroom hasn’t been overlooked with vanities, towel bars, and paper towel holders. Last but not least, there are rustic lamps in hickory for every room in your home.

Hickory wood is the perfect choice when you want to add some dramatic rustic furniture pieces to the rustic décor home. The production process and fine craftsmanship that goes into every selection ensures that your log furniture will be around a long time.