Fantastic Log Furniture With an Option to Finance

2020-02-11 19:57:34
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We know that balancing the desire for a house full of gorgeous furniture with a manageable budget can seem unrealistic, but here at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place, we have a solution. Start with affordable prices All of our rustic products are designed and crafted here in the USA. We are proud to be a domestic producer of high-quality rustic furniture items but of course, they come with a price. What makes us different is that although we are an equal opportunities company, committed to paying a living wage to all of our team, we still want to pass on significant savings to you – the customer – wherever possible. With this in mind, we are surprisingly competitive. In addition to charging reasonable, not extortionate prices, we are also always looking for ways to give you the aesthetic you want, without a fashion-dictated price tag, which is why our faux barn wood pieces, such as our Timber Haven Dining Table, are so popular. Staying trend aware allows us to tap into popular looks through clever hand finishing techniques, rather than expensive raw materials and we always pass the savings directly to you. Finance with a trusted partner If you have an entire lodge or cabin to furnish within a certain amount of time and you want to know that everything is going to match perfectly and arrive together, you know that you are looking at a significant investment. Perhaps you only have one item to buy, but you don’t want to wait until next month. What can you do if either of these scenarios applies to you? The answer is simple – finance your purchase with a trustworthy third party. Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place is proud to have partnered with Bread, a financing service that allows you to pay for big purchases through easy to manage installments. You can check your eligibility in real-time by answering a few simple questions and if you are, you can simply complete your purchase with us by selecting the repayment plan that best suits you. It barely takes any longer than checking out with a bank card. One of the best features of Bread is that it allows you to overpay your loan, which means you can repay the total amount far more quickly and you’ll incur no penalties, even if you pay the full amount back in record time. You are in control at every stage and if you use Bread to buy a fabulous new rustic bed from us, you’ll be sleeping in comfort and with peace of mind. Uncompromising commitment to you We want you to have access to the rustic furniture of your dreams, but we wouldn’t compromise our commitment to you as a valued customer by recommending a financing company that we haven’t researched thoroughly. Just as our log furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee, our financing partner guarantees you an easy and transparent way to make an investment into your home that you won’t regret.
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